Android 11.0.0 release 0.44
input: touchscreen: stm: export to the touch_offload driver

The touch_offload driver makes it possible for the fts driver to export
heatmap and coordinate data to a user space consumer. The fts driver is
responsible for initializing the touch_offload driver with information
about its supported capabilities. Then, as touch events occur, the fts
driver must capture required heatmap/coordinate frames, load it into
buffers provided by the touch_offload driver, and submit the buffers
back to the touch_offload driver. Finally, the fts driver must report
touch input events through a callback provided to touch_offload.

Bug: 143723547
Bug: 139955910
Signed-off-by: Steve Pfetsch <>
Change-Id: Ifb154ffa89a71b52d2426caf1486cf63404a4211
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