MIDCET-4324/GPUCORE-35490: Prevent incorrect clearing of no user free property

Our code didn't check if KBASE_REG_NO_USER_FREE was already set
in two code paths (in mali_kbase_csf_tiler_heap.c and
mali_kbase_csf.c). This could be used to maliciously clear

We add a new refcount for this no user free property, replacing the
KBASE_REG_NO_USER_FREE flag, as a stopgap solution.

In addition to this:
- fix a possible race condition in JIT alloc and tiler
heap init where another thread could take a no user free
reference while the DONT_NEED flag not yet being set
- fix another issue in JIT alloc where reg->flags
was updated without taking the appropriate lock
- move the no user free decref to remove_queue
to clean up context termination code
- refactor memory helpers

Also includes:
- GPUCORE-35469: Fix list del corruption issue in shrinker callback
- GPUCORE-35221 Defer the freeing of VA regions in the chunked tiler heap shrinker callback
- GPUCORE-35499: Fix GROUP_SUSPEND kcpu suspend handling to prevent UAF
- GPUCORE-35268: Fix UAF due to use of MEM_FLAGS_CHANGE ioctl for JIT allocs

(cherry picked from commit 7a1dc910a6a8c9c5aa06677c936c8ad6e9c369ab)
Bug: 260123539
Provenance: https://code.ipdelivery.arm.com/c/GPU/mali-ddk/+/4801
Change-Id: I7e2349b135e61054f567bdf0577d27eb224d2b12
11 files changed
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