qcacld-3.0: Not to be hard to make high order page

Tim Murray reported kcompactd consumes many CPU cycle without
being suesseful to make high-order page. When I investigated
the problem, one of culprit was WIFI driver which allocates
order-3 page allocation a lot.

It shows 46% high-order allocation comes from WIFI driver.
Of course, it should be fixed in MM layer but it is never
easy stuff to fix in near future.
Regardless of MM changes, drivers should do best effort to reduce
high-order allocation, too.

This patch fixes the problem via not waking kcompactd.
Bug: 110908295
Change-Id: I6273d8ae075649eae33796b6dcb581cb2755cf8f
Signed-off-by: Minchan Kim <minchan@google.com>
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