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* Linux cfgp2p driver
* Copyright (C) 1999-2014, Broadcom Corporation
* Unless you and Broadcom execute a separate written software license
* agreement governing use of this software, this software is licensed to you
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (the "GPL"),
* available at, with the
* following added to such license:
* As a special exception, the copyright holders of this software give you
* permission to link this software with independent modules, and to copy and
* distribute the resulting executable under terms of your choice, provided that
* you also meet, for each linked independent module, the terms and conditions of
* the license of that module. An independent module is a module which is not
* derived from this software. The special exception does not apply to any
* modifications of the software.
* Notwithstanding the above, under no circumstances may you combine this
* software in any way with any other Broadcom software provided under a license
* other than the GPL, without Broadcom's express prior written consent.
* $Id: wl_cfgp2p.h 472818 2014-04-25 08:07:56Z $
#ifndef _wl_cfgp2p_h_
#define _wl_cfgp2p_h_
#include <proto/802.11.h>
#include <proto/p2p.h>
struct bcm_cfg80211;
extern u32 wl_dbg_level;
typedef struct wifi_p2p_ie wifi_wfd_ie_t;
/* Enumeration of the usages of the BSSCFGs used by the P2P Library. Do not
* confuse this with a bsscfg index. This value is an index into the
* saved_ie[] array of structures which in turn contains a bsscfg index field.
typedef enum {
P2PAPI_BSSCFG_PRIMARY, /* maps to driver's primary bsscfg */
P2PAPI_BSSCFG_DEVICE, /* maps to driver's P2P device discovery bsscfg */
P2PAPI_BSSCFG_CONNECTION, /* maps to driver's P2P connection bsscfg */
} p2p_bsscfg_type_t;
typedef enum {
P2P_SCAN_SOCIAL_CHANNEL, /* scan for social channel */
P2P_SCAN_AFX_PEER_NORMAL, /* scan for action frame search */
P2P_SCAN_AFX_PEER_REDUCED, /* scan for action frame search with short time */
P2P_SCAN_DURING_CONNECTED, /* scan during connected status */
P2P_SCAN_CONNECT_TRY, /* scan for connecting */
P2P_SCAN_NORMAL, /* scan during not-connected status */
} p2p_scan_purpose_t;
/* vendor ies max buffer length for probe response or beacon */
#define VNDR_IES_MAX_BUF_LEN 1400
/* normal vendor ies buffer length */
#define VNDR_IES_BUF_LEN 512
/* Structure to hold all saved P2P and WPS IEs for a BSSCFG */
struct p2p_saved_ie {
u8 p2p_probe_req_ie[VNDR_IES_BUF_LEN];
u8 p2p_probe_res_ie[VNDR_IES_MAX_BUF_LEN];
u8 p2p_assoc_req_ie[VNDR_IES_BUF_LEN];
u8 p2p_assoc_res_ie[VNDR_IES_BUF_LEN];
u8 p2p_beacon_ie[VNDR_IES_MAX_BUF_LEN];
u32 p2p_probe_req_ie_len;
u32 p2p_probe_res_ie_len;
u32 p2p_assoc_req_ie_len;
u32 p2p_assoc_res_ie_len;
u32 p2p_beacon_ie_len;
struct p2p_bss {
s32 bssidx;
struct net_device *dev;
struct p2p_saved_ie saved_ie;
void *private_data;
struct p2p_info {
bool on; /* p2p on/off switch */
bool scan;
int16 search_state;
bool vif_created;
s8 vir_ifname[IFNAMSIZ];
unsigned long status;
struct ether_addr dev_addr;
struct ether_addr int_addr;
struct p2p_bss bss[P2PAPI_BSSCFG_MAX];
struct timer_list listen_timer;
wl_p2p_sched_t noa;
wl_p2p_ops_t ops;
wlc_ssid_t ssid;
struct parsed_vndr_ie_info {
char *ie_ptr;
u32 ie_len; /* total length including id & length field */
vndr_ie_t vndrie;
struct parsed_vndr_ies {
u32 count;
struct parsed_vndr_ie_info ie_info[MAX_VNDR_IE_NUMBER];
/* dongle status */
enum wl_cfgp2p_status {
#define wl_to_p2p_bss_ndev(cfg, type) ((cfg)->p2p->bss[type].dev)
#define wl_to_p2p_bss_bssidx(cfg, type) ((cfg)->p2p->bss[type].bssidx)
#define wl_to_p2p_bss_saved_ie(cfg, type) ((cfg)->p2p->bss[type].saved_ie)
#define wl_to_p2p_bss_private(cfg, type) ((cfg)->p2p->bss[type].private_data)
#define wl_to_p2p_bss(cfg, type) ((cfg)->p2p->bss[type])
#define wl_get_p2p_status(cfg, stat) ((!(cfg)->p2p_supported) ? 0 : \
test_bit(WLP2P_STATUS_ ## stat, &(cfg)->p2p->status))
#define wl_set_p2p_status(cfg, stat) ((!(cfg)->p2p_supported) ? 0 : \
set_bit(WLP2P_STATUS_ ## stat, &(cfg)->p2p->status))
#define wl_clr_p2p_status(cfg, stat) ((!(cfg)->p2p_supported) ? 0 : \
clear_bit(WLP2P_STATUS_ ## stat, &(cfg)->p2p->status))
#define wl_chg_p2p_status(cfg, stat) ((!(cfg)->p2p_supported) ? 0 : \
change_bit(WLP2P_STATUS_ ## stat, &(cfg)->p2p->status))
#define p2p_on(cfg) ((cfg)->p2p->on)
#define p2p_scan(cfg) ((cfg)->p2p->scan)
#define p2p_is_on(cfg) ((cfg)->p2p && (cfg)->p2p->on)
/* dword align allocation */
#define WLC_IOCTL_MAXLEN 8192
#define CFGP2P_ERR(args) \
do { \
if (wl_dbg_level & WL_DBG_ERR) { \
printk(KERN_INFO CFGP2P_ERROR_TEXT "%s : ", __func__); \
printk args; \
} \
} while (0)
#define CFGP2P_INFO(args) \
do { \
if (wl_dbg_level & WL_DBG_INFO) { \
printk(KERN_INFO "CFGP2P-INFO) %s : ", __func__); \
