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/* speakup_acntpc.h - header file for speakups Accent-PC driver. */
#define SYNTH_IO_EXTENT 0x02
#define SYNTH_CLEAR 0x18 /* stops speech */
/* Port Status Flags */
#define SYNTH_READABLE 0x01 /* mask for bit which is nonzero if a
byte can be read from the data port */
#define SYNTH_WRITABLE 0x02 /* mask for RDY bit, which when set to
1, indicates the data port is ready
to accept a byte of data. */
#define SYNTH_QUIET 'S' /* synth is not speaking */
#define SYNTH_FULL 'F' /* synth is full. */
#define SYNTH_ALMOST_EMPTY 'M' /* synth has less than 2 seconds of text left */
#define SYNTH_SPEAKING 's' /* synth is speaking and has a fare way to go */