INFO: Branch status update (no changes)

This branch holds a set of patches known as EASr1.2 which were
posted here as a preview of the changes to be merged into
android-4.4. Almost all of these patches were merged recently and
this branch should no longer be used - the latest implementation
of EAS for android is now android-4.4 for all users.

Patches up to and including 7a9370a72 "sched/tune: don't use
schedtune before it is ready" are present in android-4.4

This branch will not be receiving any more patches.

Future experimental patches will be posted for review on the AOSP
common.git gerrit instance at and
those reviews will be announced on the linaro eas-dev mailing list
which you can subscribe to at

Change-Id: I8555c728f2de41cec5fd4abaaa0dcca3a20e7e6c
Signed-off-by: Chris Redpath <>