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- cleanups
- sparse fixes
- rename files to be not so "generic"
- add proper arch dependencies as needed
- audit userspace interfaces to make sure they are sane
- Remove ION_IOC_SYNC: Flushing for devices should be purely a kernel internal
interface on top of dma-buf. flush_for_device needs to be added to dma-buf
- Remove ION_IOC_CUSTOM: Atm used for cache flushing for cpu access in some
vendor trees. Should be replaced with an ioctl on the dma-buf to expose the
begin/end_cpu_access hooks to userspace.
- Clarify the tricks ion plays with explicitly managing coherency behind the
dma api's back (this is absolutely needed for high-perf gpu drivers): Add an
explicit coherency management mode to flush_for_device to be used by drivers
which want to manage caches themselves and which indicates whether cpu caches
need flushing.
- With those removed there's probably no use for ION_IOC_IMPORT anymore either
since ion would just be the central allocator for shared buffers.
- Add dt-binding to expose cma regions as ion heaps, with the rule that any
such cma regions must already be used by some device for dma. I.e. ion only
exposes existing cma regions and doesn't reserve unecessarily memory when
booting a system which doesn't use ion.
sync framework:
- remove CONFIG_SW_SYNC_USER, it is used only for testing/debugging and
should not be upstreamed.
- port CONFIG_SW_SYNC_USER tests interfaces to use debugfs somehow
- port libsync tests to kselftest
- clean up and ABI check for security issues
- move it to drivers/base/dma-buf
vsoc.c, uapi/vsoc_shm.h
- The current driver uses the same wait queue for all of the futexes in a
region. This will cause false wakeups in regions with a large number of
waiting threads. We should eventually use multiple queues and select the
queue based on the region.
- Add debugfs support for examining the permissions of regions.
- Remove VSOC_WAIT_FOR_INCOMING_INTERRUPT ioctl. This functionality has been
superseded by the futex and is there for legacy reasons.
Please send patches to Greg Kroah-Hartman <> and Cc:
Arve Hjønnevåg <> and Riley Andrews <>