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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Copyright (c) 2011 Ozmo Inc
* Released under the GNU General Public License Version 2 (GPLv2).
* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#ifndef _OZUSBSVC_H
#define _OZUSBSVC_H
* Per PD context info stored in application context area of PD.
* This object is reference counted to ensure it doesn't disappear while
* still in use.
struct oz_usb_ctx {
atomic_t ref_count;
u8 tx_seq_num;
u8 rx_seq_num;
struct oz_pd *pd;
void *hport;
int stopped;
int oz_usb_init(void);
void oz_usb_term(void);
int oz_usb_start(struct oz_pd *pd, int resume);
void oz_usb_stop(struct oz_pd *pd, int pause);
void oz_usb_rx(struct oz_pd *pd, struct oz_elt *elt);
int oz_usb_heartbeat(struct oz_pd *pd);
void oz_usb_farewell(struct oz_pd *pd, u8 ep_num, u8 *data, u8 len);
#endif /* _OZUSBSVC_H */