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* Copyright (c) 2012-2014, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 and
* only version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
#include <linux/clk/msm-clk-provider.h>
* struct pll_freq_tbl - generic PLL frequency definition
* @freq_hz: pll frequency in hz
* @l_val: pll l value
* @m_val: pll m value
* @n_val: pll n value
* @post_div_val: pll post divider value
* @pre_div_val: pll pre-divider value
* @vco_val: pll vco value
struct pll_freq_tbl {
const u32 freq_hz;
const u32 l_val;
const u32 m_val;
const u32 n_val;
const u32 post_div_val;
const u32 pre_div_val;
const u32 vco_val;
* struct pll_config_masks - PLL config masks struct
* @post_div_mask: mask for post divider bits location
* @pre_div_mask: mask for pre-divider bits location
* @vco_mask: mask for vco bits location
* @mn_en_mask: ORed with pll config register to enable the mn counter
* @main_output_mask: ORed with pll config register to enable the main output
* @apc_pdn_mask: ORed with pll config register to enable/disable APC PDN
* @lock_mask: Mask that indicates that the PLL has locked
struct pll_config_masks {
u32 apc_pdn_mask;
u32 post_div_mask;
u32 pre_div_mask;
u32 vco_mask;
u32 mn_en_mask;
u32 main_output_mask;
u32 early_output_mask;
u32 lock_mask;
struct pll_config_vals {
u32 post_div_masked;
u32 pre_div_masked;
u32 config_ctl_val;
u32 test_ctl_lo_val;
u32 test_ctl_hi_val;
u32 alpha_val;
bool enable_mn;
#define PLL_F_END { .freq_hz = PLL_FREQ_END }
* struct pll_vote_clk - phase locked loop (HW voteable)
* @soft_vote: soft voting variable for multiple PLL software instances
* @soft_vote_mask: soft voting mask for multiple PLL software instances
* @en_reg: enable register
* @en_mask: ORed with @en_reg to enable the clock
* @status_mask: ANDed with @status_reg to determine if PLL is active.
* @status_reg: status register
* @c: clock
struct pll_vote_clk {
u32 *soft_vote;
u32 soft_vote_mask;
void __iomem *const en_reg;
u32 en_mask;
void __iomem *const status_reg;
u32 status_mask;
struct clk c;
void *const __iomem *base;
extern struct clk_ops clk_ops_pll_vote;
extern struct clk_ops clk_ops_pll_acpu_vote;
/* Soft voting values */
static inline struct pll_vote_clk *to_pll_vote_clk(struct clk *c)
return container_of(c, struct pll_vote_clk, c);
* struct pll_clk - phase locked loop
* @mode_reg: enable register
* @l_reg: l value register
* @m_reg: m value register
* @n_reg: n value register
* @config_reg: configuration register, contains mn divider enable, pre divider,
* post divider and vco configuration. register name can be configure register
* or user_ctl register depending on targets
* @status_reg: status register, contains the lock detection bit
* @init_test_ctl: initialize the test control register
* @pgm_test_ctl_enable: program the test_ctl register in the enable sequence
* @masks: masks used for settings in config_reg
* @vals: configuration values to be written to PLL registers
* @freq_tbl: pll freq table
* @no_prepared_reconfig: Fail round_rate if pll is prepared
* @c: clk
* @base: pointer to base address of ioremapped registers.
struct pll_clk {
void __iomem *const mode_reg;
void __iomem *const l_reg;
void __iomem *const m_reg;
void __iomem *const n_reg;
void __iomem *const alpha_reg;
void __iomem *const config_reg;
void __iomem *const config_ctl_reg;
void __iomem *const status_reg;
void __iomem *const alt_status_reg;
void __iomem *const test_ctl_lo_reg;
void __iomem *const test_ctl_hi_reg;
bool init_test_ctl;
bool pgm_test_ctl_enable;
struct pll_config_masks masks;
struct pll_config_vals vals;
struct pll_freq_tbl *freq_tbl;
unsigned long src_rate;
unsigned long min_rate;
unsigned long max_rate;
bool inited;
bool no_prepared_reconfig;
struct clk c;
void *const __iomem *base;
extern struct clk_ops clk_ops_local_pll;
extern struct clk_ops clk_ops_sr2_pll;
extern struct clk_ops clk_ops_variable_rate_pll;
static inline struct pll_clk *to_pll_clk(struct clk *c)
return container_of(c, struct pll_clk, c);
int sr_pll_clk_enable(struct clk *c);
int sr_hpm_lp_pll_clk_enable(struct clk *c);
struct pll_alt_config {
u32 val;
u32 mask;
struct pll_config {
u32 l;
u32 m;
u32 n;
u32 vco_val;
u32 vco_mask;
u32 pre_div_val;
u32 pre_div_mask;
u32 post_div_val;
u32 post_div_mask;
u32 mn_ena_val;
u32 mn_ena_mask;
u32 main_output_val;
u32 main_output_mask;
u32 aux_output_val;
u32 aux_output_mask;
u32 cfg_ctl_val;
/* SR2 PLL specific fields */
u32 add_factor_val;
u32 add_factor_mask;
struct pll_alt_config alt_cfg;
struct pll_config_regs {
void __iomem *l_reg;
void __iomem *m_reg;
void __iomem *n_reg;
void __iomem *config_reg;
void __iomem *config_alt_reg;
void __iomem *config_ctl_reg;
void __iomem *mode_reg;
void *const __iomem *base;
void configure_sr_pll(struct pll_config *config, struct pll_config_regs *regs,
u32 ena_fsm_mode);
void configure_sr_hpm_lp_pll(struct pll_config *config,
struct pll_config_regs *, u32 ena_fsm_mode);