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#include <linux/rbtree.h>
#include <linux/ceph/types.h>
#include <linux/ceph/decode.h>
#include <linux/ceph/ceph_fs.h>
#include <linux/crush/crush.h>
* The osd map describes the current membership of the osd cluster and
* specifies the mapping of objects to placement groups and placement
* groups to (sets of) osds. That is, it completely specifies the
* (desired) distribution of all data objects in the system at some
* point in time.
* Each map version is identified by an epoch, which increases monotonically.
* The map can be updated either via an incremental map (diff) describing
* the change between two successive epochs, or as a fully encoded map.
struct ceph_pg {
uint64_t pool;
uint32_t seed;
struct ceph_pg_pool_info {
struct rb_node node;
s64 id;
u8 type;
u8 size;
u8 crush_ruleset;
u8 object_hash;
u32 pg_num, pgp_num;
int pg_num_mask, pgp_num_mask;
u64 flags;
char *name;
struct ceph_object_locator {
uint64_t pool;
char *key;
struct ceph_pg_mapping {
struct rb_node node;
struct ceph_pg pgid;
int len;
int osds[];
struct ceph_osdmap {
struct ceph_fsid fsid;
u32 epoch;
u32 mkfs_epoch;
struct ceph_timespec created, modified;
u32 flags; /* CEPH_OSDMAP_* */
u32 max_osd; /* size of osd_state, _offload, _addr arrays */
u8 *osd_state; /* CEPH_OSD_* */
u32 *osd_weight; /* 0 = failed, 0x10000 = 100% normal */
struct ceph_entity_addr *osd_addr;
struct rb_root pg_temp;
struct rb_root pg_pools;
u32 pool_max;
/* the CRUSH map specifies the mapping of placement groups to
* the list of osds that store+replicate them. */
struct crush_map *crush;
* file layout helpers
#define ceph_file_layout_su(l) ((__s32)le32_to_cpu((l).fl_stripe_unit))
#define ceph_file_layout_stripe_count(l) \
#define ceph_file_layout_object_size(l) ((__s32)le32_to_cpu((l).fl_object_size))
#define ceph_file_layout_cas_hash(l) ((__s32)le32_to_cpu((l).fl_cas_hash))
#define ceph_file_layout_object_su(l) \
#define ceph_file_layout_pg_pool(l) \
static inline unsigned ceph_file_layout_stripe_width(struct ceph_file_layout *l)
return le32_to_cpu(l->fl_stripe_unit) *
/* "period" == bytes before i start on a new set of objects */
static inline unsigned ceph_file_layout_period(struct ceph_file_layout *l)
return le32_to_cpu(l->fl_object_size) *
static inline int ceph_osd_is_up(struct ceph_osdmap *map, int osd)
return (osd < map->max_osd) && (map->osd_state[osd] & CEPH_OSD_UP);
static inline bool ceph_osdmap_flag(struct ceph_osdmap *map, int flag)
return map && (map->flags & flag);
extern char *ceph_osdmap_state_str(char *str, int len, int state);
static inline struct ceph_entity_addr *ceph_osd_addr(struct ceph_osdmap *map,
int osd)
if (osd >= map->max_osd)
return NULL;
return &map->osd_addr[osd];
static inline int ceph_decode_pgid(void **p, void *end, struct ceph_pg *pgid)
__u8 version;
if (!ceph_has_room(p, end, 1 + 8 + 4 + 4)) {
pr_warning("incomplete pg encoding");
return -EINVAL;
version = ceph_decode_8(p);
if (version > 1) {
pr_warning("do not understand pg encoding %d > 1",
return -EINVAL;
pgid->pool = ceph_decode_64(p);
pgid->seed = ceph_decode_32(p);
*p += 4; /* skip deprecated preferred value */
return 0;
extern struct ceph_osdmap *osdmap_decode(void **p, void *end);
extern struct ceph_osdmap *osdmap_apply_incremental(void **p, void *end,
struct ceph_osdmap *map,
struct ceph_messenger *msgr);
extern void ceph_osdmap_destroy(struct ceph_osdmap *map);
/* calculate mapping of a file extent to an object */
extern int ceph_calc_file_object_mapping(struct ceph_file_layout *layout,
u64 off, u64 len,
u64 *bno, u64 *oxoff, u64 *oxlen);
/* calculate mapping of object to a placement group */
extern int ceph_calc_ceph_pg(struct ceph_pg *pg, const char *oid,
struct ceph_osdmap *osdmap, uint64_t pool);
extern int ceph_calc_pg_acting(struct ceph_osdmap *osdmap,
struct ceph_pg pgid,
int *acting);
extern int ceph_calc_pg_primary(struct ceph_osdmap *osdmap,
struct ceph_pg pgid);
extern const char *ceph_pg_pool_name_by_id(struct ceph_osdmap *map, u64 id);
extern int ceph_pg_poolid_by_name(struct ceph_osdmap *map, const char *name);