Android 4.4.4 Release 3
mediatek: gyroscope: bmg160: Solve gyroscope cts test seldom fail

This patch is used to fix Gyroscope Seldom CTS fail issue.
This Issue is caused by two reasons.
     One is caused by Gyroscope not report data,
     The other is caused by Gyroscope report not accuracy data when test starts

[Issue Summary]
     For the first issue case, we found that the inappropriate register operate sequence
     will lead to sensor not work, we fix this issue by modifying the sensor enable sequence

     For the second issue case, we found the gyroscope data at the beginning not so accuracy
     after we check the data log, this non-accuracy data will lead to Gyroscope CTS fail when
     the test starts. So we enable existing filter to resolve this issue, and found no side
     effect after we did full sensor U.T. test.

Bug: 17086469
Change-Id: Ic8cb6dabe751ef10823a8b26abfd84f1fd6703d6
Signed-off-by: Anmin Hsu <>
2 files changed