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# WiMAX LAN device configuration
menuconfig WIMAX
tristate "WiMAX Wireless Broadband support"
depends on RFKILL || !RFKILL
Select to configure support for devices that provide
wireless broadband connectivity using the WiMAX protocol
(IEEE 802.16).
Please note that most of these devices require signing up
for a service plan with a provider.
The different WiMAX drivers can be enabled in the menu entry
Device Drivers > Network device support > WiMAX Wireless
Broadband devices
If unsure, it is safe to select M (module).
int "WiMAX debug level"
depends on WIMAX
default 8
Select the maximum debug verbosity level to be compiled into
the WiMAX stack code.
By default, debug messages are disabled at runtime and can
be selectively enabled for different parts of the code using
the sysfs debug-levels file.
If set at zero, this will compile out all the debug code.
It is recommended that it is left at 8.