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/* Copyright (c) 2012-2016, 2017 The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 and
* only version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
#ifndef _IPA_I_H_
#define _IPA_I_H_
#include <linux/bitops.h>
#include <linux/cdev.h>
#include <linux/export.h>
#include <linux/idr.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/skbuff.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/ipa.h>
#include <linux/msm-sps.h>
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
#include <asm/dma-iommu.h>
#include <linux/iommu.h>
#include "ipa_hw_defs.h"
#include "ipa_ram_mmap.h"
#include "ipa_reg.h"
#include "ipa_qmi_service.h"
#include "../ipa_api.h"
#include "../ipa_common_i.h"
#define DRV_NAME "ipa"
#define NAT_DEV_NAME "ipaNatTable"
#define IPA_COOKIE 0x57831603
#define MTU_BYTE 1500
#define IPA_MAX_NUM_PIPES 0x14
#define IPA_SYS_DESC_FIFO_SZ 0x2000
#define IPA_NUM_DESC_PER_SW_TX (2)
#define IPADBG(fmt, args...) \
pr_debug(DRV_NAME " %s:%d " fmt, __func__, __LINE__, ## args)
#define IPAERR(fmt, args...) \
pr_err(DRV_NAME " %s:%d " fmt, __func__, __LINE__, ## args)
#define WLAN_AMPDU_TX_EP 15
#define WLAN_PROD_TX_EP 19
#define WLAN1_CONS_RX_EP 14
#define WLAN2_CONS_RX_EP 16
#define WLAN3_CONS_RX_EP 17
#define WLAN4_CONS_RX_EP 18
#define MAX_NUM_EXCP 8
#define IPA_STATS
#ifdef IPA_STATS
#define IPA_STATS_INC_CNT(val) (++val)
#define IPA_STATS_DEC_CNT(val) (--val)
#define IPA_STATS_EXCP_CNT(flags, base) do { \
int i; \
for (i = 0; i < MAX_NUM_EXCP; i++) \
if (flags & BIT(i)) \
++base[i]; \
if (flags == 0) \
++base[MAX_NUM_EXCP - 1]; \
} while (0)
#define IPA_STATS_INC_CNT(x) do { } while (0)
#define IPA_STATS_DEC_CNT(x)
#define IPA_STATS_EXCP_CNT(flags, base) do { } while (0)
#define IPA_TOS_EQ BIT(0)
#define IPA_OFFSET_MEQ32_0 BIT(2)
#define IPA_OFFSET_MEQ32_1 BIT(3)
#define IPA_IHL_OFFSET_EQ_16 BIT(6)
#define IPA_IHL_OFFSET_EQ_32 BIT(7)
#define IPA_IHL_OFFSET_MEQ32_0 BIT(8)
#define IPA_OFFSET_MEQ128_0 BIT(9)
#define IPA_OFFSET_MEQ128_1 BIT(10)
#define IPA_TC_EQ BIT(11)
#define IPA_FL_EQ BIT(12)
#define IPA_IHL_OFFSET_MEQ32_1 BIT(13)
#define IPA_IS_FRAG BIT(15)
#define IPA_HDR_BIN0 0
#define IPA_HDR_BIN1 1
#define IPA_HDR_BIN2 2
#define IPA_HDR_BIN3 3
#define IPA_HDR_BIN4 4
#define IPA_HDR_BIN_MAX 5
* Due to ZLT issue with USB 3.0 core, IPA BAM threashold need to be set
* to max packet size + 1. After setting the threshold, USB core
* will not be notified on ZLTs
#define IPA_RX_POOL_CEIL 32
#define IPA_RX_SKB_SIZE 1792
#define IPA_A5_MUX_HDR_NAME "ipa_excp_hdr"
#define IPA_LAN_RX_HDR_NAME "ipa_lan_hdr"
#define IPA_SETFIELD(val, shift, mask) (((val) << (shift)) & (mask))
#define IPA_SETFIELD_IN_REG(reg, val, shift, mask) \
(reg |= ((val) << (shift)) & (mask))
#define IPA_HW_TABLE_ALIGNMENT(start_ofst) \
(((start_ofst) + 127) & ~127)
#define IPA_HDR_PROC_CTX_TABLE_ALIGNMENT(start_ofst) \
(((start_ofst) + IPA_HDR_PROC_CTX_TABLE_ALIGNMENT_BYTE - 1) & \
#define IPA_MEM_PART(x_) (ipa_ctx->ctrl->mem_partition.x_)
struct ipa2_active_client_htable_entry {
struct hlist_node list;
int count;
enum ipa_active_client_log_type type;
struct ipa2_active_clients_log_ctx {
int log_head;
int log_tail;
bool log_rdy;
struct hlist_head htable[IPA2_ACTIVE_CLIENTS_LOG_HASHTABLE_SIZE];
struct ipa_client_names {
enum ipa_client_type names[MAX_RESOURCE_TO_CLIENTS];
int length;
struct ipa_smmu_cb_ctx {
bool valid;
struct device *dev;
struct dma_iommu_mapping *mapping;
struct iommu_domain *iommu;
unsigned long next_addr;
u32 va_start;
u32 va_size;
u32 va_end;
* struct ipa_flt_entry - IPA filtering table entry
* @link: entry's link in global filtering enrties list
* @rule: filter rule
* @cookie: cookie used for validity check
* @tbl: filter table
* @rt_tbl: routing table
* @hw_len: entry's size
struct ipa_flt_entry {
struct list_head link;
struct ipa_flt_rule rule;
u32 cookie;
struct ipa_flt_tbl *tbl;
struct ipa_rt_tbl *rt_tbl;
u32 hw_len;
int id;
* struct ipa_rt_tbl - IPA routing table
* @link: table's link in global routing tables list
* @head_rt_rule_list: head of routing rules list
* @name: routing table name
* @idx: routing table index
* @rule_cnt: number of rules in routing table
* @ref_cnt: reference counter of routing table
* @set: collection of routing tables
* @cookie: cookie used for validity check
* @in_sys: flag indicating if the table is located in system memory
* @sz: the size of the routing table
* @curr_mem: current routing tables block in sys memory
* @prev_mem: previous routing table block in sys memory
* @id: routing table id
struct ipa_rt_tbl {
struct list_head link;
struct list_head head_rt_rule_list;
u32 idx;
u32 rule_cnt;
u32 ref_cnt;
struct ipa_rt_tbl_set *set;
u32 cookie;
bool in_sys;
u32 sz;
struct ipa_mem_buffer curr_mem;
struct ipa_mem_buffer prev_mem;
int id;
* struct ipa_hdr_entry - IPA header table entry
* @link: entry's link in global header table entries list
* @hdr: the header
* @hdr_len: header length
* @name: name of header table entry
* @type: l2 header type
* @is_partial: flag indicating if header table entry is partial
* @is_hdr_proc_ctx: false - hdr entry resides in hdr table,
* true - hdr entry resides in DDR and pointed to by proc ctx
* @phys_base: physical address of entry in SRAM when is_hdr_proc_ctx is true,
* else 0
* @proc_ctx: processing context header
* @offset_entry: entry's offset
* @cookie: cookie used for validity check
* @ref_cnt: reference counter of routing table
* @id: header entry id
* @is_eth2_ofst_valid: is eth2_ofst field valid?
* @eth2_ofst: offset to start of Ethernet-II/802.3 header
* @user_deleted: is the header deleted by the user?
struct ipa_hdr_entry {
struct list_head link;
u32 hdr_len;
enum ipa_hdr_l2_type type;
u8 is_partial;
bool is_hdr_proc_ctx;
dma_addr_t phys_base;
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_entry *proc_ctx;
struct ipa_hdr_offset_entry *offset_entry;
u32 cookie;
u32 ref_cnt;
int id;
u8 is_eth2_ofst_valid;
u16 eth2_ofst;
bool user_deleted;
* struct ipa_hdr_tbl - IPA header table
* @head_hdr_entry_list: header entries list
* @head_offset_list: header offset list
* @head_free_offset_list: header free offset list
* @hdr_cnt: number of headers
* @end: the last header index
struct ipa_hdr_tbl {
struct list_head head_hdr_entry_list;
struct list_head head_offset_list[IPA_HDR_BIN_MAX];
struct list_head head_free_offset_list[IPA_HDR_BIN_MAX];
u32 hdr_cnt;
u32 end;
* struct ipa_hdr_offset_entry - IPA header offset entry
* @link: entry's link in global processing context header offset entries list
* @offset: the offset
* @bin: bin
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_offset_entry {
struct list_head link;
u32 offset;
u32 bin;
* struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_add_hdr_seq -
* IPA processing context header - add header sequence
* @hdr_add: add header command
* @end: tlv end command (cmd.type must be 0)
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_add_hdr_seq {
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_hdr_add hdr_add;
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_tlv end;
* struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_add_hdr_cmd_seq -
* IPA processing context header - process command sequence
* @hdr_add: add header command
* @cmd: tlv processing command (cmd.type must be 3)
* @end: tlv end command (cmd.type must be 0)
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_add_hdr_cmd_seq {
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_hdr_add hdr_add;
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_tlv cmd;
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_tlv end;
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_entry - IPA processing context header table entry
* @link: entry's link in global header table entries list
* @type:
* @offset_entry: entry's offset
* @hdr: the header
* @cookie: cookie used for validity check
* @ref_cnt: reference counter of routing table
* @id: processing context header entry id
* @user_deleted: is the hdr processing context deleted by the user?
