Update kernel to builds 7479101

git log --first-parent -100 --oneline --no-decorate 54e7412d4ff9..299d8c0b4b43:
299d8c0b4b43 Merge 5.10.45 into android13-5.10
2637b5e5c6b6 ANDROID: Drop the -master suffix from the clang prebuilts
0668144ca249 FROMGIT: usb: typec: Add the missed altmode_id_remove() in typec_register_altmode()
048e6e195320 FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Relax disconnect threshold during power negotiation
f4c6dc5b4ef6 FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Ignore Vsafe0v in PR_SWAP_SNK_SRC_SOURCE_ON state
133443a393ee FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpci: Fix up sink disconnect thresholds for PD
66ab983e19dd ANDROID: minor fixups of xt_IDLETIMER support
71594e98993c Merge branch 'android12-5.10' into 'android13-5.10'
7f8b63a38ebd Revert "ANDROID: AVB error handler to invalidate vbmeta partition."
82ea18a9206a Revert "Revert "can: dev: Move device back to init netns on owning netns delete""
b7d2c0caccf4 Revert "Revert "net: phy: broadcom: Fix RGMII delays for BCM50160 and BCM50610M""
8ad761788daf Revert "Revert "net: phy: broadcom: Set proper 1000BaseX/SGMII interface mode for BCM54616S""
c2cdc1c31d8e Revert "Revert "net: phy: broadcom: Avoid forward for bcm54xx_config_clock_delay()""
43ff5a335fe5 Revert "Revert "net: phy: introduce phydev->port""
8ba1da12342f Merge 5.10.44 into android13-5.10
9152b8d66c22 ANDROID: selinux: modify RTM_GETNEIGH{TBL}
999dd0ba7979 ANDROID: gki - CONFIG_NET_SCH_FQ=y
3baae9f9d688 FROMGIT: usb: typec: mux: Fix copy-paste mistake in typec_mux_match
15839e653d64 FROMGIT: usb: typec: ucsi: Clear PPM capability data in ucsi_init() error path
30dbc9ca59d6 ANDROID: core of xt_IDLETIMER send_nl_msg support
f1ce23600972 ANDROID: start to re-add xt_IDLETIMER send_nl_msg support
965a6f28f85d Merge 5.10.43 into android13-5.10
1761d5ba93ce ANDROID: GKI: Request enable some kernel configs for background speed limit function
75bef69698e9 ANDROID: gki - enable CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_{EEM,ECM}=y
2355cf6fcd31 ANDROID: gki - enable CONFIG_USB_NET_CDC_EEM=y
864cf3a177b7 ANDROID: gki - enable CONFIG_USB_RTL8150=y
08aad2190371 FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Do not finish VDM AMS for retrying Responses
96e5a915ccc9 FROMGIT: usb: fix various gadget panics on 10gbps cabling
f75f5efbb020 FROMGIT: usb: fix various gadgets null ptr deref on 10gbps cabling.
2a73f3bc696d FROMGIT: usb: f_ncm: only first packet of aggregate needs to start timer
cc4adf46e395 FROMGIT: USB: f_ncm: ncm_bitrate (speed) is unsigned
1af5c33fe9fe ANDROID: cgroup/cpuset: Do not access task_cs(p) outside of RCU
e05e5bd887ed Merge 5.10.42 into android13-5.10
baa00d608795 UPSTREAM: usb: pd: Set PD_T_SINK_WAIT_CAP to 310ms
9abcf5561eba UPSTREAM: usb: dwc3: gadget: Disable gadget IRQ during pullup disable
94155f60a54d FROMLIST: sched: Defer wakeup in ttwu() for unschedulable frozen tasks
9c12d3611791 FROMLIST: freezer: Add frozen_or_skipped() helper function
32590c205c6c ANDROID: Sync ext4 casefolded encryption with patches going upstream
ae352069e763 Revert "FROMLIST: Makefile: add -fuse-ld=lld to KBUILD_HOSTLDFLAGS when LLVM=1"
29de784c539d Revert "ANDROID: Makefile: add compiler-rt dependency explicitly"
a4acb6b4c41e UPSTREAM: usb: typec: ucsi: Clear pending after acking connector change
6751afa12218 UPSTREAM: xhci: Fix 5.12 regression of missing xHC cache clearing command after a Stall
27bb7fc23ae9 UPSTREAM: xhci: fix giving back URB with incorrect status regression in 5.12
72bc9b19b9ff FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpci: Make symbol 'tcpci_apply_rc' static
d617449064a6 FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpci: Implement callback for apply_rc
87ef6d1db07c FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Move TCPC to APPLY_RC state during PR_SWAP
8fd49ccc4d0f Merge 5.10.41 into android13-5.10
18da68b0cb60 FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Refactor logic to enable/disable auto vbus dicharge
a0a121e31de6 FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Fix up PR_SWAP when vsafe0v is signalled