printk args; \
} \
} while (0)
#define CFGP2P_DBG(args) \
do { \
if (wl_dbg_level & WL_DBG_DBG) { \
printk(KERN_DEBUG "CFGP2P-DEBUG) %s :", __func__); \
printk args; \
} \
} while (0)
#define CFGP2P_ACTION(args) \
do { \
if (wl_dbg_level & WL_DBG_P2P_ACTION) { \
printk(KERN_DEBUG "CFGP2P-ACTION) %s :", __func__); \
printk args; \
} \
} while (0)
#define INIT_TIMER(timer, func, duration, extra_delay) \
do { \
init_timer(timer); \
timer->function = func; \
timer->expires = jiffies + msecs_to_jiffies(duration + extra_delay); \
timer->data = (unsigned long) cfg; \
add_timer(timer); \
} while (0);
#if (LINUX_VERSION_CODE >= KERNEL_VERSION(3, 8, 0)) && !defined(WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF)
#define WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF
#ifdef WLP2P
#ifndef WL_ENABLE_P2P_IF
/* Enable P2P network Interface if P2P support is enabled */
#define WL_ENABLE_P2P_IF
#endif /* WL_ENABLE_P2P_IF */
#endif /* WLP2P */
#endif /* (LINUX_VERSION >= VERSION(3, 8, 0)) */
#ifndef WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF
#endif /* WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF */
#if defined(WL_ENABLE_P2P_IF) && (defined(WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF) || \
#error Disable 'WL_ENABLE_P2P_IF', if 'WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF' is enabled \
or kernel version is 3.8.0 or above
#endif /* WL_ENABLE_P2P_IF && (WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF || (LINUX_VERSION >= VERSION(3, 8, 0))) */
#if !defined(WLP2P) && (defined(WL_ENABLE_P2P_IF) || defined(WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF))
#error WLP2P not defined
#endif /* !WLP2P && (WL_ENABLE_P2P_IF || WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF) */
#if defined(WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF)
#define bcm_struct_cfgdev struct wireless_dev
#define bcm_struct_cfgdev struct net_device
#endif /* WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF */
extern void
wl_cfgp2p_listen_expired(unsigned long data);
extern bool
wl_cfgp2p_is_pub_action(void *frame, u32 frame_len);
extern bool
wl_cfgp2p_is_p2p_action(void *frame, u32 frame_len);
extern bool
wl_cfgp2p_is_gas_action(void *frame, u32 frame_len);
extern bool
wl_cfgp2p_find_gas_subtype(u8 subtype, u8* data, u32 len);
extern void
wl_cfgp2p_print_actframe(bool tx, void *frame, u32 frame_len, u32 channel);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_init_priv(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg);
extern void
wl_cfgp2p_deinit_priv(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_set_firm_p2p(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_set_p2p_mode(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, u8 mode,
u32 channel, u16 listen_ms, int bssidx);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_ifadd(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct ether_addr *mac, u8 if_type,
chanspec_t chspec);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_ifdisable(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct ether_addr *mac);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_ifdel(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct ether_addr *mac);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_ifchange(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct ether_addr *mac, u8 if_type, chanspec_t chspec);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_ifidx(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct ether_addr *mac, s32 *index);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_init_discovery(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_enable_discovery(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct net_device *dev, const u8 *ie,
u32 ie_len);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_disable_discovery(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_escan(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct net_device *dev, u16 active, u32 num_chans,
u16 *channels,
s32 search_state, u16 action, u32 bssidx, struct ether_addr *tx_dst_addr,
p2p_scan_purpose_t p2p_scan_purpose);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_act_frm_search(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct net_device *ndev,
s32 bssidx, s32 channel, struct ether_addr *tx_dst_addr);
extern wpa_ie_fixed_t *
wl_cfgp2p_find_wpaie(u8 *parse, u32 len);
extern wpa_ie_fixed_t *
wl_cfgp2p_find_wpsie(u8 *parse, u32 len);
extern wifi_p2p_ie_t *
wl_cfgp2p_find_p2pie(u8 *parse, u32 len);
extern wifi_wfd_ie_t *
wl_cfgp2p_find_wfdie(u8 *parse, u32 len);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_set_management_ie(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct net_device *ndev, s32 bssidx,
