No kernel security patches for ASB-2018-11, however there
were some from previous ASBs that are now upstream and in
android common kernels

CVE-2018-9363 from ASB-2018-06
CVE-2017-0749 from ASB-2017-08
CVE-2017-0627 from ASB-2017-05
CVE-2017-0564 from ASB-2017-04
CVE-2017-13293 from ASB-2018-04
Merge 4.20-rc1-4.14 into android-4.14

* origin/upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-4.14.y:
  f2fs: fix to keep project quota consistent
  f2fs: guarantee journalled quota data by checkpoint
  f2fs: cleanup dirty pages if recover failed
  f2fs: fix data corruption issue with hardware encryption
  f2fs: fix to recover inode->i_flags of inode block during POR
  f2fs: spread f2fs_set_inode_flags()
  f2fs: fix to spread clear_cold_data()
  Revert "f2fs: fix to clear PG_checked flag in set_page_dirty()"
  f2fs: account read IOs and use IO counts for is_idle
  f2fs: fix to account IO correctly for cgroup writeback
  f2fs: fix to account IO correctly
  f2fs: remove request_list check in is_idle()
  f2fs: allow to mount, if quota is failed
  f2fs: update REQ_TIME in f2fs_cross_rename()
  f2fs: do not update REQ_TIME in case of error conditions
  f2fs: remove unneeded disable_nat_bits()
  f2fs: remove unused sbi->trigger_ssr_threshold
  f2fs: shrink sbi->sb_lock coverage in set_file_temperature()
  f2fs: use rb_*_cached friends
  f2fs: fix to recover cold bit of inode block during POR
  f2fs: submit cached bio to avoid endless PageWriteback
  f2fs: checkpoint disabling
  f2fs: clear PageError on the read path
  f2fs: allow out-place-update for direct IO in LFS mode
  f2fs: refactor ->page_mkwrite() flow
  Revert: "f2fs: check last page index in cached bio to decide submission"
  f2fs: support superblock checksum
  f2fs: add to account skip count of background GC
  f2fs: add to account meta IO
  f2fs: keep lazytime on remount
  f2fs: fix missing up_read
  f2fs: return correct errno in f2fs_gc
  f2fs: avoid f2fs_bug_on if f2fs_get_meta_page_nofail got EIO
  f2fs: mark inode dirty explicitly in recover_inode()
  f2fs: fix to recover inode's crtime during POR
  f2fs: fix to recover inode's i_gc_failures during POR
  f2fs: fix to recover inode's i_flags during POR
  f2fs: fix to recover inode's project id during POR
  f2fs: update i_size after DIO completion
  f2fs: report ENOENT correctly in f2fs_rename
  f2fs: fix remount problem of option io_bits
  f2fs: fix to recover inode's uid/gid during POR
  f2fs: avoid infinite loop in f2fs_alloc_nid
  f2fs: add new idle interval timing for discard and gc paths
  f2fs: split IO error injection according to RW
  f2fs: add SPDX license identifiers
  f2fs: surround fault_injection related option parsing using CONFIG_F2FS_FAULT_INJECTION
  f2fs: fix setattr project check upon fssetxattr ioctl
  f2fs: avoid sleeping under spin_lock
  f2fs: plug readahead IO in readdir()
  f2fs: fix to do sanity check with current segment number
  f2fs: fix memory leak of percpu counter in fill_super()
  f2fs: fix memory leak of write_io in fill_super()
  f2fs: cache NULL when both default_acl and acl are NULL
  f2fs: fix to flush all dirty inodes recovered in readonly fs
  f2fs: report error if quota off error during umount
  f2fs: submit bio after shutdown
  f2fs: avoid wrong decrypted data from disk
  Revert "f2fs: use printk_ratelimited for f2fs_msg"
  f2fs: fix unnecessary periodic wakeup of discard thread when dev is busy
  f2fs: fix to avoid NULL pointer dereference on se->discard_map
  f2fs: add additional sanity check in f2fs_acl_from_disk()

Change-Id: I7556a341b50a9425bdec685a16347a71ae14fc42
Signed-off-by: Jaegeuk Kim <>