Update kernel to builds 8002149

git log --first-parent -100 --oneline --no-decorate 64999249d5fe..9fac29f645df:
9fac29f645df FROMLIST: scsi: ufs: Fix deadlock issue in ufshcd_wait_for_doorbell_clr()
ee8015a3a26c ANDROID: Add fuse-bpf self tests
c5afa4d6ab11 ANDROID: Add FUSE_BPF to gki_defconfig
6be5b06e4195 ANDROID: fuse-bpf v1
88b7179fcdb5 ANDROID: fuse: Move functions in preparation for fuse-bpf
f70f7045c1a6 ANDROID: thermal: fix introduced kernelci warning
3886af146788 Merge 5.10.85 into android13-5.10
ba40eac9e58d ANDROID: GKI: Add VLAN_8021Q
10f76ddc13a1 UPSTREAM: tracefs: Set all files to the same group ownership as the mount option
045bef28d60d UPSTREAM: tracefs: Have new files inherit the ownership of their parent
42399ee2ca53 ANDROID: Kleaf: Fix branch-specific toolchain_version
8a97c9eb77ea ANDROID: move CLANG_VERSION definition to build.config.constants
a1333d173e88 ANDROID: Update the ABI symbol list
cfa96fa21dc6 FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Implement polling support
198b86493c92 BACKPORT: FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Optimize the command queueing code
b53323383395 FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Stop using the clock scaling lock in the error handler
330a1d16f2b1 FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Fix a kernel crash during shutdown
f23e2c8fa804 FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Improve SCSI abort handling further
c36f34dff6b8 FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Introduce ufshcd_release_scsi_cmd()
83ecae51ea9d FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Remove the 'update_scaling' local variable
72a1395f6c3e FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Remove hba->cmd_queue
6c8460404d56 FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Fix a deadlock in the error handler
d0516fa2a966 ANDROID: Revert "FROMLIST: scsi: ufs: Fix a deadlock in the error handler"
9d0179eda16b FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Remove ufshcd_any_tag_in_use()
f531b624a690 FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Fix race conditions related to driver data
968af1dd93db FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Remove the sdev_rpmb member
475c91d6c8ac FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Remove is_rpmb_wlun()
cfcf226fdad1 FROMGIT: scsi: ufs: Rename a function argument
88389e813f69 ANDROID: clang: update to 14.0.0
12a745bf83fd FROMGIT: clk: Don't parent clks until the parent is fully registered
f1f505f3b4c5 UPSTREAM: mm/gup: remove the vma allocation from gup_longterm_locked()
e8a81778fed9 FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Use defined value for SCTLR_ELx_EE
ac233f38935a FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Fix comment on barrier in kvm_psci_vcpu_on()
5f3ca8858f9b FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Fix comment for kvm_reset_vcpu()
c330de946f3e FROMLIST: irqchip/gic-v3-its: Mark some in-memory data structures as 'decrypted'
428452cb6030 FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: pkvm: Stub io map functions
f5c76009e287 FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Make __io_map_base static
2e433f3894bb FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Make the hyp memory pool static
695573928a1d FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: pkvm: Disable GICv2 support
a2fffdffb7dd FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: pkvm: Fix hyp_pool max order
bcf3fd91beb9 FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: pkvm: Unshare guest structs during teardown
fee11d0f41b9 FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Expose unshare hypercall to the host
0a4821ecc2f0 FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Implement do_unshare() helper for unsharing memory
50e7557b36f6 BACKPORT: FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Implement __pkvm_host_share_hyp() using do_share()
455e17002b07 FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Implement do_share() helper for sharing memory
fb29cc8de3de BACKPORT: FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Introduce wrappers for host and hyp spin lock accessors
f80bdbb276ec FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Extend pkvm_page_state enumeration to handle absent pages
33fa24cc3b40 FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: pkvm: Refcount the pages shared with EL2
21fb63c7099b FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Introduce kvm_share_hyp()
446ab9f9b4a5 FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Implement kvm_pgtable_hyp_unmap() at EL2
323950831990 FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Hook up ->page_count() for hypervisor stage-1 page-table
edffd3888c43 BACKPORT: FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Fixup hyp stage-1 refcount
e96c599591e2 FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Refcount hyp stage-1 pgtable pages
b66c10e13397 FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Provide {get,put}_page() stubs for early hyp allocator
c765c9635a7a FROMLIST: KVM: arm64: Check if running in VHE from kvm_host_owns_hyp_mappings()
4a0f27b32e7f FROMLIST: virtio_ring: Fix querying of maximum DMA mapping size for virtio device
ad10bedb3f1f FROMGIT: KVM: Drop stale kvm_is_transparent_hugepage() declaration
63f358ca1b8d FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Move host EL1 code out of hyp/ directory
95bfeeb6b5fb FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Generate hyp_constants.h for the host
8a3b33dc2e46 FROMGIT: arm64: Add missing include of asm/cpufeature.h to asm/mmu.h
21ceef2920f7 FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Constify kvm_io_gic_ops
d907216e5c93 FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Add minimal handling for the ARMv8.7 PMU
f74a77dd09fd FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Drop vcpu->arch.has_run_once for vcpu->pid
a88c9de863cb FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Merge kvm_arch_vcpu_run_pid_change() and kvm_vcpu_first_run_init()
3b0c662197c8 FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Restructure the point where has_run_once is advertised
b01bdd792e56 FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Move kvm_arch_vcpu_run_pid_change() out of line
b09086c82eb5 BACKPORT: FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Move SVE state mapping at HYP to finalize-time
c29a44a1b3c3 FROMGIT: arm64/fpsimd: Document the use of TIF_FOREIGN_FPSTATE by KVM
4df39f4e31c5 FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Stop mapping current thread_info at EL2
1cc41a852819 FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Introduce flag shadowing TIF_FOREIGN_FPSTATE
f32b601e3c81 BACKPORT: FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Remove unused __sve_save_state
0e5281f03cb8 FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Get rid of host SVE tracking/saving
87b23d3a8f29 BACKPORT: FROMGIT: KVM: arm64: Reorder vcpu flag definitions
bb860573a4d7 UPSTREAM: scsi: Remove superfluous #include <linux/async.h> directives
b20e4220fa89 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Let devices remain runtime suspended during system suspend
0e1c8364f70c UPSTREAM: scsi: core: pm: Only runtime resume if necessary
903ab39b1812 UPSTREAM: scsi: sd: Rename sd_resume() into sd_resume_system()
51cf1e50b658 UPSTREAM: scsi: core: pm: Rely on the device driver core for async power management
ad05868a5bf8 UPSTREAM: scsi: sd: Fix crashes in sd_resume_runtime()
ccddc86cbef7 UPSTREAM: scsi: sd: REQUEST SENSE for BLIST_IGN_MEDIA_CHANGE devices in runtime_resume()
a050c009accf UPSTREAM: scsi: core: Add new flag BLIST_IGN_MEDIA_CHANGE
c28e885b53c9 ANDROID: Revert "Revert "scsi: block: Do not accept any requests while suspended""
29428cf3fff3 Merge 5.10.84 into android13-5.10

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Bug: 210805760
Change-Id: Ic9347cf3628dfa3ba04f0e0eef0221d0ee03605d
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