Android 12.0.0 release 0.32
touch:fts: add command to avoid sensing off before reading rawdata

There would be a sense on force calibration after we set the sensing
mode off and on and thus caused the rawdata incorrect.

Bug: 154291200
Test: Read touch rawdate correctly.

Change-Id: I37b18760c70149a884198abf0524c380b2672df1
Signed-off-by: davidycchen <>
1 file changed
tree: 6573b7da26bb9528a6af68c54e50e2ee28df9ac8
  1. fts_lib/
  2. fts.c
  3. fts.h
  4. fts_limits.h
  5. fts_proc.c
  6. Kbuild
  7. Kconfig
  8. Makefile