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_entry {
struct list_head link;
enum ipa_hdr_proc_type type;
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_offset_entry *offset_entry;
struct ipa_hdr_entry *hdr;
u32 cookie;
u32 ref_cnt;
int id;
bool user_deleted;
* struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_tbl - IPA processing context header table
* @head_proc_ctx_entry_list: header entries list
* @head_offset_list: header offset list
* @head_free_offset_list: header free offset list
* @proc_ctx_cnt: number of processing context headers
* @end: the last processing context header index
* @start_offset: offset in words of processing context header table
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_tbl {
struct list_head head_proc_ctx_entry_list;
struct list_head head_offset_list[IPA_HDR_PROC_CTX_BIN_MAX];
struct list_head head_free_offset_list[IPA_HDR_PROC_CTX_BIN_MAX];
u32 proc_ctx_cnt;
u32 end;
u32 start_offset;
* struct ipa_flt_tbl - IPA filter table
* @head_flt_rule_list: filter rules list
* @rule_cnt: number of filter rules
* @in_sys: flag indicating if filter table is located in system memory
* @sz: the size of the filter table
* @end: the last header index
* @curr_mem: current filter tables block in sys memory
* @prev_mem: previous filter table block in sys memory
struct ipa_flt_tbl {
struct list_head head_flt_rule_list;
u32 rule_cnt;
bool in_sys;
u32 sz;
struct ipa_mem_buffer curr_mem;
struct ipa_mem_buffer prev_mem;
bool sticky_rear;
* struct ipa_rt_entry - IPA routing table entry
* @link: entry's link in global routing table entries list
* @rule: routing rule
* @cookie: cookie used for validity check
* @tbl: routing table
* @hdr: header table
* @proc_ctx: processing context table
* @hw_len: the length of the table
struct ipa_rt_entry {
struct list_head link;
struct ipa_rt_rule rule;
u32 cookie;
struct ipa_rt_tbl *tbl;
struct ipa_hdr_entry *hdr;
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_entry *proc_ctx;
u32 hw_len;
int id;
* struct ipa_rt_tbl_set - collection of routing tables
* @head_rt_tbl_list: collection of routing tables
* @tbl_cnt: number of routing tables
struct ipa_rt_tbl_set {
struct list_head head_rt_tbl_list;
u32 tbl_cnt;
* struct ipa_ep_cfg_status - status configuration in IPA end-point
* @status_en: Determines if end point supports Status Indications. SW should
* set this bit in order to enable Statuses. Output Pipe - send
* Status indications only if bit is set. Input Pipe - forward Status
* indication to STATUS_ENDP only if bit is set. Valid for Input
* and Output Pipes (IPA Consumer and Producer)
* @status_ep: Statuses generated for this endpoint will be forwarded to the
* specified Status End Point. Status endpoint needs to be
* configured with STATUS_EN=1 Valid only for Input Pipes (IPA
* Consumer)
struct ipa_ep_cfg_status {
bool status_en;
u8 status_ep;
* struct ipa_wlan_stats - Wlan stats for each wlan endpoint
* @rx_pkts_rcvd: Packets sent by wlan driver
* @rx_pkts_status_rcvd: Status packets received from ipa hw
* @rx_hd_processed: Data Descriptors processed by IPA Driver
* @rx_hd_reply: Data Descriptors recycled by wlan driver
* @rx_hd_rcvd: Data Descriptors sent by wlan driver
* @rx_pkt_leak: Packet count that are not recycled
* @rx_dp_fail: Packets failed to transfer to IPA HW
* @tx_pkts_rcvd: SKB Buffers received from ipa hw
* @tx_pkts_sent: SKB Buffers sent to wlan driver
* @tx_pkts_dropped: Dropped packets count
struct ipa_wlan_stats {
u32 rx_pkts_rcvd;
u32 rx_pkts_status_rcvd;
u32 rx_hd_processed;
u32 rx_hd_reply;
u32 rx_hd_rcvd;
u32 rx_pkt_leak;
u32 rx_dp_fail;
u32 tx_pkts_rcvd;
u32 tx_pkts_sent;
u32 tx_pkts_dropped;
* struct ipa_wlan_comm_memb - Wlan comm members
* @wlan_spinlock: protects wlan comm buff list and its size
* @ipa_tx_mul_spinlock: protects tx dp mul transfer
* @wlan_comm_total_cnt: wlan common skb buffers allocated count
* @wlan_comm_free_cnt: wlan common skb buffer free count
* @total_tx_pkts_freed: Recycled Buffer count
* @wlan_comm_desc_list: wlan common skb buffer list
struct ipa_wlan_comm_memb {
spinlock_t wlan_spinlock;
spinlock_t ipa_tx_mul_spinlock;
u32 wlan_comm_total_cnt;
u32 wlan_comm_free_cnt;
u32 total_tx_pkts_freed;
struct list_head wlan_comm_desc_list;
atomic_t active_clnt_cnt;
struct ipa_status_stats {
struct ipa_hw_pkt_status status[IPA_MAX_STATUS_STAT_NUM];
int curr;
enum ipa_wakelock_ref_client {
* struct ipa_ep_context - IPA end point context
* @valid: flag indicating id EP context is valid
* @client: EP client type
* @ep_hdl: EP's client SPS handle
* @cfg: EP cionfiguration
* @dst_pipe_index: destination pipe index
* @rt_tbl_idx: routing table index
* @connect: SPS connect
* @priv: user provided information which will forwarded once the user is
* notified for new data avail
* @client_notify: user provided CB for EP events notification, the event is
* data revived.
* @desc_fifo_in_pipe_mem: flag indicating if descriptors FIFO uses pipe memory
* @data_fifo_in_pipe_mem: flag indicating if data FIFO uses pipe memory
* @desc_fifo_pipe_mem_ofst: descriptors FIFO pipe memory offset
* @data_fifo_pipe_mem_ofst: data FIFO pipe memory offset
* @desc_fifo_client_allocated: if descriptors FIFO was allocated by a client
* @data_fifo_client_allocated: if data FIFO was allocated by a client
* @skip_ep_cfg: boolean field that determines if EP should be configured
* by IPA driver
* @keep_ipa_awake: when true, IPA will not be clock gated
* @rx_replenish_threshold: Indicates the WM value which requires the RX
* descriptors replenish function to be called to
* avoid the RX pipe to run out of descriptors
* and cause HOLB.
* @disconnect_in_progress: Indicates client disconnect in progress.
* @qmi_request_sent: Indicates whether QMI request to enable clear data path
* request is sent or not.
