Android 6.0.0 Release 0.6
mediatek:adjust usb20 pull-up flow

USB function will switch back to "Chagring only"
from MTP automatically on some PC, and this was
caused by UsbDeviceManager can't get USB connect
event on time.If response time is more than 1 sec,
UsbDeviceMange will switch to default "Chagring only".

Don't do USB power on/off flow when cable already connected with PC.
Only need to set/clean MUSB_POWER_SOFT_CONN bit to speed-up PC re-enumeration.

Bug num:23576696

Change-Id: I729c34757ccfbcd5259ccd417d3c10c9ad37cbfa
Signed-off-by: yang-cy.chen <>
(cherry picked from commit dd0cfe8854284436a0747a1dfdf03e50d4b35951)
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