BACKPORT: LogiHID: hid-lg4ff: tech G29 wheel patches

Backport from Linux stable 4.7.2. The bulk is a copy of HEAD (commit
84fae3f89282ce86a0c0da30e35fe66dbcadda6f) of wheel drivers hid-lg.[hc]
and hid-lg4ff.[hc] with minimal patching elsewhere and in the drivers
to get it building.

Without these patches, the G29 wheel is not put into G29 native mode
and not all buttons/axes are seen. We wanted G29 fixed, but this patch
also fixes Momo, Vibration and Dual action devices in the process.

Change-Id: If43ca0edbd5f27b6126dd1caaec22583d84c8b6a
Signed-off-by: Olivier Gay <>
7 files changed