struct ipa_ep_context {
int valid;
enum ipa_client_type client;
struct sps_pipe *ep_hdl;
struct ipa_ep_cfg cfg;
struct ipa_ep_cfg_holb holb;
struct ipa_ep_cfg_status status;
u32 dst_pipe_index;
u32 rt_tbl_idx;
struct sps_connect connect;
void *priv;
void (*client_notify)(void *priv, enum ipa_dp_evt_type evt,
unsigned long data);
bool desc_fifo_in_pipe_mem;
bool data_fifo_in_pipe_mem;
u32 desc_fifo_pipe_mem_ofst;
u32 data_fifo_pipe_mem_ofst;
bool desc_fifo_client_allocated;
bool data_fifo_client_allocated;
atomic_t avail_fifo_desc;
u32 dflt_flt4_rule_hdl;
u32 dflt_flt6_rule_hdl;
bool skip_ep_cfg;
bool keep_ipa_awake;
struct ipa_wlan_stats wstats;
u32 wdi_state;
u32 rx_replenish_threshold;
bool disconnect_in_progress;
u32 qmi_request_sent;
enum ipa_wakelock_ref_client wakelock_client;
/* sys MUST be the last element of this struct */
struct ipa_sys_context *sys;
enum ipa_sys_pipe_policy {
struct ipa_repl_ctx {
struct ipa_rx_pkt_wrapper **cache;
atomic_t head_idx;
atomic_t tail_idx;
u32 capacity;
* struct ipa_sys_context - IPA endpoint context for system to BAM pipes
* @head_desc_list: header descriptors list
* @len: the size of the above list
* @spinlock: protects the list and its size
* @event: used to request CALLBACK mode from SPS driver
* @ep: IPA EP context
* IPA context specific to the system-bam pipes a.k.a LAN IN/OUT and WAN
struct ipa_sys_context {
u32 len;
struct sps_register_event event;
atomic_t curr_polling_state;
struct delayed_work switch_to_intr_work;
enum ipa_sys_pipe_policy policy;
int (*pyld_hdlr)(struct sk_buff *skb, struct ipa_sys_context *sys);
struct sk_buff * (*get_skb)(unsigned int len, gfp_t flags);
void (*free_skb)(struct sk_buff *skb);
u32 rx_buff_sz;
u32 rx_pool_sz;
struct sk_buff *prev_skb;
unsigned int len_rem;
unsigned int len_pad;
unsigned int len_partial;
bool drop_packet;
struct work_struct work;
void (*sps_callback)(struct sps_event_notify *notify);
enum sps_option sps_option;
struct delayed_work replenish_rx_work;
struct work_struct repl_work;
void (*repl_hdlr)(struct ipa_sys_context *sys);
struct ipa_repl_ctx repl;
unsigned int repl_trig_cnt;
unsigned int repl_trig_thresh;
/* ordering is important - mutable fields go above */
struct ipa_ep_context *ep;
struct list_head head_desc_list;
spinlock_t spinlock;
struct workqueue_struct *wq;
struct workqueue_struct *repl_wq;
struct ipa_status_stats *status_stat;
/* ordering is important - other immutable fields go below */
* enum ipa_desc_type - IPA decriptors type
* IPA decriptors type, IPA supports DD and ICD but no CD
enum ipa_desc_type {
* struct ipa_tx_pkt_wrapper - IPA Tx packet wrapper
* @type: specify if this packet is for the skb or immediate command
* @mem: memory buffer used by this Tx packet
* @work: work struct for current Tx packet
* @link: linked to the wrappers on that pipe
* @callback: IPA client provided callback
* @user1: cookie1 for above callback
* @user2: cookie2 for above callback
* @sys: corresponding IPA sys context
* @mult: valid only for first of a "multiple" transfer,
* holds info for the "sps_transfer" buffer
* @cnt: 1 for single transfers,
* >1 and <0xFFFF for first of a "multiple" transfer,
* 0xFFFF for last desc, 0 for rest of "multiple' transfer
* @bounce: va of bounce buffer
* @unmap_dma: in case this is true, the buffer will not be dma unmapped
* This struct can wrap both data packet and immediate command packet.
struct ipa_tx_pkt_wrapper {
enum ipa_desc_type type;
struct ipa_mem_buffer mem;
struct work_struct work;
struct list_head link;
void (*callback)(void *user1, int user2);
void *user1;
int user2;
struct ipa_sys_context *sys;
struct ipa_mem_buffer mult;
u32 cnt;
void *bounce;
bool no_unmap_dma;
* struct ipa_desc - IPA descriptor
* @type: skb or immediate command or plain old data
* @pyld: points to skb
* @frag: points to paged fragment
* or kmalloc'ed immediate command parameters/plain old data
* @dma_address: dma mapped address of pyld
* @dma_address_valid: valid field for dma_address
* @len: length of the pyld
* @opcode: for immediate commands
* @callback: IPA client provided completion callback
* @user1: cookie1 for above callback
* @user2: cookie2 for above callback
* @xfer_done: completion object for sync completion
struct ipa_desc {
enum ipa_desc_type type;
void *pyld;
skb_frag_t *frag;
dma_addr_t dma_address;
bool dma_address_valid;
u16 len;
u16 opcode;
void (*callback)(void *user1, int user2);
void *user1;
int user2;
struct completion xfer_done;
* struct ipa_rx_pkt_wrapper - IPA Rx packet wrapper
* @skb: skb
* @dma_address: DMA address of this Rx packet
* @link: linked to the Rx packets on that pipe
* @len: how many bytes are copied into skb's flat buffer
struct ipa_rx_pkt_wrapper {
struct list_head link;
struct ipa_rx_data data;
u32 len;
struct work_struct work;
struct ipa_sys_context *sys;
* struct ipa_nat_mem - IPA NAT memory description
* @class: pointer to the struct class
* @dev: the dev_t of the device
* @cdev: cdev of the device
* @dev_num: device number
* @vaddr: virtual address
* @dma_handle: DMA handle
* @size: NAT memory size
* @is_mapped: flag indicating if NAT memory is mapped
* @is_sys_mem: flag indicating if NAT memory is sys memory
* @is_dev_init: flag indicating if NAT device is initialized
* @lock: NAT memory mutex
* @nat_base_address: nat table virutal address
* @ipv4_rules_addr: base nat table address
* @ipv4_expansion_rules_addr: expansion table address
* @index_table_addr: index table address
* @index_table_expansion_addr: index expansion table address
* @size_base_tables: base table size
* @size_expansion_tables: expansion table size
* @public_ip_addr: ip address of nat table
struct ipa_nat_mem {
struct class *class;
struct device *dev;
struct cdev cdev;
dev_t dev_num;
void *vaddr;
dma_addr_t dma_handle;
size_t size;
bool is_mapped;
bool is_sys_mem;
bool is_dev_init;
bool is_dev;
struct mutex lock;
void *nat_base_address;
char *ipv4_rules_addr;
char *ipv4_expansion_rules_addr;
char *index_table_addr;
char *index_table_expansion_addr;
u32 size_base_tables;
u32 size_expansion_tables;
u32 public_ip_addr;
void *tmp_vaddr;
dma_addr_t tmp_dma_handle;
bool is_tmp_mem;
* enum ipa_hw_mode - IPA hardware mode
* @IPA_HW_Normal: Regular IPA hardware
* @IPA_HW_Virtual: IPA hardware supporting virtual memory allocation
* @IPA_HW_PCIE: IPA hardware supporting memory allocation over PCIE Bridge
enum ipa_hw_mode {
enum ipa_config_this_ep {
struct ipa_stats {
u32 tx_sw_pkts;
u32 tx_hw_pkts;
u32 rx_pkts;
u32 rx_excp_pkts[MAX_NUM_EXCP];
u32 rx_repl_repost;
u32 tx_pkts_compl;
u32 rx_q_len;
u32 msg_w[IPA_EVENT_MAX_NUM];
u32 msg_r[IPA_EVENT_MAX_NUM];
u32 stat_compl;
u32 aggr_close;
u32 wan_aggr_close;
u32 wan_rx_empty;
u32 wan_repl_rx_empty;
u32 lan_rx_empty;
u32 lan_repl_rx_empty;
u32 flow_enable;
u32 flow_disable;
u32 tx_non_linear;
struct ipa_active_clients {
struct mutex mutex;
spinlock_t spinlock;
bool mutex_locked;
int cnt;
struct ipa_wakelock_ref_cnt {
spinlock_t spinlock;
u32 cnt;
struct ipa_tag_completion {
struct completion comp;
atomic_t cnt;
struct ipa_controller;
* @brief Enum value determined based on the feature it
* corresponds to
* +----------------+----------------+
* | 3 bits | 5 bits |
* +----------------+----------------+
* +----------------+----------------+
#define FEATURE_ENUM_VAL(feature, opcode) ((feature << 5) | opcode)
#define EXTRACT_UC_FEATURE(value) (value >> 5)
* enum ipa_hw_features - Values that represent the features supported in IPA HW
* @IPA_HW_FEATURE_COMMON : Feature related to common operation of IPA HW
* @IPA_HW_FEATURE_MHI : Feature related to MHI operation in IPA HW
* @IPA_HW_FEATURE_WDI : Feature related to WDI operation in IPA HW
enum ipa_hw_features {
* struct IpaHwSharedMemCommonMapping_t - Structure referring to the common
* section in 128B shared memory located in offset zero of SW Partition in IPA
* @cmdOp : CPU->HW command opcode. See IPA_CPU_2_HW_COMMANDS
* @cmdParams : CPU->HW command parameter. The parameter filed can hold 32 bits
* of parameters (immediate parameters) and point on structure in system memory
* (in such case the address must be accessible for HW)
* @responseOp : HW->CPU response opcode. See IPA_HW_2_CPU_RESPONSES
* @responseParams : HW->CPU response parameter. The parameter filed can hold 32
* bits of parameters (immediate parameters) and point on structure in system
* memory
* @eventOp : HW->CPU event opcode. See IPA_HW_2_CPU_EVENTS
* @eventParams : HW->CPU event parameter. The parameter filed can hold 32 bits of
* parameters (immediate parameters) and point on structure in system memory
* @firstErrorAddress : Contains the address of first error-source on SNOC
* @hwState : State of HW. The state carries information regarding the error type.
