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#ifndef __NET_NCSI_H
#define __NET_NCSI_H
* The NCSI device states seen from external. More NCSI device states are
* only visible internally (in net/ncsi/internal.h). When the NCSI device
* is registered, it's in ncsi_dev_state_registered state. The state
* ncsi_dev_state_start is used to drive to choose active package and
* channel. After that, its state is changed to ncsi_dev_state_functional.
* The state ncsi_dev_state_stop helps to shut down the currently active
* package and channel while ncsi_dev_state_config helps to reconfigure
* them.
enum {
ncsi_dev_state_registered = 0x0000,
ncsi_dev_state_functional = 0x0100,
ncsi_dev_state_probe = 0x0200,
ncsi_dev_state_config = 0x0300,
ncsi_dev_state_suspend = 0x0400,
struct ncsi_dev {
int state;
int link_up;
struct net_device *dev;
void (*handler)(struct ncsi_dev *ndev);
struct ncsi_dev *ncsi_register_dev(struct net_device *dev,
void (*notifier)(struct ncsi_dev *nd));
int ncsi_start_dev(struct ncsi_dev *nd);
void ncsi_stop_dev(struct ncsi_dev *nd);
void ncsi_unregister_dev(struct ncsi_dev *nd);
#else /* !CONFIG_NET_NCSI */
static inline struct ncsi_dev *ncsi_register_dev(struct net_device *dev,
void (*notifier)(struct ncsi_dev *nd))
return NULL;
static inline int ncsi_start_dev(struct ncsi_dev *nd)
return -ENOTTY;
static void ncsi_stop_dev(struct ncsi_dev *nd)
static inline void ncsi_unregister_dev(struct ncsi_dev *nd)
#endif /* CONFIG_NET_NCSI */
#endif /* __NET_NCSI_H */