BACKPORT: ipv6: Skip XFRM lookup if dst_entry in socket cache is valid

[ Upstream commit 00bc0ef5880dc7b82f9c320dead4afaad48e47be ]

This patch is being backported to resolve some dst_cache refcount bugs.
Application of this patch fully resolves IPv6, XFRM bugs with an inner
UDP protocol.

At present we perform an xfrm_lookup() for each UDPv6 message we
send. The lookup involves querying the flow cache (flow_cache_lookup)
and, in case of a cache miss, creating an XFRM bundle.

If we miss the flow cache, we can end up creating a new bundle and
deriving the path MTU (xfrm_init_pmtu) from on an already transformed
dst_entry, which we pass from the socket cache (sk->sk_dst_cache) down
to xfrm_lookup(). This can happen only if we're caching the dst_entry
in the socket, that is when we're using a connected UDP socket.

To put it another way, the path MTU shrinks each time we miss the flow
cache, which later on leads to incorrectly fragmented payload. It can
be observed with ESPv6 in transport mode:

  1) Set up a transformation and lower the MTU to trigger fragmentation
    # ip xfrm policy add dir out src ::1 dst ::1 \
      tmpl src ::1 dst ::1 proto esp spi 1
    # ip xfrm state add src ::1 dst ::1 \
      proto esp spi 1 enc 'aes' 0x0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b
    # ip link set dev lo mtu 1500

  2) Monitor the packet flow and set up an UDP sink
    # tcpdump -ni lo -ttt &
    # socat udp6-listen:12345,fork /dev/null &

  3) Send a datagram that needs fragmentation with a connected socket
    # perl -e 'print "@" x 1470 | socat - udp6:[::1]:12345
    2016/06/07 18:52:52 socat[724] E read(3, 0x555bb3d5ba00, 8192): Protocol error
    00:00:00.000000 IP6 ::1 > ::1: frag (0|1448) ESP(spi=0x00000001,seq=0x2), length 1448
    00:00:00.000014 IP6 ::1 > ::1: frag (1448|32)
    00:00:00.000050 IP6 ::1 > ::1: ESP(spi=0x00000001,seq=0x3), length 1272
    (^ ICMPv6 Parameter Problem)
    00:00:00.000022 IP6 ::1 > ::1: ESP(spi=0x00000001,seq=0x5), length 136

  4) Compare it to a non-connected socket
    # perl -e 'print "@" x 1500' | socat - udp6-sendto:[::1]:12345
    00:00:40.535488 IP6 ::1 > ::1: frag (0|1448) ESP(spi=0x00000001,seq=0x6), length 1448
    00:00:00.000010 IP6 ::1 > ::1: frag (1448|64)

What happens in step (3) is:

  1) when connecting the socket in __ip6_datagram_connect(), we
     perform an XFRM lookup, miss the flow cache, create an XFRM
     bundle, and cache the destination,

  2) afterwards, when sending the datagram, we perform an XFRM lookup,
     again, miss the flow cache (due to mismatch of flowi6_iif and
     flowi6_oif, which is an issue of its own), and recreate an XFRM
     bundle based on the cached (and already transformed) destination.

To prevent the recreation of an XFRM bundle, avoid an XFRM lookup
altogether whenever we already have a destination entry cached in the
socket. This prevents the path MTU shrinkage and brings us on par with

The fix also benefits connected PINGv6 sockets, another user of
ip6_sk_dst_lookup_flow(), who also suffer messages being transformed

Joint work with Hannes Frederic Sowa.

Bug: 63589559
Test: All kernel tests run, passing
Change-Id: Ib920aaaea3c24a9a6b7b757b45b1f03919ff0fe8
Reported-by: Jan Tluka <>
Signed-off-by: Jakub Sitnicki <>
Acked-by: Hannes Frederic Sowa <>
Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
Signed-off-by: Benedict Wong <>
1 file changed