* @warningCounter : The warnings counter. The counter carries information regarding
* non fatal errors in HW
* @interfaceVersionCommon : The Common interface version as reported by HW
* The shared memory is used for communication between IPA HW and CPU.
struct IpaHwSharedMemCommonMapping_t {
u8 cmdOp;
u8 reserved_01;
u16 reserved_03_02;
u32 cmdParams;
u8 responseOp;
u8 reserved_09;
u16 reserved_0B_0A;
u32 responseParams;
u8 eventOp;
u8 reserved_11;
u16 reserved_13_12;
u32 eventParams;
u32 reserved_1B_18;
u32 firstErrorAddress;
u8 hwState;
u8 warningCounter;
u16 reserved_23_22;
u16 interfaceVersionCommon;
u16 reserved_27_26;
} __packed;
* union IpaHwFeatureInfoData_t - parameters for stats/config blob
* @offset : Location of a feature within the EventInfoData
* @size : Size of the feature
union IpaHwFeatureInfoData_t {
struct IpaHwFeatureInfoParams_t {
u32 offset:16;
u32 size:16;
} __packed params;
u32 raw32b;
} __packed;
* struct IpaHwEventInfoData_t - Structure holding the parameters for
* statistics and config info
* @baseAddrOffset : Base Address Offset of the statistics or config
* structure from IPA_WRAPPER_BASE
* @IpaHwFeatureInfoData_t : Location and size of each feature within
* the statistics or config structure
* @note Information about each feature in the featureInfo[]
* array is populated at predefined indices per the IPA_HW_FEATURES
* enum definition
struct IpaHwEventInfoData_t {
u32 baseAddrOffset;
union IpaHwFeatureInfoData_t featureInfo[IPA_HW_NUM_FEATURES];
} __packed;
* struct IpaHwEventLogInfoData_t - Structure holding the parameters for
* @featureMask : Mask indicating the features enabled in HW.
* @circBuffBaseAddrOffset : Base Address Offset of the Circular Event
* Log Buffer structure
* @statsInfo : Statistics related information
* @configInfo : Configuration related information
* @note The offset location of this structure from IPA_WRAPPER_BASE
* will be provided as Event Params for the IPA_HW_2_CPU_EVENT_LOG_INFO
* Event
struct IpaHwEventLogInfoData_t {
u32 featureMask;
u32 circBuffBaseAddrOffset;
struct IpaHwEventInfoData_t statsInfo;
struct IpaHwEventInfoData_t configInfo;
} __packed;
* struct ipa_uc_hdlrs - IPA uC callback functions
* @ipa_uc_loaded_hdlr: Function handler when uC is loaded
* @ipa_uc_event_hdlr: Event handler function
* @ipa_uc_response_hdlr: Response handler function
* @ipa_uc_event_log_info_hdlr: Log event handler function
struct ipa_uc_hdlrs {
void (*ipa_uc_loaded_hdlr)(void);
void (*ipa_uc_event_hdlr)
(struct IpaHwSharedMemCommonMapping_t *uc_sram_mmio);
int (*ipa_uc_response_hdlr)
(struct IpaHwSharedMemCommonMapping_t *uc_sram_mmio,
u32 *uc_status);
void (*ipa_uc_event_log_info_hdlr)
(struct IpaHwEventLogInfoData_t *uc_event_top_mmio);
* enum ipa_hw_flags - flags which defines the behavior of HW
* @IPA_HW_FLAG_HALT_SYSTEM_ON_ASSERT_FAILURE: Halt system in case of assert
* failure.
* @IPA_HW_FLAG_NO_REPORT_MHI_CHANNEL_ERORR: Channel error would be reported
* in the event ring only. No event to CPU.
* @IPA_HW_FLAG_NO_REPORT_MHI_CHANNEL_WAKE_UP: No need to report event
* @IPA_HW_FLAG_WORK_OVER_DDR: Perform all transaction to external addresses by
* QMB (avoid memcpy)
* @IPA_HW_FLAG_NO_REPORT_OOB: If set do not report that the device is OOB in
* IN Channel
* @IPA_HW_FLAG_NO_REPORT_DB_MODE: If set, do not report that the device is
* entering a mode where it expects a doorbell to be rung for OUT Channel
enum ipa_hw_flags {
* struct ipa_uc_ctx - IPA uC context
* @uc_inited: Indicates if uC interface has been initialized
* @uc_loaded: Indicates if uC has loaded
* @uc_failed: Indicates if uC has failed / returned an error
* @uc_lock: uC interface lock to allow only one uC interaction at a time
* @uc_completation: Completion mechanism to wait for uC commands
* @uc_sram_mmio: Pointer to uC mapped memory
* @pending_cmd: The last command sent waiting to be ACKed
* @uc_status: The last status provided by the uC
* @uc_zip_error: uC has notified the APPS upon a ZIP engine error
* @uc_error_type: error type from uC error event
struct ipa_uc_ctx {
bool uc_inited;
bool uc_loaded;
bool uc_failed;
struct mutex uc_lock;
struct completion uc_completion;
struct IpaHwSharedMemCommonMapping_t *uc_sram_mmio;
struct IpaHwEventLogInfoData_t *uc_event_top_mmio;
u32 uc_event_top_ofst;
u32 pending_cmd;
u32 uc_status;
bool uc_zip_error;
u32 uc_error_type;
* struct ipa_uc_wdi_ctx
* @wdi_uc_top_ofst:
* @wdi_uc_top_mmio:
* @wdi_uc_stats_ofst:
* @wdi_uc_stats_mmio:
struct ipa_uc_wdi_ctx {
/* WDI specific fields */
u32 wdi_uc_stats_ofst;
struct IpaHwStatsWDIInfoData_t *wdi_uc_stats_mmio;
void *priv;
ipa_uc_ready_cb uc_ready_cb;
* struct ipa_sps_pm - SPS power management related members
* @dec_clients: true if need to decrease active clients count
* @eot_activity: represent EOT interrupt activity to determine to reset
* the inactivity timer
* @sps_pm_lock: Lock to protect the sps_pm functionality.
struct ipa_sps_pm {
atomic_t dec_clients;
atomic_t eot_activity;
struct mutex sps_pm_lock;
* struct ipacm_client_info - the client-info indicated from IPACM
* @ipacm_client_enum: the enum to indicate tether-client
* @ipacm_client_uplink: the bool to indicate pipe for uplink
struct ipacm_client_info {
enum ipacm_client_enum client_enum;
bool uplink;
* struct ipa_context - IPA context
* @class: pointer to the struct class
* @dev_num: device number
* @dev: the dev_t of the device
* @cdev: cdev of the device
* @bam_handle: IPA driver's BAM handle
* @ep: list of all end points
* @skip_ep_cfg_shadow: state to update filter table correctly across
* @resume_on_connect: resume ep on ipa_connect
* @flt_tbl: list of all IPA filter tables
* @mode: IPA operating mode
* @mmio: iomem
* @ipa_wrapper_base: IPA wrapper base address
* @glob_flt_tbl: global filter table
* @hdr_tbl: IPA header table
* @hdr_proc_ctx_tbl: IPA processing context table
* @rt_tbl_set: list of routing tables each of which is a list of rules
* @reap_rt_tbl_set: list of sys mem routing tables waiting to be reaped
* @flt_rule_cache: filter rule cache
* @rt_rule_cache: routing rule cache
* @hdr_cache: header cache
* @hdr_offset_cache: header offset cache
* @hdr_proc_ctx_cache: processing context cache
* @hdr_proc_ctx_offset_cache: processing context offset cache
* @rt_tbl_cache: routing table cache
* @tx_pkt_wrapper_cache: Tx packets cache
* @rx_pkt_wrapper_cache: Rx packets cache
* @rt_idx_bitmap: routing table index bitmap
* @lock: this does NOT protect the linked lists within ipa_sys_context
* @smem_sz: shared memory size available for SW use starting
* from non-restricted bytes
* @smem_restricted_bytes: the bytes that SW should not use in the shared mem
* @nat_mem: NAT memory
* @excp_hdr_hdl: exception header handle
* @dflt_v4_rt_rule_hdl: default v4 routing rule handle
* @dflt_v6_rt_rule_hdl: default v6 routing rule handle
* @aggregation_type: aggregation type used on USB client endpoint
* @aggregation_byte_limit: aggregation byte limit used on USB client endpoint
* @aggregation_time_limit: aggregation time limit used on USB client endpoint
* @hdr_tbl_lcl: where hdr tbl resides 1-local, 0-system
* @hdr_proc_ctx_tbl_lcl: where proc_ctx tbl resides true-local, false-system
* @hdr_mem: header memory
* @hdr_proc_ctx_mem: processing context memory
* @ip4_rt_tbl_lcl: where ip4 rt tables reside 1-local; 0-system
* @ip6_rt_tbl_lcl: where ip6 rt tables reside 1-local; 0-system
* @ip4_flt_tbl_lcl: where ip4 flt tables reside 1-local; 0-system
* @ip6_flt_tbl_lcl: where ip6 flt tables reside 1-local; 0-system
* @empty_rt_tbl_mem: empty routing tables memory
* @power_mgmt_wq: workqueue for power management
* @sps_power_mgmt_wq: workqueue SPS related power management
* @tag_process_before_gating: indicates whether to start tag process before
* gating IPA clocks
* @sps_pm: sps power management related information
* @disconnect_lock: protects LAN_CONS packet receive notification CB
* @pipe_mem_pool: pipe memory pool
* @dma_pool: special purpose DMA pool
* @ipa_active_clients: structure for reference counting connected IPA clients
* @ipa_hw_type: type of IPA HW type (e.g. IPA 1.0, IPA 1.1 etc')
* @ipa_hw_mode: mode of IPA HW mode (e.g. Normal, Virtual or over PCIe)
* @use_ipa_teth_bridge: use tethering bridge driver
* @ipa_bam_remote_mode: ipa bam is in remote mode
* @modem_cfg_emb_pipe_flt: modem configure embedded pipe filtering rules
* @ipa_bus_hdl: msm driver handle for the data path bus
* @ctrl: holds the core specific operations based on
* core version (vtable like)
* @enable_clock_scaling: clock scaling is enabled ?
