Update kernel to builds 8021581

git log --first-parent -100 --oneline --no-decorate 9fac29f645df..305e70db9272:
305e70db9272 ANDROID: fuse-bpf: Close backing fds in fuse_dentry_revalidate
c0312541dacb ANDROID: fuse-bpf: Close backing-fd on both paths
3c0ff63ab9a4 ANDROID: fuse-bpf: Partial fix for mmap'd files
08eecb1a0f62 ANDROID: fuse-bpf: Restore a missing const
9ab6a242258a ANDROID: GKI: Add module load time protected symbol lookup
23cd26aab14d ANDROID: GKI: Add script to generate symbol protection headers
6f74f68f01f5 ANDROID: Update the ABI symbol list
b2ba9e798c65 Merge 5.10.86 into android13-5.10
b5019af71a89 ANDROID: Fix mmu_notifier_trylock definition for !CONFIG_MMU_NOTIFIER config
4f8ba6696616 ANDROID: Update the ABI symbol list
729a79f366e5 ANDROID: fix mmu_notifier race caused by not taking mmap_lock during SPF
0e387dc8bb35 ANDROID: percpu-rwsem: enable percpu_sem destruction in atomic context
728c926af8fa UPSTREAM: libbpf: Stop using feature-detection Makefiles
53da0b1cacf3 UPSTREAM: ALSA: memalloc: Align buffer allocations in page size
0975fd934e9e ANDROID: Add vendor hook for the sugov_get_util
45f8132b6d8d ANDROID: GKI: update virtual device symbol list

Test: treehugger
Bug: 202785178
Change-Id: I7f6cbd96c4e59b69023a162b0682928bee16241a
6 files changed