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#ifndef PD_COMMON_H
#define PD_COMMON_H
#include <linux/fs.h>
#include <linux/wait.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/videodev2.h>
#include <linux/semaphore.h>
#include <linux/usb.h>
#include <linux/poll.h>
#include <media/videobuf-vmalloc.h>
#include <media/v4l2-device.h>
#include <media/v4l2-ctrls.h>
#include "dvb_frontend.h"
#include "dvbdev.h"
#include "dvb_demux.h"
#include "dmxdev.h"
#define SBUF_NUM 8
#define MAX_BUFFER_NUM 6
#define PK_PER_URB 32
#define ISO_PKT_SIZE 3072
#define POSEIDON_STATE_NONE (0x0000)
#define POSEIDON_STATE_ANALOG (0x0001)
#define POSEIDON_STATE_FM (0x0002)
#define POSEIDON_STATE_DVBT (0x0004)
#define V4L_PAL_VBI_LINES 18
#define V4L_NTSC_VBI_LINES 12
#define V4L_PAL_VBI_FRAMESIZE (V4L_PAL_VBI_LINES * 1440 * 2)
#define TUNER_FREQ_MIN (45000000U)
#define TUNER_FREQ_MAX (862000000U)
struct vbi_data {
struct video_device v_dev;
struct video_data *video;
struct front_face *front;
unsigned int copied;
unsigned int vbi_size; /* the whole size of two fields */
int users;
* This is the running context of the video, it is useful for
* resume()
struct running_context {
u32 freq; /* VIDIOC_S_FREQUENCY */
int audio_idx; /* VIDIOC_S_TUNER */
v4l2_std_id tvnormid; /* VIDIOC_S_STD */
int sig_index; /* VIDIOC_S_INPUT */
struct v4l2_pix_format pix; /* VIDIOC_S_FMT */
struct video_data {
/* v4l2 video device */
struct video_device v_dev;
struct v4l2_ctrl_handler ctrl_handler;
/* the working context */
struct running_context context;
/* for data copy */
int field_count;
char *dst;
int lines_copied;
int prev_left;
int lines_per_field;
int lines_size;
/* for communication */
u8 endpoint_addr;
struct urb *urb_array[SBUF_NUM];
struct vbi_data *vbi;
struct poseidon *pd;
struct front_face *front;
int is_streaming;
int users;
/* for bubble handler */
struct work_struct bubble_work;
enum pcm_stream_state {
#define AUDIO_BUFS (3)
struct poseidon_audio {
struct urb *urb_array[AUDIO_BUFS];
unsigned int copied_position;
struct snd_pcm_substream *capture_pcm_substream;
unsigned int rcv_position;
struct snd_card *card;
int card_close;
int users;
int pm_state;
enum pcm_stream_state capture_stream;
struct radio_data {
__u32 fm_freq;
unsigned int is_radio_streaming;
int pre_emphasis;
struct video_device fm_dev;
struct v4l2_ctrl_handler ctrl_handler;
#define DVB_SBUF_NUM 4
#define DVB_URB_BUF_SIZE 0x2000
struct pd_dvb_adapter {
struct dvb_adapter dvb_adap;
struct dvb_frontend dvb_fe;
struct dmxdev dmxdev;
struct dvb_demux demux;
atomic_t users;
atomic_t active_feed;
/* data transfer */
s32 is_streaming;
struct urb *urb_array[DVB_SBUF_NUM];
struct poseidon *pd_device;
u8 ep_addr;
u8 reserved[3];
/* data for power resume*/
struct dtv_frontend_properties fe_param;
/* for channel scanning */
int prev_freq;
int bandwidth;
unsigned long last_jiffies;
struct front_face {
/* use this field to distinguish VIDEO and VBI */
enum v4l2_buf_type type;
/* for host */
struct videobuf_queue q;
/* the bridge for host and device */
struct videobuf_buffer *curr_frame;
/* for device */
spinlock_t queue_lock;
struct list_head active;
struct poseidon *pd;
struct poseidon {
struct list_head device_list;
struct mutex lock;
struct kref kref;
/* for V4L2 */
struct v4l2_device v4l2_dev;
/* hardware info */
struct usb_device *udev;
struct usb_interface *interface;
int cur_transfer_mode;
struct video_data video_data; /* video */
struct vbi_data vbi_data; /* vbi */
struct poseidon_audio audio; /* audio (alsa) */
struct radio_data radio_data; /* FM */
struct pd_dvb_adapter dvb_data; /* DVB */
u32 state;
struct file *file_for_stream; /* the active stream*/
#ifdef CONFIG_PM
int (*pm_suspend)(struct poseidon *);
int (*pm_resume)(struct poseidon *);
pm_message_t msg;
struct work_struct pm_work;
u8 portnum;
struct poseidon_format {
char *name;
int fourcc; /* video4linux 2 */
int depth; /* bit/pixel */
int flags;
struct poseidon_tvnorm {
v4l2_std_id v4l2_id;
char name[12];
u32 tlg_tvnorm;
/* video */
int pd_video_init(struct poseidon *);
void pd_video_exit(struct poseidon *);
int stop_all_video_stream(struct poseidon *);
/* alsa audio */
int poseidon_audio_init(struct poseidon *);
int poseidon_audio_free(struct poseidon *);
#ifdef CONFIG_PM
int pm_alsa_suspend(struct poseidon *);
int pm_alsa_resume(struct poseidon *);
/* dvb */
int pd_dvb_usb_device_init(struct poseidon *);
void pd_dvb_usb_device_exit(struct poseidon *);
void pd_dvb_usb_device_cleanup(struct poseidon *);
int pd_dvb_get_adapter_num(struct pd_dvb_adapter *);
void dvb_stop_streaming(struct pd_dvb_adapter *);
/* FM */
int poseidon_fm_init(struct poseidon *);
int poseidon_fm_exit(struct poseidon *);
/* vendor command ops */
int send_set_req(struct poseidon*, u8, s32, s32*);
int send_get_req(struct poseidon*, u8, s32, void*, s32*, s32);
s32 set_tuner_mode(struct poseidon*, unsigned char);
/* bulk urb alloc/free */
int alloc_bulk_urbs_generic(struct urb **urb_array, int num,
struct usb_device *udev, u8 ep_addr,
int buf_size, gfp_t gfp_flags,
usb_complete_t complete_fn, void *context);
void free_all_urb_generic(struct urb **urb_array, int num);
/* misc */
void poseidon_delete(struct kref *kref);
extern int debug_mode;
void set_debug_mode(struct video_device *vfd, int debug_mode);
#ifdef CONFIG_PM
#define in_hibernation(pd) (pd->msg.event == PM_EVENT_FREEZE)
#define in_hibernation(pd) (0)
#define get_pm_count(p) (atomic_read(&(p)->interface->pm_usage_cnt))
#define log(a, ...) printk(KERN_DEBUG "\t[ %s : %.3d ] "a"\n", \
__func__, __LINE__, ## __VA_ARGS__)
/* for power management */
#define logpm(pd) do {\
if (debug_mode & 0x10)\
} while (0)