ANDROID: fiq_debugger: remove

This represents a rollup of a series of reverts, simplified are
modifications to remove fiq_glue and fiq_debugger references in:


And deletion of:


The reverts specific to android-4.14 are as follows:

Revert "ANDROID: fiq_debugger: Remove wakelock.h dependencies"
This reverts commit f9cbd12ed7051fb82e0e584947a6eb8f3dcbf7cf.

Revert "ANDROID: fiq_debugger: Add fiq_debugger.disable option"
This reverts commit 76d292f95a217b4ba236fd2db858ac99295fd832.

Revert "ANDROID: fiq_debugger: Add option to apply uart overlay by
This reverts commit 0ff9e291c1181f124a4ea58ce95f09b7acb735cc.

Revert "ANDROID: fiq_debugger: Add fiq_watchdog_triggered api"
This reverts commit 9c027e6c233a5d2eace40b6394dd7641afff33bb.

Revert "ANDROID: fiq_debugger: Call fiq_debugger_printf through a
        function pointer from cpu specific code"
This reverts commit 9200a45dc9e0007ec7192db0e78817850876ed68.

Revert "ANDROID: fiq_debugger: add ARM64 support"
This reverts commit c9d6bc7ab0a4360f79418aa16f3cd68ac2f57a40.

Revert "ANDROID: fiq_debugger: split arm support into fiq_debugger_arm.c"
This reverts commit efffceb1e926e6210d51eaaa62ce3f3be8a5fab7.

Revert "ANDROID: fiq_debugger: use pt_regs for registers"
This reverts commit bf32f8accce8701e896879fee463e5b07cbeb8b9.

Revert "ANDROID: fiq_debugger: allow compiling without CONFIG_FIQ_GLUE"
This reverts commit 16c3248941c0f6ee3766fc0d36e0248c6f0cdfb5.

Revert "ANDROID: fiq_debugger: rename debug->fiq_debugger"
This reverts commit d241f1dfc9a0b7d97c7b2bce43f88b5c74a3ce44.

Revert "ANDROID: fiq_debugger: move into
This reverts commit 0dc1cccb4fa24ef58141a03ce14c6a2a1eba4cfc.

Revert "ANDROID: ARM: fiq_debugger: Update tty code for 3.9"
This reverts commit 4b55137d5e00f83fa92cbea42ffbce1c93715ea9.

Revert "ANDROID: ARM: fiq_debugger: lock between tty and console writes"
This reverts commit a8be462329b3c4a22097bf07d3b02a1884a8db09.

Revert "ANDROID: ARM: fiq_debugger: add process context reboot command"
This reverts commit cb5774b50389fc588d532e0864a0c1bc0010ac2a.

Revert "ANDROID: ARM: fiq_debugger: fix multiple consoles and make it
        a preferred console"
This reverts commit aecfa53f35c667ce33b4af14d996bfe51c3e614e.

Revert "ANDROID: ARM: fiq_debugger: add support for kgdb"
This reverts commit 992dbb2a9acf1cde972157b509f6b9f01aae69d2.

Revert "ANDROID: ARM: fiq_debugger: add debug_putc"
This reverts commit 5d12c56f2ae47f236c7384fdb394cb1a1dd8767b.

Revert "ANDROID: ARM: fiq_debugger: add support for reboot commands"
This reverts commit 14dbf8675b6cef59c629bd3737c32223cb8b0b27.

Revert "ANDROID: ARM: fiq_debugger: Add generic fiq serial debugger"
This reverts commit 05e1c7f6172c591c3a8bb833eeea3cd0d77a596e.

Revert "ANDROID: ARM: fiq_glue: Add custom fiq return handler api."
This reverts commit e329aaf32271068e4633d48977234a9170efd765.

Revert "ANDROID: ARM: fiq_glue: Add fiq_glue"
This reverts commit 47fe2f8d766ceaae282adebffb871b10a78b254a.

Signed-off-by: Mark Salyzyn <>
Bug: 32402555
Bug: 36101220
Change-Id: I3f74b1ff5e4971d619bcb37a911fed68fbb538d5
17 files changed