Merge 4.4.195 into android-4.4-o

Changes in 4.4.195
	Revert "Bluetooth: validate BLE connection interval updates"
	HID: prodikeys: Fix general protection fault during probe
	HID: lg: make transfer buffers DMA capable
	HID: logitech: Fix general protection fault caused by Logitech driver
	HID: hidraw: Fix invalid read in hidraw_ioctl
	mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: Use chip_good() to retry in do_write_oneword()
	crypto: talitos - fix missing break in switch statement
	net: rds: Fix NULL ptr use in rds_tcp_kill_sock
	ASoC: fsl: Fix of-node refcount unbalance in fsl_ssi_probe_from_dt()
	ALSA: hda - Add laptop imic fixup for ASUS M9V laptop
	mac80211: Print text for disassociation reason
	mac80211: handle deauthentication/disassociation from TDLS peer
	locking/lockdep: Add debug_locks check in __lock_downgrade()
	irqchip/gic-v3-its: Fix LPI release for Multi-MSI devices
	f2fs: check all the data segments against all node ones
	Revert "f2fs: avoid out-of-range memory access"
	f2fs: fix to do sanity check on segment bitmap of LFS curseg
	drm: Flush output polling on shutdown
	Bluetooth: btrtl: Additional Realtek 8822CE Bluetooth devices
	arcnet: provide a buffer big enough to actually receive packets
	cdc_ncm: fix divide-by-zero caused by invalid wMaxPacketSize
	net/phy: fix DP83865 10 Mbps HDX loopback disable function
	openvswitch: change type of UPCALL_PID attribute to NLA_UNSPEC
	sch_netem: fix a divide by zero in tabledist()
	skge: fix checksum byte order
	usbnet: ignore endpoints with invalid wMaxPacketSize
	usbnet: sanity checking of packet sizes and device mtu
	mISDN: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets
	appletalk: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets
	ax25: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets
	ieee802154: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets
	nfc: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets
	ALSA: hda: Flush interrupts on disabling
	ASoC: sgtl5000: Fix charge pump source assignment
	dmaengine: bcm2835: Print error in case setting DMA mask fails
	leds: leds-lp5562 allow firmware files up to the maximum length
	media: dib0700: fix link error for dibx000_i2c_set_speed
	media: hdpvr: Add device num check and handling
	sched/fair: Fix imbalance due to CPU affinity
	sched/core: Fix CPU controller for !RT_GROUP_SCHED
	x86/reboot: Always use NMI fallback when shutdown via reboot vector IPI fails
	x86/apic: Soft disable APIC before initializing it
	ALSA: hda - Show the fatal CORB/RIRB error more clearly
	ALSA: i2c: ak4xxx-adda: Fix a possible null pointer dereference in build_adc_controls()
	media: iguanair: add sanity checks
	base: soc: Export soc_device_register/unregister APIs
	ALSA: usb-audio: Skip bSynchAddress endpoint check if it is invalid
	ia64:unwind: fix double free for mod->arch.init_unw_table
	md: don't call spare_active in md_reap_sync_thread if all member devices can't work
	md: don't set In_sync if array is frozen
	efi: cper: print AER info of PCIe fatal error
	media: gspca: zero usb_buf on error
	dmaengine: iop-adma: use correct printk format strings
	media: omap3isp: Don't set streaming state on random subdevs
	net: lpc-enet: fix printk format strings
	media: radio/si470x: kill urb on error
	media: hdpvr: add terminating 0 at end of string
	media: saa7146: add cleanup in hexium_attach()
	media: cpia2_usb: fix memory leaks
	media: saa7134: fix terminology around saa7134_i2c_eeprom_md7134_gate()
	media: ov9650: add a sanity check
	ACPI / CPPC: do not require the _PSD method
	libtraceevent: Change users plugin directory
	ACPI: custom_method: fix memory leaks
	hwmon: (acpi_power_meter) Change log level for 'unsafe software power cap'
	md/raid1: fail run raid1 array when active disk less than one
	dmaengine: ti: edma: Do not reset reserved paRAM slots
	kprobes: Prohibit probing on BUG() and WARN() address
	ASoC: dmaengine: Make the pcm->name equal to pcm->id if the name is not set
	mmc: sdhci: Fix incorrect switch to HS mode
	libertas: Add missing sentinel at end of if_usb.c fw_table
	media: ttusb-dec: Fix info-leak in ttusb_dec_send_command()
	ALSA: hda/realtek - Blacklist PC beep for Lenovo ThinkCentre M73/93
	btrfs: extent-tree: Make sure we only allocate extents from block groups with the same type
	media: omap3isp: Set device on omap3isp subdevs
	ALSA: firewire-tascam: handle error code when getting current source of clock
	ALSA: firewire-tascam: check intermediate state of clock status and retry
	printk: Do not lose last line in kmsg buffer dump
	fuse: fix missing unlock_page in fuse_writepage()
	parisc: Disable HP HSC-PCI Cards to prevent kernel crash
	KVM: x86: always stop emulation on page fault
	KVM: x86: set ctxt->have_exception in x86_decode_insn()
	KVM: x86: Manually calculate reserved bits when loading PDPTRS
	media: sn9c20x: Add MSI MS-1039 laptop to flip_dmi_table
	ASoC: Intel: Fix use of potentially uninitialized variable
	ARM: zynq: Use memcpy_toio instead of memcpy on smp bring-up
	alarmtimer: Use EOPNOTSUPP instead of ENOTSUPP
	md/raid6: Set R5_ReadError when there is read failure on parity disk
	cfg80211: Purge frame registrations on iftype change
	/dev/mem: Bail out upon SIGKILL.
	ext4: fix punch hole for inline_data file systems
	quota: fix wrong condition in is_quota_modification()
	hwrng: core - don't wait on add_early_randomness()
	i2c: riic: Clear NACK in tend isr
	CIFS: Fix oplock handling for SMB 2.1+ protocols
	ovl: filter of trusted xattr results in audit
	Btrfs: fix use-after-free when using the tree modification log
	btrfs: Relinquish CPUs in btrfs_compare_trees
	Btrfs: fix race setting up and completing qgroup rescan workers
	Linux 4.4.195

Change-Id: Id30ccce8006aa8bcb48a3e516f700383b103ecff
Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>