qcacmn: handle IPA buffer smmu map/unmap correctly

Handle ipa buffer smmu map/unmap with below changes,
(1) Do IPA smmu unmap for RX buffer received from REO
exception/WBM RX release/REO DST/RXDMA DST ring.
(2) Align IPA smmu map length to qdf_nbuf_map_nytes_single()
with fixed length.

Bug: 190403734
Change-Id: I1ed46b31ed31f5b7e4e2484d519bc85d35ce1e69
CRs-Fixed: 2728644
Signed-off-by: Hsiu-Chang Chen <hsiuchangchen@google.com>
(cherry picked from commit bc3b0905f268c6cf64268be944ac2a28d75fa8a4)
6 files changed