Update kernel to builds 7692020

git log --first-parent -100 --oneline --no-decorate 7ee36b329ec1..a4e0097dd563:
a4e0097dd563 FROMLIST: drm/mipi: set fwnode when a mipi_dsi_device is registered
e51bdc82cbab ANDROID: Update the generic symbol list
efca3f139d59 ANDROID: gki_defconfig: set DEFAULT_MMAP_MIN_ADDR=32768
d4dc041a38a4 Merge 5.10.61 into android13-5.10
5d0d230bc8f3 FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Raise vdm_sm_running flag only when VDM SM is running
04d252523e45 FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Fix VDMs sometimes not being forwarded to alt-mode drivers
07d1ea7d76a9 ANDROID: ABI: update generic symbol list
385f2409981a ANDROID: add snd_compr_use_pause_in_drain vendor hooks to symbol list

Test: treehugger
Bug: 198363852
Change-Id: I84ed0e0a84e53d55068b90ce13d8342b599bd954
50 files changed