Update kernel to builds 7899086

git log --first-parent -100 --oneline --no-decorate 3edb9977490b..80090a0fcc56:
80090a0fcc56 ANDROID: Enable the ioprio cgroup controller
764c9982bf12 UPSTREAM: mm: vmalloc: prevent use after free in _vm_unmap_aliases
91abc8ece242 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Mark select_iommu_ops static
626441f63249 UPSTREAM: binder: don't detect sender/target during buffer cleanup
298c4214b324 UPSTREAM: binder: use cred instead of task for getsecid
869fbe4d864b UPSTREAM: binder: use cred instead of task for selinux checks
d65efd5b73dc UPSTREAM: binder: use euid from cred instead of using task
900b0b7cd12e Merge 5.10.78 into android13-5.10
54aafdfafd4b ANDROID: abi_gki_aarch64_db845c: Update abi symbol list to get db845c booting again
fbdefd3f6bf7 FROMLIST: scsi: ufs: Improve SCSI abort handling
437bfe2d64c9 UPSTREAM: tracing/selftests: Add tests for hist trigger expression parsing
bb73ccd8536e UPSTREAM: tracing/histogram: Document hist trigger variables
47347e1917f4 UPSTREAM: tracing/histogram: Update division by 0 documentation
43484db804f5 BACKPORT: tracing/histogram: Optimize division by constants
34cb12b5d32b UPSTREAM: tracing/histogram: Fix semicolon.cocci warnings
572d42d1b0cb UPSTREAM: tracing/histogram: Fix documentation inline emphasis warning
0036c192be43 UPSTREAM: tracing/histogram: Document expression arithmetic and constants
fe8d0a93e777 UPSTREAM: tracing/histogram: Optimize division by a power of 2
1f8f3e1fff31 BACKPORT: tracing/histogram: Covert expr to const if both operands are constants
fa428eedd37b UPSTREAM: tracing/histogram: Simplify handling of .sym-offset in expressions
3c296c22ea46 UPSTREAM: tracing: Fix operator precedence for hist triggers expression
b421a7c2b7d1 BACKPORT: tracing: Add division and multiplication support for hist triggers
6ffd9286539e BACKPORT: tracing: Add support for creating hist trigger variables from literal
1d30c0a162e2 UPSTREAM: tracing/cfi: Fix cmp_entries_* functions signature mismatch
7163abc9e4ca ANDROID: GKI: Enable HIST_TRIGGERS (x86)
6d4485877385 ANDROID: Enable KVM_S2MPU in gki_defconfig
8f234061533d ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Unmap S2MPU MMIO registers from host stage-2
03d4db533916 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Implement MMIO handler in S2MPU driver
533c59945d4c ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Unmap S2MPU MMIO regions in MPT
6b75c0e0de11 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Add S2MPU kselftest
4475d993aa0c ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Modify S2MPU MPT in 'host_stage2_set_owner'
f0e1de52ef17 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Set up S2MPU Memory Protection Table
8ca0b34fe468 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Reprogram S2MPUs in 'host_smc_handler'
8aa6c440da32 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Enable S2MPUs in __pkvm_init_stage2_iommu
bc80f8158297 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Copy S2MPU configuration to hyp
2517c4e5f0cd ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Implement IRQ handler for S2MPU faults
923353be1e55 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Allocate context IDs for valid VIDs
4a7da93bdbfc ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Read and check S2MPU_VERSION
4e91a0015386 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Parse S2MPU MMIO region
b2de5483b7c5 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Create empty S2MPU driver
ff91ee259ce3 ANDROID: dt-bindings: iommu: Add Google S2MPU
cc1ad46fb261 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Add 'host_stage2_adjust_mmio_range' to kvm_iommu_ops
25f81ec77b89 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Add 'host_mmio_dabt_handler' to kvm_iommu_ops
3cd8b5b00be9 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Add 'host_stage2_set_owner' to kvm_iommu_ops
d2efcdcb2b18 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Add 'host_smc_handler' to kvm_iommu_ops
79775d022591 ANDROID: KVM: arm64: Introduce IOMMU driver infrastructure
fddf81394141 ANDROID: debug_symbols: Add show_mem
42953530996c ANDROID: scsi: ufs: Align the HPB calls with the upstream code
bdb2117c28ce ANDROID: scsi: ufs: Re-enable runtime power management
568dd97549a6 ANDROID: scsi: ufs: Remove the ufs_rpmb_wlun_template
6e41c820f6af ANDROID: scsi: ufs: Remove a local variable from ufshcd_abort()
69d296ea60f3 ANDROID: scsi: ufs: Remove a blank line
23dd19247d2c UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Do not exit ufshcd_err_handler() unless operational or dead
ccba7d5b8e1c UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Do not exit ufshcd_reset_and_restore() unless operational or dead
e2919fba7658 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Remove return statement in void function
