[Copybara Auto Merge] Merge branch 'whitechapel' into android-gs-pixel-5.10

  edgetpu: add namespace import for DMA_BUF for 5.16
  Bug: 232003048
  edgetpu: add support for all dvfs frequencies
  Bug: 230582743
  edgetpu: fetch hw ctx region from device tree
  Bug: 230236668
  edgetpu: include uaccess.h for access_ok
  Bug: 201243473
  edgetpu: cast access_ok address param to avoid type warning
  Bug: 201243473 (repeat)
  edgetpu: retry buffer map read-only on EFAULT
  Bug: 201243473 (repeat)
  edgetpu: add new firmware metrics
  Bug: 229311738
  edgetpu: Change debug dump logs for prod FW builds.
  Bug: 228917587
  edgetpu: mobile: Add handler for FW checkpoint dump reason.
  Bug: 228916950
  edgetpu: fix system out of memory locking pages log message
  edgetpu: add edgetpu_domain_pool
  edgetpu: update client pid on wakelock acquire
  Bug: 217454089

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