* @curr_ipa_clk_rate: ipa_clk current rate
* @wcstats: wlan common buffer stats
* @uc_ctx: uC interface context
* @uc_wdi_ctx: WDI specific fields for uC interface
* @ipa_num_pipes: The number of pipes used by IPA HW
* @skip_uc_pipe_reset: Indicates whether pipe reset via uC needs to be avoided
* @ipa_client_apps_wan_cons_agg_gro: RMNET_IOCTL_INGRESS_FORMAT_AGG_DATA
* @w_lock: Indicates the wakeup source.
* @wakelock_ref_cnt: Indicates the number of times wakelock is acquired
* IPA context - holds all relevant info about IPA driver and its state
struct ipa_context {
struct class *class;
dev_t dev_num;
struct device *dev;
struct cdev cdev;
unsigned long bam_handle;
struct ipa_ep_context ep[IPA_MAX_NUM_PIPES];
bool skip_ep_cfg_shadow[IPA_MAX_NUM_PIPES];
bool resume_on_connect[IPA_CLIENT_MAX];
struct ipa_flt_tbl flt_tbl[IPA_MAX_NUM_PIPES][IPA_IP_MAX];
void __iomem *mmio;
u32 ipa_wrapper_base;
u32 ipa_wrapper_size;
struct ipa_flt_tbl glob_flt_tbl[IPA_IP_MAX];
struct ipa_hdr_tbl hdr_tbl;
struct ipa_hdr_proc_ctx_tbl hdr_proc_ctx_tbl;
struct ipa_rt_tbl_set rt_tbl_set[IPA_IP_MAX];
struct ipa_rt_tbl_set reap_rt_tbl_set[IPA_IP_MAX];
struct kmem_cache *flt_rule_cache;
struct kmem_cache *rt_rule_cache;
struct kmem_cache *hdr_cache;
struct kmem_cache *hdr_offset_cache;
struct kmem_cache *hdr_proc_ctx_cache;
struct kmem_cache *hdr_proc_ctx_offset_cache;
struct kmem_cache *rt_tbl_cache;
struct kmem_cache *tx_pkt_wrapper_cache;
struct kmem_cache *rx_pkt_wrapper_cache;
unsigned long rt_idx_bitmap[IPA_IP_MAX];
struct mutex lock;
u16 smem_sz;
u16 smem_restricted_bytes;
u16 smem_reqd_sz;
struct ipa_nat_mem nat_mem;
u32 excp_hdr_hdl;
u32 dflt_v4_rt_rule_hdl;
u32 dflt_v6_rt_rule_hdl;
uint aggregation_type;
uint aggregation_byte_limit;
uint aggregation_time_limit;
bool hdr_tbl_lcl;
bool hdr_proc_ctx_tbl_lcl;
struct ipa_mem_buffer hdr_mem;
struct ipa_mem_buffer hdr_proc_ctx_mem;
bool ip4_rt_tbl_lcl;
bool ip6_rt_tbl_lcl;
bool ip4_flt_tbl_lcl;
bool ip6_flt_tbl_lcl;
struct ipa_mem_buffer empty_rt_tbl_mem;
struct gen_pool *pipe_mem_pool;
struct dma_pool *dma_pool;
struct ipa_active_clients ipa_active_clients;
struct ipa2_active_clients_log_ctx ipa2_active_clients_logging;
struct workqueue_struct *power_mgmt_wq;
struct workqueue_struct *sps_power_mgmt_wq;
bool tag_process_before_gating;
struct ipa_sps_pm sps_pm;
u32 clnt_hdl_cmd;
u32 clnt_hdl_data_in;
u32 clnt_hdl_data_out;
spinlock_t disconnect_lock;
u8 a5_pipe_index;
struct list_head intf_list;
struct list_head msg_list;
struct list_head pull_msg_list;
struct mutex msg_lock;
wait_queue_head_t msg_waitq;
enum ipa_hw_type ipa_hw_type;
enum ipa_hw_mode ipa_hw_mode;
bool use_ipa_teth_bridge;
bool ipa_bam_remote_mode;
bool modem_cfg_emb_pipe_flt;
/* featurize if memory footprint becomes a concern */
struct ipa_stats stats;
void *smem_pipe_mem;
u32 ipa_bus_hdl;
struct ipa_controller *ctrl;
struct idr ipa_idr;
struct device *pdev;
struct device *uc_pdev;
spinlock_t idr_lock;
u32 enable_clock_scaling;
u32 curr_ipa_clk_rate;
bool q6_proxy_clk_vote_valid;
u32 ipa_num_pipes;
struct ipa_wlan_comm_memb wc_memb;
struct ipa_uc_ctx uc_ctx;
struct ipa_uc_wdi_ctx uc_wdi_ctx;
u32 wan_rx_ring_size;
bool skip_uc_pipe_reset;
bool smmu_present;
bool smmu_s1_bypass;
unsigned long peer_bam_iova;
phys_addr_t peer_bam_pa;
u32 peer_bam_map_size;
unsigned long peer_bam_dev;
u32 peer_bam_map_cnt;
u32 wdi_map_cnt;
bool use_dma_zone;
struct wakeup_source w_lock;
struct ipa_wakelock_ref_cnt wakelock_ref_cnt;
bool ipa_client_apps_wan_cons_agg_gro;
/* M-release support to know client pipes */
struct ipacm_client_info ipacm_client[IPA_MAX_NUM_PIPES];
bool tethered_flow_control;
* struct ipa_route - IPA route
* @route_dis: route disable
* @route_def_pipe: route default pipe
* @route_def_hdr_table: route default header table
* @route_def_hdr_ofst: route default header offset table
* @route_frag_def_pipe: Default pipe to route fragmented exception
* packets and frag new rule statues, if source pipe does not have
* a notification status pipe defined.
