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* Google LWIS Periodic IO Processor
* Copyright (c) 2020 Google, LLC
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#include <linux/completion.h>
#include <linux/hrtimer.h>
#include "lwis_commands.h"
#include "lwis_device.h"
enum lwis_hrtimer_state {
// This represents a Periodic IO submitted and exists in the timer periodic io
// list until the client is released. The priodic io is deactivated when it is
// cancelled explicitly or an error occurred druing executing it. A deactivated
// periodic io is skipped when the timer worker func is processing workload.
struct lwis_periodic_io {
struct lwis_periodic_io_info info;
struct lwis_periodic_io_response_header *resp;
/* Counter of the execution times within a batch. Reset to 0 after a
* batch is done */
int batch_count;
/* The timer/lwis_periodic_io_list which this periodic_io belongs to */
struct lwis_periodic_io_list *periodic_io_list;
/* Whether this periodic io is still active */
bool active;
/* The node in the timer periodic io list */
struct list_head timer_list_node;
/* Completion barrier to mark if io processing is ongoing */
struct completion io_done;
/* A flag to indicate whether the periodic io has more than one writes.
* This will be used on the cancellation policy to prevent partial write
* during cancellation */
bool contains_multiple_writes;
// This is a proxy of the Periodic IO. A proxy of the actual periodic io will be
// created and inserted into the periodic io process queue. When it is their
// turn to be processed, it redirect the processing to the info and resp in the
// real periodic io.
struct lwis_periodic_io_proxy {
/* The real periodic io in the timer periodic io list which this process
* queue proxy node is for */
struct lwis_periodic_io *periodic_io;
/* The node in the periodic io process queue */
struct list_head process_queue_node;
// An entry in the lwis client timer list. It also manages a list of Periodic
// IOs which share the same timer.
struct lwis_periodic_io_list {
/* High resolution timer */
struct hrtimer hr_timer;
/* Time out time in nanosecond */
int64_t period_ns;
/* State of the timer */
enum lwis_hrtimer_state hr_timer_state;
/* LWIS client this timer/periodic_io_list belongs to */
struct lwis_client *client;
/* List of periodic io operations bundled to this timer */
struct list_head list;
/* Node in the timer hash table held by the LWIS client */
struct hlist_node node;
int lwis_periodic_io_init(struct lwis_client *client);
int lwis_periodic_io_client_flush(struct lwis_client *client);
int lwis_periodic_io_client_cleanup(struct lwis_client *client);
int lwis_periodic_io_submit(struct lwis_client *client, struct lwis_periodic_io *periodic_io);
int lwis_periodic_io_cancel(struct lwis_client *client, int64_t id);
void lwis_periodic_io_free(struct lwis_device *lwis_dev, struct lwis_periodic_io *periodic_io);
#endif /* LWIS_PERIODIC_IO_H_ */