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#ifndef _MSM_KGSL_H
#define _MSM_KGSL_H
#include <uapi/linux/msm_kgsl.h>
/* Clock flags to show which clocks should be controled by a given platform */
#define KGSL_CLK_SRC 0x00000001
#define KGSL_CLK_CORE 0x00000002
#define KGSL_CLK_IFACE 0x00000004
#define KGSL_CLK_MEM 0x00000008
#define KGSL_CLK_MEM_IFACE 0x00000010
#define KGSL_CLK_AXI 0x00000020
#define KGSL_CLK_ALT_MEM_IFACE 0x00000040
#define KGSL_CLK_RBBMTIMER 0x00000080
#define KGSL_CLK_GFX_GTCU 0x00000100
#define KGSL_CLK_GFX_GTBU 0x00000200
#define KGSL_3D0_REG_MEMORY "kgsl_3d0_reg_memory"
#define KGSL_3D0_SHADER_MEMORY "kgsl_3d0_shader_memory"
#define KGSL_3D0_IRQ "kgsl_3d0_irq"
* struct kgsl_pwrlevel - Struct holding different pwrlevel info obtained from
* from dtsi file
* @gpu_freq: GPU frequency vote in Hz
* @bus_freq: Bus bandwidth vote index
* @bus_min: Min bus index @gpu_freq
* @bus_max: Max bus index @gpu_freq
struct kgsl_pwrlevel {
unsigned int gpu_freq;
unsigned int bus_freq;
unsigned int bus_min;
unsigned int bus_max;
* struct kgsl_device_platform_data - Struct holding all the device info
* obtained from the dtsi file
* @pwrlevel: Array of struct holding pwrlevel information
* @init_level: Pwrlevel device is initialized with
* @num_levels: Number of pwrlevels for the specific device
* @idle_timeout: Timeout for GPU to turn its resources off
* @strtstp_sleepwake: Flag to decide b/w SLEEP and SLUMBER
* @bus_control: Flag if independent bus voting is supported
* @clk_map: Clocks map per platform
* @bus_scale_table: Bus table with different b/w votes
* @iommu_data: Struct holding iommu context data
* @iommu_count: Number of IOMMU units for the GPU
* @csdev: Pointer to the coresight device for this device
* @coresight_pdata: Coresight configuration for specific device
* @chipid: Chip ID for the device's GPU
* @pm_qos_active_latency: GPU PM QoS latency request for active state
* @pm_qos_wakeup_latency: GPU PM QoS latency request during wakeup
struct kgsl_device_platform_data {
struct kgsl_pwrlevel pwrlevel[KGSL_MAX_PWRLEVELS];
int init_level;
int num_levels;
unsigned int idle_timeout;
bool strtstp_sleepwake;
bool bus_control;
unsigned int clk_map;
unsigned int step_mul;
struct msm_bus_scale_pdata *bus_scale_table;
struct kgsl_device_iommu_data *iommu_data;
int iommu_count;
struct coresight_device *csdev;
struct coresight_platform_data *coresight_pdata;
unsigned int chipid;
unsigned int pm_qos_active_latency;
unsigned int pm_qos_wakeup_latency;
/* Limits mitigations APIs */
void *kgsl_pwr_limits_add(enum kgsl_deviceid id);
void kgsl_pwr_limits_del(void *limit);
int kgsl_pwr_limits_set_freq(void *limit, unsigned int freq);
void kgsl_pwr_limits_set_default(void *limit);
unsigned int kgsl_pwr_limits_get_freq(enum kgsl_deviceid id);
int kgsl_gem_obj_addr(int drm_fd, int handle, unsigned long *start,
unsigned long *len);
#define kgsl_gem_obj_addr(...) 0
#endif /* _MSM_KGSL_H */