ANDROID: arm64: vdso: wrap -n in ld-option

ld.lld distributed in clang-r353983c AOSP LLVM release (the final AOSP
LLVM release for Android Q) did not support `-n` linker flag. It was
eventually added to clang-r360593.

Android OEM's may wish to still use ld.lld to link their kernels for Q.
This flag was disabled for Pixel 4 in go/pag/1258086. This patch is
equivalent, but rebased on upstream changes that removed cc-ldoption in
favor of ld-option.

For Android R, the final AOSP LLVM release, clang-r383902 has long
supported `-n` for ld.lld.

Change-Id: Iab41c9e1039e163113b428fc487a4a0708822faa
Bug: 63740206
Bug: 157279372
Signed-off-by: Nick Desaulniers <>
1 file changed