prima: release v3.2.1.6


d29fa4c wlan: Release
b074dbb Fix for setting properly the AC mask for TxConn
a66ea5c Stop scan refresh timer while resetting report scan state
5eb765b Set RoamRssiDiff=0 to disable roam hysteresis.
632cb65 Update the Channel Change Reason
efaed58 Inform TL about pending packets whenever Queue is filling up
4f74d03 Enable gEnableBypass11d to reduce the connection time.
9f918a0 Remove gNeighborScanChannelList from cfg.ini
2da87e7 Preferentially scan occupied channels (learned from previous scans).
b340701 Update template cfg.ini for LFR
e10a7e3 Fix for passing proper reason code to supplicant

Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
15 files changed