Android daydreamos 8.0.0 Release 0.7

Merge 'dd-staging-vega' into 'daydreamos-msm-vega-4.4'.

* partner/dd-staging-vega:
  Squashed 'drivers/staging/qcacld-3.0/' changes from 7cc21fd96b3d..3c26f936c70b
  Squashed 'drivers/staging/qca-wifi-host-cmn/' changes from a1bae06617d0..b850630dd594
  Squashed 'drivers/staging/fw-api/' changes from 61a93928f858..0acad70c6bf6
  soc: qcom: fix race condition while freeing private data
  diag: Prevent out of bound access while initializing msg mask
  msm:ais:Handling bigger value than upper bound in msm_cpp_irq api
  msm:ipa: Prevent NAT table deletion only if public ip is not assigned
  net: core: null pointer derefernce in sockev_client_cb
  msm: vidc: Increase minimum input buffer count for HEVC decode
  msm: ipa3: Add mutex to prevent race condition
  FROMLIST: binder: fix proc->files use-after-free
  nl80211: nl80211_update_ft_ies to validate NL80211_ATTR_IE
  msm: ais: Fix out-of-bounds read in string class name
  soc: qcom: glink_smem_native_xprt: Move rx_worker in irq handler
  diag: Allocate DCI memory using vzalloc instead of kzalloc

Bug: 117838324
Test: Compile passes.
Change-Id: I1153d4d86e3ac506cf87e519b72b7fd9456cbf15