arm64: ptrace: add PTRACE_SET_SYSCALL

Note: This patch is from v6 of Takahiro's proposed
"arm64: add seccomp support" patchset (

To allow tracer to be able to change/skip a system call by re-writing
a syscall number, there are several approaches:

(1) modify x8 register with ptrace(PTRACE_SETREGSET), and handle this case
    later on in syscall_trace_enter(), or
(2) support ptrace(PTRACE_SET_SYSCALL) as on arm

Thinking of the fact that user_pt_regs doesn't expose 'syscallno' to
tracer as well as that secure_computing() expects a changed syscall number
to be visible, especially case of -1, before this function returns in
syscall_trace_enter(), we'd better take (2).

Signed-off-by: AKASHI Takahiro <takahiro.akashi <at>>
2 files changed