struct ipa_route {
u32 route_dis;
u32 route_def_pipe;
u32 route_def_hdr_table;
u32 route_def_hdr_ofst;
u8 route_frag_def_pipe;
* enum ipa_pipe_mem_type - IPA pipe memory type
* @IPA_SPS_PIPE_MEM: Default, SPS dedicated pipe memory
* @IPA_PRIVATE_MEM: IPA's private memory
* @IPA_SYSTEM_MEM: System RAM, requires allocation
enum ipa_pipe_mem_type {
struct ipa_plat_drv_res {
bool use_ipa_teth_bridge;
u32 ipa_mem_base;
u32 ipa_mem_size;
u32 bam_mem_base;
u32 bam_mem_size;
u32 ipa_irq;
u32 bam_irq;
u32 ipa_pipe_mem_start_ofst;
u32 ipa_pipe_mem_size;
enum ipa_hw_type ipa_hw_type;
enum ipa_hw_mode ipa_hw_mode;
u32 ee;
bool ipa_bam_remote_mode;
bool modem_cfg_emb_pipe_flt;
u32 wan_rx_ring_size;
bool skip_uc_pipe_reset;
bool use_dma_zone;
bool tethered_flow_control;
struct ipa_mem_partition {
u16 ofst_start;
u16 nat_ofst;
u16 nat_size;
u16 v4_flt_ofst;
u16 v4_flt_size;
u16 v4_flt_size_ddr;
u16 v6_flt_ofst;
u16 v6_flt_size;
u16 v6_flt_size_ddr;
u16 v4_rt_ofst;
u16 v4_num_index;
u16 v4_modem_rt_index_lo;
u16 v4_modem_rt_index_hi;
u16 v4_apps_rt_index_lo;
u16 v4_apps_rt_index_hi;
u16 v4_rt_size;
u16 v4_rt_size_ddr;
u16 v6_rt_ofst;
u16 v6_num_index;
u16 v6_modem_rt_index_lo;
u16 v6_modem_rt_index_hi;
u16 v6_apps_rt_index_lo;
u16 v6_apps_rt_index_hi;
u16 v6_rt_size;
u16 v6_rt_size_ddr;
u16 modem_hdr_ofst;
u16 modem_hdr_size;
u16 apps_hdr_ofst;
u16 apps_hdr_size;
u16 apps_hdr_size_ddr;
u16 modem_hdr_proc_ctx_ofst;
u16 modem_hdr_proc_ctx_size;
u16 apps_hdr_proc_ctx_ofst;
u16 apps_hdr_proc_ctx_size;
u16 apps_hdr_proc_ctx_size_ddr;
u16 modem_comp_decomp_ofst;
u16 modem_comp_decomp_size;
u16 modem_ofst;
u16 modem_size;
u16 apps_v4_flt_ofst;
u16 apps_v4_flt_size;
u16 apps_v6_flt_ofst;
u16 apps_v6_flt_size;
u16 uc_info_ofst;
u16 uc_info_size;
u16 end_ofst;
u16 apps_v4_rt_ofst;
u16 apps_v4_rt_size;
u16 apps_v6_rt_ofst;
u16 apps_v6_rt_size;
struct ipa_controller {
struct ipa_mem_partition mem_partition;
u32 ipa_clk_rate_turbo;
u32 ipa_clk_rate_nominal;
u32 ipa_clk_rate_svs;
u32 clock_scaling_bw_threshold_turbo;
u32 clock_scaling_bw_threshold_nominal;
u32 ipa_reg_base_ofst;
u32 max_holb_tmr_val;
void (*ipa_sram_read_settings)(void);
int (*ipa_init_sram)(void);
int (*ipa_init_hdr)(void);
int (*ipa_init_rt4)(void);
int (*ipa_init_rt6)(void);
int (*ipa_init_flt4)(void);
int (*ipa_init_flt6)(void);
void (*ipa_cfg_ep_hdr)(u32 pipe_number,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_hdr *ipa_ep_hdr_cfg);
int (*ipa_cfg_ep_hdr_ext)(u32 pipe_number,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_hdr_ext *ipa_ep_hdr_ext_cfg);
void (*ipa_cfg_ep_aggr)(u32 pipe_number,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_aggr *ipa_ep_agrr_cfg);
int (*ipa_cfg_ep_deaggr)(u32 pipe_index,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_deaggr *ep_deaggr);
void (*ipa_cfg_ep_nat)(u32 pipe_number,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_nat *ipa_ep_nat_cfg);
void (*ipa_cfg_ep_mode)(u32 pipe_number, u32 dst_pipe_number,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_mode *ep_mode);
void (*ipa_cfg_ep_route)(u32 pipe_index, u32 rt_tbl_index);
void (*ipa_cfg_ep_holb)(u32 pipe_index,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_holb *ep_holb);
void (*ipa_cfg_route)(struct ipa_route *route);
int (*ipa_read_gen_reg)(char *buff, int max_len);
int (*ipa_read_ep_reg)(char *buff, int max_len, int pipe);
void (*ipa_write_dbg_cnt)(int option);
int (*ipa_read_dbg_cnt)(char *buf, int max_len);
void (*ipa_cfg_ep_status)(u32 clnt_hdl,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_status *ep_status);
int (*ipa_commit_flt)(enum ipa_ip_type ip);
int (*ipa_commit_rt)(enum ipa_ip_type ip);
int (*ipa_generate_rt_hw_rule)(enum ipa_ip_type ip,
struct ipa_rt_entry *entry, u8 *buf);
int (*ipa_commit_hdr)(void);
void (*ipa_cfg_ep_cfg)(u32 clnt_hdl,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_cfg *cfg);
void (*ipa_cfg_ep_metadata_mask)(u32 clnt_hdl,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_metadata_mask *metadata_mask);
void (*ipa_enable_clks)(void);
void (*ipa_disable_clks)(void);
struct msm_bus_scale_pdata *msm_bus_data_ptr;
void (*ipa_cfg_ep_metadata)(u32 pipe_number,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_metadata *);
extern struct ipa_context *ipa_ctx;
/* public APIs */
* Connect / Disconnect
int ipa2_connect(const struct ipa_connect_params *in,
struct ipa_sps_params *sps, u32 *clnt_hdl);
int ipa2_disconnect(u32 clnt_hdl);
* Resume / Suspend
int ipa2_reset_endpoint(u32 clnt_hdl);
* Remove ep delay
int ipa2_clear_endpoint_delay(u32 clnt_hdl);
* Configuration
int ipa2_cfg_ep(u32 clnt_hdl, const struct ipa_ep_cfg *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_nat(u32 clnt_hdl, const struct ipa_ep_cfg_nat *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_hdr(u32 clnt_hdl, const struct ipa_ep_cfg_hdr *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_hdr_ext(u32 clnt_hdl,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_hdr_ext *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_mode(u32 clnt_hdl, const struct ipa_ep_cfg_mode *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_aggr(u32 clnt_hdl, const struct ipa_ep_cfg_aggr *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_deaggr(u32 clnt_hdl,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_deaggr *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_route(u32 clnt_hdl, const struct ipa_ep_cfg_route *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_holb(u32 clnt_hdl, const struct ipa_ep_cfg_holb *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_cfg(u32 clnt_hdl, const struct ipa_ep_cfg_cfg *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_metadata_mask(u32 clnt_hdl,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_metadata_mask *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_holb_by_client(enum ipa_client_type client,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_holb *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_ctrl(u32 clnt_hdl, const struct ipa_ep_cfg_ctrl *ep_ctrl);
* Header removal / addition
int ipa2_add_hdr(struct ipa_ioc_add_hdr *hdrs);
int ipa2_del_hdr(struct ipa_ioc_del_hdr *hdls);
int ipa2_del_hdr_by_user(struct ipa_ioc_del_hdr *hdls, bool by_user);
int ipa2_commit_hdr(void);
int ipa2_reset_hdr(void);
int ipa2_get_hdr(struct ipa_ioc_get_hdr *lookup);
int ipa2_put_hdr(u32 hdr_hdl);
int ipa2_copy_hdr(struct ipa_ioc_copy_hdr *copy);
* Header Processing Context
int ipa2_add_hdr_proc_ctx(struct ipa_ioc_add_hdr_proc_ctx *proc_ctxs);
int ipa2_del_hdr_proc_ctx(struct ipa_ioc_del_hdr_proc_ctx *hdls);
int ipa2_del_hdr_proc_ctx_by_user(struct ipa_ioc_del_hdr_proc_ctx *hdls,
bool by_user);
* Routing
int ipa2_add_rt_rule(struct ipa_ioc_add_rt_rule *rules);
int ipa2_del_rt_rule(struct ipa_ioc_del_rt_rule *hdls);
int ipa2_commit_rt(enum ipa_ip_type ip);
int ipa2_reset_rt(enum ipa_ip_type ip);
int ipa2_get_rt_tbl(struct ipa_ioc_get_rt_tbl *lookup);
int ipa2_put_rt_tbl(u32 rt_tbl_hdl);
int ipa2_query_rt_index(struct ipa_ioc_get_rt_tbl_indx *in);
