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# For the pre-R6 code in arch/mips/vdso/vdso.h for locating
# the base address of VDSO, the linker will emit a R_MIPS_PC32
# relocation in binutils > 2.25 but it will fail with older versions
# because that relocation is not supported for that symbol. As a result
# of which we are forced to disable the VDSO symbols when building
# with < 2.25 binutils on pre-R6 kernels. For more references on why we
# can't use other methods to get the base address of VDSO please refer to
# the comments on that file.
# GCC (at least up to version 9.2) appears to emit function calls that make use
# of the GOT when targeting microMIPS, which we can't use in the VDSO due to
# the lack of relocations. As such, we disable the VDSO for microMIPS builds.
def_bool LD_VERSION >= 225000000 || LD_IS_LLD