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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright (c) 2016-2018, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef __SOC_QCOM_TCS_H__
#define __SOC_QCOM_TCS_H__
* rpmh_state: state for the request
* RPMH_SLEEP_STATE: State of the resource when the processor subsystem
* is powered down. There is no client using the
* resource actively.
* RPMH_WAKE_ONLY_STATE: Resume resource state to the value previously
* requested before the processor was powered down.
* RPMH_ACTIVE_ONLY_STATE: Active or AMC mode requests. Resource state
* is aggregated immediately.
enum rpmh_state {
* struct tcs_cmd: an individual request to RPMH.
* @addr: the address of the resource slv_id:18:16 | offset:0:15
* @data: the resource state request
* @wait: wait for this request to be complete before sending the next
struct tcs_cmd {
u32 addr;
u32 data;
u32 wait;
* struct tcs_request: A set of tcs_cmds sent together in a TCS
* @state: state for the request.
* @wait_for_compl: wait until we get a response from the h/w accelerator
* @num_cmds: the number of @cmds in this request
* @cmds: an array of tcs_cmds
struct tcs_request {
enum rpmh_state state;
u32 wait_for_compl;
u32 num_cmds;
struct tcs_cmd *cmds;
#endif /* __SOC_QCOM_TCS_H__ */