Merge 4.4.138 into android-4.4

Changes in 4.4.138
	x86/fpu: Fix early FPU command-line parsing
	x86: Remove unused function cpu_has_ht_siblings()
	x86/cpufeature: Remove unused and seldomly used cpu_has_xx macros
	x86/fpu: Disable MPX when eagerfpu is off
	x86/fpu: Disable AVX when eagerfpu is off
	x86/fpu: Default eagerfpu=on on all CPUs
	x86/fpu: Fix 'no387' regression
	x86/fpu: Revert ("x86/fpu: Disable AVX when eagerfpu is off")
	x86/fpu: Fix eager-FPU handling on legacy FPU machines
	x86/fpu: Hard-disable lazy FPU mode
	x86/fpu: Fix FNSAVE usage in eagerfpu mode
	x86/fpu: Fix math emulation in eager fpu mode
	af_key: Always verify length of provided sadb_key
	x86/crypto, x86/fpu: Remove X86_FEATURE_EAGER_FPU #ifdef from the crc32c code
	gpio: No NULL owner
	Clarify (and fix) MAX_LFS_FILESIZE macros
	KVM: x86: introduce linear_{read,write}_system
	KVM: x86: pass kvm_vcpu to kvm_read_guest_virt and kvm_write_guest_virt_system
	serial: samsung: fix maxburst parameter for DMA transactions
	vmw_balloon: fixing double free when batching mode is off
	kvm: x86: use correct privilege level for sgdt/sidt/fxsave/fxrstor access
	Input: goodix - add new ACPI id for GPD Win 2 touch screen
	Input: elan_i2c - add ELAN0612 (Lenovo v330 14IKB) ACPI ID
	crypto: vmx - Remove overly verbose printk from AES init routines
	Linux 4.4.138

Change-Id: I443664406b736e16c77c99d83e9bdf02f4511ee4
Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>