int ipa2_mdfy_rt_rule(struct ipa_ioc_mdfy_rt_rule *rules);
* Filtering
int ipa2_add_flt_rule(struct ipa_ioc_add_flt_rule *rules);
int ipa2_del_flt_rule(struct ipa_ioc_del_flt_rule *hdls);
int ipa2_mdfy_flt_rule(struct ipa_ioc_mdfy_flt_rule *rules);
int ipa2_commit_flt(enum ipa_ip_type ip);
int ipa2_reset_flt(enum ipa_ip_type ip);
int ipa2_allocate_nat_device(struct ipa_ioc_nat_alloc_mem *mem);
int ipa2_nat_init_cmd(struct ipa_ioc_v4_nat_init *init);
int ipa2_nat_dma_cmd(struct ipa_ioc_nat_dma_cmd *dma);
int ipa2_nat_del_cmd(struct ipa_ioc_v4_nat_del *del);
* Messaging
int ipa2_send_msg(struct ipa_msg_meta *meta, void *buff,
ipa_msg_free_fn callback);
int ipa2_register_pull_msg(struct ipa_msg_meta *meta, ipa_msg_pull_fn callback);
int ipa2_deregister_pull_msg(struct ipa_msg_meta *meta);
* Interface
int ipa2_register_intf(const char *name, const struct ipa_tx_intf *tx,
const struct ipa_rx_intf *rx);
int ipa2_register_intf_ext(const char *name, const struct ipa_tx_intf *tx,
const struct ipa_rx_intf *rx,
const struct ipa_ext_intf *ext);
int ipa2_deregister_intf(const char *name);
* Aggregation
int ipa2_set_aggr_mode(enum ipa_aggr_mode mode);
int ipa2_set_qcncm_ndp_sig(char sig[3]);
int ipa2_set_single_ndp_per_mbim(bool enable);
* Data path
int ipa2_tx_dp(enum ipa_client_type dst, struct sk_buff *skb,
struct ipa_tx_meta *metadata);
* To transfer multiple data packets
* While passing the data descriptor list, the anchor node
* should be of type struct ipa_tx_data_desc not list_head
int ipa2_tx_dp_mul(enum ipa_client_type dst,
struct ipa_tx_data_desc *data_desc);
void ipa2_free_skb(struct ipa_rx_data *);
* System pipes
int ipa2_setup_sys_pipe(struct ipa_sys_connect_params *sys_in, u32 *clnt_hdl);
int ipa2_teardown_sys_pipe(u32 clnt_hdl);
int ipa2_sys_setup(struct ipa_sys_connect_params *sys_in,
unsigned long *ipa_bam_hdl,
u32 *ipa_pipe_num, u32 *clnt_hdl, bool en_status);
int ipa2_sys_teardown(u32 clnt_hdl);
int ipa2_sys_update_gsi_hdls(u32 clnt_hdl, unsigned long gsi_ch_hdl,
unsigned long gsi_ev_hdl);
int ipa2_connect_wdi_pipe(struct ipa_wdi_in_params *in,
struct ipa_wdi_out_params *out);
int ipa2_disconnect_wdi_pipe(u32 clnt_hdl);
int ipa2_enable_wdi_pipe(u32 clnt_hdl);
int ipa2_disable_wdi_pipe(u32 clnt_hdl);
int ipa2_resume_wdi_pipe(u32 clnt_hdl);
int ipa2_suspend_wdi_pipe(u32 clnt_hdl);
int ipa2_get_wdi_stats(struct IpaHwStatsWDIInfoData_t *stats);
u16 ipa2_get_smem_restr_bytes(void);
* To retrieve doorbell physical address of
* wlan pipes
int ipa2_uc_wdi_get_dbpa(struct ipa_wdi_db_params *out);
* To register uC ready callback if uC not ready
* and also check uC readiness
* if uC not ready only, register callback
int ipa2_uc_reg_rdyCB(struct ipa_wdi_uc_ready_params *param);
* To de-register uC ready callback
int ipa2_uc_dereg_rdyCB(void);
* Tethering bridge (Rmnet / MBIM)
int ipa2_teth_bridge_init(struct teth_bridge_init_params *params);
int ipa2_teth_bridge_disconnect(enum ipa_client_type client);
int ipa2_teth_bridge_connect(struct teth_bridge_connect_params *connect_params);
* Tethering client info
void ipa2_set_client(int index, enum ipacm_client_enum client, bool uplink);
enum ipacm_client_enum ipa2_get_client(int pipe_idx);
bool ipa2_get_client_uplink(int pipe_idx);
int ipa2_dma_init(void);
int ipa2_dma_enable(void);
int ipa2_dma_disable(void);
int ipa2_dma_sync_memcpy(u64 dest, u64 src, int len);
int ipa2_dma_async_memcpy(u64 dest, u64 src, int len,
void (*user_cb)(void *user1), void *user_param);
int ipa2_dma_uc_memcpy(phys_addr_t dest, phys_addr_t src, int len);
void ipa2_dma_destroy(void);
* MHI APIs for IPA MHI client driver
int ipa2_init_mhi(struct ipa_mhi_init_params *params);
int ipa2_mhi_init_engine(struct ipa_mhi_init_engine *params);
int ipa2_connect_mhi_pipe(struct ipa_mhi_connect_params_internal *in,
u32 *clnt_hdl);
int ipa2_disconnect_mhi_pipe(u32 clnt_hdl);
bool ipa2_mhi_sps_channel_empty(enum ipa_client_type client);
int ipa2_disable_sps_pipe(enum ipa_client_type client);
int ipa2_mhi_reset_channel_internal(enum ipa_client_type client);
int ipa2_mhi_start_channel_internal(enum ipa_client_type client);
int ipa2_mhi_suspend_ul_channels(void);
int ipa2_mhi_resume_channels_internal(enum ipa_client_type client,
bool LPTransitionRejected, bool brstmode_enabled,
union __packed gsi_channel_scratch ch_scratch, u8 index);
* mux id
int ipa2_write_qmap_id(struct ipa_ioc_write_qmapid *param_in);
* interrupts
int ipa2_add_interrupt_handler(enum ipa_irq_type interrupt,
ipa_irq_handler_t handler,
bool deferred_flag,
void *private_data);
int ipa2_remove_interrupt_handler(enum ipa_irq_type interrupt);
* Miscellaneous
void ipa2_bam_reg_dump(void);
int ipa2_get_ep_mapping(enum ipa_client_type client);
bool ipa2_is_ready(void);
void ipa2_proxy_clk_vote(void);
void ipa2_proxy_clk_unvote(void);
bool ipa2_is_client_handle_valid(u32 clnt_hdl);
enum ipa_client_type ipa2_get_client_mapping(int pipe_idx);
enum ipa_rm_resource_name ipa2_get_rm_resource_from_ep(int pipe_idx);
bool ipa2_get_modem_cfg_emb_pipe_flt(void);
/* internal functions */
int ipa2_bind_api_controller(enum ipa_hw_type ipa_hw_type,
struct ipa_api_controller *api_ctrl);
int ipa_send_one(struct ipa_sys_context *sys, struct ipa_desc *desc,
bool in_atomic);
int ipa_send(struct ipa_sys_context *sys, u32 num_desc, struct ipa_desc *desc,
bool in_atomic);
int ipa2_get_ep_mapping(enum ipa_client_type client);
int ipa_generate_hw_rule(enum ipa_ip_type ip,
const struct ipa_rule_attrib *attrib,
u8 **buf,
u16 *en_rule);
u8 *ipa_write_32(u32 w, u8 *dest);
u8 *ipa_write_16(u16 hw, u8 *dest);
u8 *ipa_write_8(u8 b, u8 *dest);
u8 *ipa_pad_to_32(u8 *dest);
int ipa_init_hw(void);
struct ipa_rt_tbl *__ipa_find_rt_tbl(enum ipa_ip_type ip, const char *name);
int ipa_set_single_ndp_per_mbim(bool);
int ipa_set_hw_timer_fix_for_mbim_aggr(bool);
void ipa_debugfs_init(void);
void ipa_debugfs_remove(void);
void ipa_dump_buff_internal(void *base, dma_addr_t phy_base, u32 size);
#ifdef IPA_DEBUG
#define IPA_DUMP_BUFF(base, phy_base, size) \
ipa_dump_buff_internal(base, phy_base, size)
#define IPA_DUMP_BUFF(base, phy_base, size)
int ipa_controller_static_bind(struct ipa_controller *controller,
enum ipa_hw_type ipa_hw_type);
int ipa_cfg_route(struct ipa_route *route);
int ipa_send_cmd(u16 num_desc, struct ipa_desc *descr);
int ipa_cfg_filter(u32 disable);
int ipa_pipe_mem_init(u32 start_ofst, u32 size);
int ipa_pipe_mem_alloc(u32 *ofst, u32 size);
int ipa_pipe_mem_free(u32 ofst, u32 size);
int ipa_straddle_boundary(u32 start, u32 end, u32 boundary);
struct ipa_context *ipa_get_ctx(void);
void ipa_enable_clks(void);
void ipa_disable_clks(void);
void ipa2_inc_client_enable_clks(struct ipa_active_client_logging_info *id);
int ipa2_inc_client_enable_clks_no_block(struct ipa_active_client_logging_info
void ipa2_dec_client_disable_clks(struct ipa_active_client_logging_info *id);
void ipa2_active_clients_log_dec(struct ipa_active_client_logging_info *id,
bool int_ctx);
void ipa2_active_clients_log_inc(struct ipa_active_client_logging_info *id,
bool int_ctx);
int ipa2_active_clients_log_print_buffer(char *buf, int size);
