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if MMU
comment "Bus Support"
config DIO
bool "DIO bus support"
depends on HP300
default y
Say Y here to enable support for the "DIO" expansion bus used in
HP300 machines. If you are using such a system you almost certainly
want this.
config NUBUS
depends on MAC
default y
config ZORRO
bool "Amiga Zorro (AutoConfig) bus support"
depends on AMIGA
This enables support for the Zorro bus in the Amiga. If you have
expansion cards in your Amiga that conform to the Amiga
AutoConfig(tm) specification, say Y, otherwise N. Note that even
expansion cards that do not fit in the Zorro slots but fit in e.g.
the CPU slot may fall in this category, so you have to say Y to let
Linux use these.
bool "Amiga 1200/600 PCMCIA support"
depends on AMIGA
Include support in the kernel for pcmcia on Amiga 1200 and Amiga
600. If you intend to use pcmcia cards say Y; otherwise say N.
config ISA
depends on Q40 || AMIGA_PCMCIA
default y
Find out whether you have ISA slots on your motherboard. ISA is the
name of a bus system, i.e. the way the CPU talks to the other stuff
inside your box. Other bus systems are PCI, EISA, MicroChannel
(MCA) or VESA. ISA is an older system, now being displaced by PCI;
newer boards don't support it. If you have ISA, say Y, otherwise N.
bool "Atari ROM port ISA adapter support"
depends on ATARI
This option enables support for the ROM port ISA adapter used to
operate ISA cards on Atari. Only 8 bit cards are supported, and
no interrupt lines are connected.
The only driver currently using this adapter is the EtherNEC
driver for RTL8019AS based NE2000 compatible network cards.
def_bool ISA
config PCI
bool "PCI support"
depends on M54xx
Enable the PCI bus. Support for the PCI bus hardware built into the
ColdFire 547x and 548x processors.
source "drivers/pci/Kconfig"
source "drivers/zorro/Kconfig"
if !MMU
config ISA_DMA_API
def_bool !M5272
source "drivers/pcmcia/Kconfig"