1da235a555cd UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Fix ufshcd_probe_hba() prototype to match the definition
558e6162fe25 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: SCSI_UFS_HWMON depends on HWMON=y
61a867f35051 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: exynos: Unify naming
061f8675097c UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Add temperature notification exception handling
bbce73fc605d UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Probe for temperature notification support
de5b19ec475c UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Unbreak the reset handler
abe3f3623b88 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: ufs-mediatek: Change dbg select by check IP version
b580032ddc26 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: ufs-qcom: Remove unneeded variable 'err'
4348fcb2a8bd UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: ufs-pci: Fix Intel LKF link stability
14684fc39dcd UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: ufshpb: Use scsi_cmd_to_rq() instead of scsi_cmnd.request
5ee37d89d5b3 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Use scsi_cmd_to_rq() instead of scsi_cmnd.request
435df62d65bd UPSTREAM: scsi: core: Introduce the scsi_cmd_to_rq() function
7da289ada7bf UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: ufshpb: Remove redundant initialization of variable 'lba'
c1871d31d630 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufshcd: Fix device links when BOOT WLUN fails to probe
3b010f51a06d UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Fix unsigned int compared with less than zero
a7044949249d UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Add lu_enable sysfs node
19d3641c3dba UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Add L2P entry swap quirk for Micron UFS
e0ff4e3d3c1e UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Remove redundant call in ufshcd_add_command_trace()
3f9a325f48c2 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Add fault injection support
246c1ab904b3 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Optimize SCSI command processing
3267cb15640b UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Optimize serialization of setup_xfer_req() calls
679183fefa34 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Revert "Utilize Transfer Request List Completion Notification Register"
b98f9da669af UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Inline ufshcd_outstanding_req_clear()
3a5eed8fd708 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Remove several wmb() calls
e011c72e8a73 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Improve static type checking for the host controller state
506a024be759 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Verify UIC locking requirements at runtime
73d9678ae5d3 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Remove ufshcd_valid_tag()
a68b43f30aa7 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Use DECLARE_COMPLETION_ONSTACK() where appropriate
f6429c262361 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Rename the second ufshcd_probe_hba() argument
1eec916379e1 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Only include power management code if necessary
bc35e28601ec UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Reduce power management code duplication
ed0d82c712cd UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Use scsi_get_lba() to get LBA
c577744552af UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Refactor ufshcd_is_intr_aggr_allowed()
71b002bdae65 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Fix build warning without CONFIG_PM
85cca5fada09 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Use UPIU query trace in devman_upiu_cmd()
f5c43ddb4181 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Capture command trace only for the cmd != NULL case
5b7e611c48cb UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Let UPIU completion trace print RSP UPIU header
740f7e84045b UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Clean up ufshcd_add_command_trace()
e4a07c01096b UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Remove repeated word in comment
43b8c48a248d UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: core: Remove irrelevant reference to non-existing doc
b5476a656239 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Fix a kernel-doc related formatting issue
7c5a14d4b093 UPSTREAM: scsi: core: Kill DRIVER_SENSE
b49194c17f96 UPSTREAM: scsi: core: Stop using DRIVER_ERROR
7b209ee1440f UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: Suppress false positive unhandled interrupt messages
625dd5cd93c9 UPSTREAM: scsi: ufs: ufs-exynos: Make a const array static, makes object smaller

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Bug: 205791138
Change-Id: I36dfed0305a450ae65807d5138413a0d15f7dfa9
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