int ipa2_active_clients_log_print_table(char *buf, int size);
void ipa2_active_clients_log_clear(void);
int ipa_interrupts_init(u32 ipa_irq, u32 ee, struct device *ipa_dev);
int __ipa_del_rt_rule(u32 rule_hdl);
int __ipa_del_hdr(u32 hdr_hdl, bool by_user);
int __ipa_release_hdr(u32 hdr_hdl);
int __ipa_release_hdr_proc_ctx(u32 proc_ctx_hdl);
int _ipa_read_gen_reg_v1_1(char *buff, int max_len);
int _ipa_read_gen_reg_v2_0(char *buff, int max_len);
int _ipa_read_ep_reg_v1_1(char *buf, int max_len, int pipe);
int _ipa_read_ep_reg_v2_0(char *buf, int max_len, int pipe);
void _ipa_write_dbg_cnt_v1_1(int option);
void _ipa_write_dbg_cnt_v2_0(int option);
int _ipa_read_dbg_cnt_v1_1(char *buf, int max_len);
int _ipa_read_dbg_cnt_v2_0(char *buf, int max_len);
void _ipa_enable_clks_v1_1(void);
void _ipa_enable_clks_v2_0(void);
void _ipa_disable_clks_v1_1(void);
void _ipa_disable_clks_v2_0(void);
static inline u32 ipa_read_reg(void *base, u32 offset)
return ioread32(base + offset);
static inline u32 ipa_read_reg_field(void *base, u32 offset,
u32 mask, u32 shift)
return (ipa_read_reg(base, offset) & mask) >> shift;
static inline void ipa_write_reg(void *base, u32 offset, u32 val)
iowrite32(val, base + offset);
int ipa_bridge_init(void);
void ipa_bridge_cleanup(void);
ssize_t ipa_read(struct file *filp, char __user *buf, size_t count,
loff_t *f_pos);
int ipa_pull_msg(struct ipa_msg_meta *meta, char *buff, size_t count);
int ipa_query_intf(struct ipa_ioc_query_intf *lookup);
int ipa_query_intf_tx_props(struct ipa_ioc_query_intf_tx_props *tx);
int ipa_query_intf_rx_props(struct ipa_ioc_query_intf_rx_props *rx);
int ipa_query_intf_ext_props(struct ipa_ioc_query_intf_ext_props *ext);
void wwan_cleanup(void);
int teth_bridge_driver_init(void);
void ipa_lan_rx_cb(void *priv, enum ipa_dp_evt_type evt, unsigned long data);
int _ipa_init_sram_v2(void);
int _ipa_init_sram_v2_5(void);
int _ipa_init_sram_v2_6L(void);
int _ipa_init_hdr_v2(void);
int _ipa_init_hdr_v2_5(void);
int _ipa_init_hdr_v2_6L(void);
int _ipa_init_rt4_v2(void);
int _ipa_init_rt6_v2(void);
int _ipa_init_flt4_v2(void);
int _ipa_init_flt6_v2(void);
int __ipa_commit_flt_v1_1(enum ipa_ip_type ip);
int __ipa_commit_flt_v2(enum ipa_ip_type ip);
int __ipa_commit_rt_v1_1(enum ipa_ip_type ip);
int __ipa_commit_rt_v2(enum ipa_ip_type ip);
int __ipa_generate_rt_hw_rule_v2(enum ipa_ip_type ip,
struct ipa_rt_entry *entry, u8 *buf);
int __ipa_generate_rt_hw_rule_v2_5(enum ipa_ip_type ip,
struct ipa_rt_entry *entry, u8 *buf);
int __ipa_generate_rt_hw_rule_v2_6L(enum ipa_ip_type ip,
struct ipa_rt_entry *entry, u8 *buf);
int __ipa_commit_hdr_v1_1(void);
int __ipa_commit_hdr_v2(void);
int __ipa_commit_hdr_v2_5(void);
int __ipa_commit_hdr_v2_6L(void);
int ipa_generate_flt_eq(enum ipa_ip_type ip,
const struct ipa_rule_attrib *attrib,
struct ipa_ipfltri_rule_eq *eq_attrib);
void ipa_skb_recycle(struct sk_buff *skb);
void ipa_install_dflt_flt_rules(u32 ipa_ep_idx);
void ipa_delete_dflt_flt_rules(u32 ipa_ep_idx);
int ipa_enable_data_path(u32 clnt_hdl);
int ipa_disable_data_path(u32 clnt_hdl);
int ipa_id_alloc(void *ptr);
void *ipa_id_find(u32 id);
void ipa_id_remove(u32 id);
int ipa2_set_required_perf_profile(enum ipa_voltage_level floor_voltage,
u32 bandwidth_mbps);
int ipa2_cfg_ep_status(u32 clnt_hdl,
const struct ipa_ep_cfg_status *ipa_ep_cfg);
int ipa_cfg_aggr_cntr_granularity(u8 aggr_granularity);
int ipa_cfg_eot_coal_cntr_granularity(u8 eot_coal_granularity);
int ipa2_suspend_resource_no_block(enum ipa_rm_resource_name name);
int ipa2_suspend_resource_sync(enum ipa_rm_resource_name name);
int ipa2_resume_resource(enum ipa_rm_resource_name name);
bool ipa_should_pipe_be_suspended(enum ipa_client_type client);
int ipa_tag_aggr_force_close(int pipe_num);
void ipa_active_clients_lock(void);
int ipa_active_clients_trylock(unsigned long *flags);
void ipa_active_clients_unlock(void);
void ipa_active_clients_trylock_unlock(unsigned long *flags);
int ipa_wdi_init(void);
int ipa_write_qmapid_wdi_pipe(u32 clnt_hdl, u8 qmap_id);
int ipa_tag_process(struct ipa_desc *desc, int num_descs,
unsigned long timeout);
int ipa_q6_pre_shutdown_cleanup(void);
int ipa_q6_post_shutdown_cleanup(void);
int ipa_init_q6_smem(void);
int ipa_q6_monitor_holb_mitigation(bool enable);
int ipa_sps_connect_safe(struct sps_pipe *h, struct sps_connect *connect,
enum ipa_client_type ipa_client);
int ipa_uc_interface_init(void);
int ipa_uc_reset_pipe(enum ipa_client_type ipa_client);
int ipa_uc_monitor_holb(enum ipa_client_type ipa_client, bool enable);
int ipa2_uc_state_check(void);
int ipa_uc_loaded_check(void);
int ipa_uc_send_cmd(u32 cmd, u32 opcode, u32 expected_status,
bool polling_mode, unsigned long timeout_jiffies);
void ipa_register_panic_hdlr(void);
void ipa_uc_register_handlers(enum ipa_hw_features feature,
struct ipa_uc_hdlrs *hdlrs);
int create_nat_device(void);
int ipa_uc_notify_clk_state(bool enabled);
void ipa_dma_async_memcpy_notify_cb(void *priv,
enum ipa_dp_evt_type evt, unsigned long data);
int ipa_uc_update_hw_flags(u32 flags);
int ipa2_uc_mhi_init(void (*ready_cb)(void), void (*wakeup_request_cb)(void));
void ipa2_uc_mhi_cleanup(void);
int ipa2_uc_mhi_send_dl_ul_sync_info(union IpaHwMhiDlUlSyncCmdData_t *cmd);
int ipa_uc_mhi_init_engine(struct ipa_mhi_msi_info *msi, u32 mmio_addr,
u32 host_ctrl_addr, u32 host_data_addr, u32 first_ch_idx,
u32 first_evt_idx);
int ipa_uc_mhi_init_channel(int ipa_ep_idx, int channelHandle,
int contexArrayIndex, int channelDirection);
int ipa2_uc_mhi_reset_channel(int channelHandle);
int ipa2_uc_mhi_suspend_channel(int channelHandle);
int ipa_uc_mhi_resume_channel(int channelHandle, bool LPTransitionRejected);
int ipa2_uc_mhi_stop_event_update_channel(int channelHandle);
int ipa2_uc_mhi_print_stats(char *dbg_buff, int size);
int ipa_uc_memcpy(phys_addr_t dest, phys_addr_t src, int len);
u32 ipa_get_num_pipes(void);
u32 ipa_get_sys_yellow_wm(void);
struct ipa_smmu_cb_ctx *ipa2_get_smmu_ctx(void);
struct ipa_smmu_cb_ctx *ipa2_get_wlan_smmu_ctx(void);
struct ipa_smmu_cb_ctx *ipa2_get_uc_smmu_ctx(void);
struct iommu_domain *ipa_get_uc_smmu_domain(void);
struct iommu_domain *ipa2_get_wlan_smmu_domain(void);
int ipa2_ap_suspend(struct device *dev);
int ipa2_ap_resume(struct device *dev);
struct iommu_domain *ipa2_get_smmu_domain(void);
struct device *ipa2_get_dma_dev(void);
int ipa2_release_wdi_mapping(u32 num_buffers, struct ipa_wdi_buffer_info *info);
int ipa2_create_wdi_mapping(u32 num_buffers, struct ipa_wdi_buffer_info *info);
void ipa_suspend_apps_pipes(bool suspend);
void ipa_update_repl_threshold(enum ipa_client_type ipa_client);
void ipa_flow_control(enum ipa_client_type ipa_client, bool enable,
uint32_t qmap_id);
int ipa2_restore_suspend_handler(void);
void ipa_sps_irq_control_all(bool enable);
void ipa_inc_acquire_wakelock(enum ipa_wakelock_ref_client ref_client);
void ipa_dec_release_wakelock(enum ipa_wakelock_ref_client ref_client);
int ipa_iommu_map(struct iommu_domain *domain, unsigned long iova,
phys_addr_t paddr, size_t size, int prot);
#endif /* _IPA_I_H_ */