s32 pktflag, const u8 *vndr_ie, u32 vndr_ie_len);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_clear_management_ie(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, s32 bssidx);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_find_idx(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct net_device *ndev, s32 *index);
extern struct net_device *
wl_cfgp2p_find_ndev(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, s32 bssidx);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_find_type(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, s32 bssidx, s32 *type);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_listen_complete(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, bcm_struct_cfgdev *cfgdev,
const wl_event_msg_t *e, void *data);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_discover_listen(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, s32 channel, u32 duration_ms);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_discover_enable_search(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, u8 enable);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_action_tx_complete(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, bcm_struct_cfgdev *cfgdev,
const wl_event_msg_t *e, void *data);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_tx_action_frame(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct net_device *dev,
wl_af_params_t *af_params, s32 bssidx);
extern void
wl_cfgp2p_generate_bss_mac(struct ether_addr *primary_addr, struct ether_addr *out_dev_addr,
struct ether_addr *out_int_addr);
extern void
wl_cfg80211_change_ifaddr(u8* buf, struct ether_addr *p2p_int_addr, u8 element_id);
extern bool
wl_cfgp2p_bss_isup(struct net_device *ndev, int bsscfg_idx);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_bss(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct net_device *ndev, s32 bsscfg_idx, s32 up);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_supported(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct net_device *ndev);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_down(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_set_p2p_noa(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct net_device *ndev, char* buf, int len);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_get_p2p_noa(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct net_device *ndev, char* buf, int len);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_set_p2p_ps(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg, struct net_device *ndev, char* buf, int len);
extern u8 *
wl_cfgp2p_retreive_p2pattrib(void *buf, u8 element_id);
extern u8*
wl_cfgp2p_find_attrib_in_all_p2p_Ies(u8 *parse, u32 len, u32 attrib);
extern u8 *
wl_cfgp2p_retreive_p2p_dev_addr(wl_bss_info_t *bi, u32 bi_length);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_register_ndev(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg);
extern s32
wl_cfgp2p_unregister_ndev(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg);
extern bool
wl_cfgp2p_is_ifops(const struct net_device_ops *if_ops);
#if defined(WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF)
extern struct wireless_dev *
wl_cfgp2p_add_p2p_disc_if(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg);
extern int
wl_cfgp2p_start_p2p_device(struct wiphy *wiphy, struct wireless_dev *wdev);
extern void
wl_cfgp2p_stop_p2p_device(struct wiphy *wiphy, struct wireless_dev *wdev);
extern int
wl_cfgp2p_del_p2p_disc_if(struct wireless_dev *wdev, struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg);
#endif /* WL_CFG80211_P2P_DEV_IF */
extern int
wl_cfgp2p_check_enabled(struct bcm_cfg80211 *cfg);
/* WiFi Direct */
#define SOCIAL_CHAN_1 1
#define SOCIAL_CHAN_2 6
#define SOCIAL_CHAN_3 11
#define IS_P2P_SOCIAL_CHANNEL(channel) ((channel == SOCIAL_CHAN_1) || \
(channel == SOCIAL_CHAN_2) || \
(channel == SOCIAL_CHAN_3))
#define WL_P2P_TEMP_CHAN 11
/* If the provision discovery is for JOIN operations,
* or the device discoverablity frame is destined to GO
* then we need not do an internal scan to find GO.
#define IS_ACTPUB_WITHOUT_GROUP_ID(p2p_ie, len) \
(wl_cfgp2p_retreive_p2pattrib(p2p_ie, P2P_SEID_GROUP_ID) == NULL)
#define IS_GAS_REQ(frame, len) (wl_cfgp2p_is_gas_action(frame, len) && \
((frame->action == P2PSD_ACTION_ID_GAS_IREQ) || \
(frame->action == P2PSD_ACTION_ID_GAS_CREQ)))
#define IS_P2P_PUB_ACT_RSP_SUBTYPE(subtype) ((subtype == P2P_PAF_GON_RSP) || \
((subtype == P2P_PAF_GON_CONF) || \
(subtype == P2P_PAF_INVITE_RSP) || \
(subtype == P2P_PAF_PROVDIS_RSP)))
#define IS_P2P_SOCIAL(ch) ((ch == SOCIAL_CHAN_1) || (ch == SOCIAL_CHAN_2) || (ch == SOCIAL_CHAN_3))
#define IS_P2P_SSID(ssid, len) (!memcmp(ssid, WL_P2P_WILDCARD_SSID, WL_P2P_WILDCARD_SSID_LEN) && \
#endif /* _wl_cfgp2p_h_ */