04bd73542001 Merge 5.10.40 into android13-5.10
b42fdcdefe4e ANDROID: dm-user: Fix build warnings
725de6a91fb6 ANDROID: dm-user: Fail the IO if there is no daemon
1732e398f9b6 ANDROID: sched: fix race with CPU hot-unplug when overriding affinity
c446bd0d5414 FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Respond Not_Supported if no snk_vdo
388140318828 FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Properly interrupt VDM AMS
93e0d3eb024e FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Use LE to CPU conversion when accessing msg->header
173cdc978fcc Merge 5.10.39 into android13-5.10
8a44aefbd11e ANDROID: dm-user: Drop additional reference
663936cde921 ANDROID: Incremental fs: Add uid to INCFS_IOC_GET_LAST_READ_ERROR
d897a6caf861 ANDROID: Incremental fs: Make sysfs_name changeable on remount
dd8f78663c28 ANDROID: Incremental fs: Count pending_reads even when very short
999e8eed2634 Merge 5.10.38 into android13-5.10
b67c8ee2f26e UPSTREAM: module: unexport find_module and module_mutex
7839479898d9 FROMGIT: xhci: Do not use GFP_KERNEL in (potentially) atomic context
8c96dda57fa1 FROMGIT: xhci: Fix giving back cancelled URBs even if halted endpoint can't reset
13c30317fefa ANDROID: usb: host: Use old init scheme when hook unavailable
9db08a58c946 ANDROID: usb: host: free the offload TR by vendor hook
681c5f2ea6e4 FROMGIT: xhci: prevent double-fetch of transfer and transfer event TRBs
8c6e6c66ae31 ANDROID: usb: host: xhci: provide function prototype for xhci_address_device
c33b0c3c64a2 ANDROID: usb: host: add bus_suspend/bus_resume to xhci overrides
95531c94e80d ANDROID: usb: host: add address_device to xhci overrides
4a057831eecd ANDROID: usb: host: add max packet parameter on alloc_transfer_ring hook
e6609b496d93 ANDROID: usb: host: add xhci hooks for vendor specific container context
03dd8aa2f386 FROMGIT: usb: dwc3: omap: improve extcon initialization
0c222a6880f1 Revert "ANDROID: usb: dwc3: gadget: don't cancel the started requests"
2771e395f371 FROMGIT: usb: dwc3: gadget: Return success always for kick transfer in ep queue
d7713e727de7 FROMGIT: usb: dwc3: gadget: Free gadget structure only after freeing endpoints
5df560467577 FROMGIT: usb: dwc3: gadget: Rename EOPF event macros to Suspend
9a6ad9a116b2 FROMGIT: usb: dwc3: gadget: Enable suspend events
ba0dee4b566b ANDROID: GKI: dwc3: add Android ABI padding to some structures
b7e599e890c9 FROMGIT: usb: dwc3: gadget: Handle DEV_TXF_FLUSH_BYPASS capability
9fad56d3c791 FROMGIT: usb: dwc3: Capture new capability register GHWPARAMS9
ce63ed5911fc FROMGIT: usb: dwc3: core: Add shutdown callback for dwc3
76775829b7f8 FROMGIT: usb: dwc3: gadget: Ignore Packet Pending bit
ebb6d82f96e7 ANDROID: usb: dwc3: gadget: don't cancel the started requests
02020899ea6e ANDROID: usb: dwc3: export tracepoint for dwc3 read/write
b4d5e4483bfe ANDROID: gki_defconfig: Enable HID_BETOP_FF JOYSTICK_XPAD_FF and JOYSTICK_XPAD_LEDS
0d4f76a46d96 ANDROID: usb: add EXPORT_TRACE_SYMBOL to export tracepoint
82ed47c9ef21 FROMGIT: usb: dwc2: Fix gadget DMA unmap direction
e36cf780b4bc FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Fix SINK_DISCOVERY current limit for Rp-default
446f74a561d4 ANDROID: usb: typec: ucsi: Ensure bounds check when accessing src_pdos
dd776691653a FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Fix wrong handling for Not_Supported in VDM AMS
b8cd7e4935ff FROMGIT: usb: typec: ucsi: Put fwnode in any case during ->probe()
51410ead078c FROMLIST: usb: typec: tcpm: Fix wrong handling in GET_SINK_CAP
a74ca79e6756 FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Allow slow charging loops to comply to pSnkStby
df6efe1dd877 FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Fix error while calculating PPS out values
7f65d57eed3a FROMGIT: usb: typec: tcpm: Honour pSnkStdby requirement during negotiation
f24996f8b09a ANDROID: usb: typec: tcpm: Update tcpm_update_sink_capabilities

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Bug: 191844131
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