Merge 4.19.69 into android-4.19-q

Changes in 4.19.69
	HID: Add 044f:b320 ThrustMaster, Inc. 2 in 1 DT
	MIPS: kernel: only use i8253 clocksource with periodic clockevent
	mips: fix cacheinfo
	netfilter: ebtables: fix a memory leak bug in compat
	ASoC: dapm: Fix handling of custom_stop_condition on DAPM graph walks
	selftests/bpf: fix sendmsg6_prog on s390
	bonding: Force slave speed check after link state recovery for 802.3ad
	net: mvpp2: Don't check for 3 consecutive Idle frames for 10G links
	selftests: forwarding: gre_multipath: Enable IPv4 forwarding
	selftests: forwarding: gre_multipath: Fix flower filters
	can: dev: call netif_carrier_off() in register_candev()
	can: mcp251x: add error check when wq alloc failed
	can: gw: Fix error path of cgw_module_init
	ASoC: Fail card instantiation if DAI format setup fails
	st21nfca_connectivity_event_received: null check the allocation
	st_nci_hci_connectivity_event_received: null check the allocation
	ASoC: rockchip: Fix mono capture
	ASoC: ti: davinci-mcasp: Correct slot_width posed constraint
	net: usb: qmi_wwan: Add the BroadMobi BM818 card
	qed: RDMA - Fix the hw_ver returned in device attributes
	isdn: mISDN: hfcsusb: Fix possible null-pointer dereferences in start_isoc_chain()
	mac80211_hwsim: Fix possible null-pointer dereferences in hwsim_dump_radio_nl()
	netfilter: ipset: Actually allow destination MAC address for hash:ip,mac sets too
	netfilter: ipset: Copy the right MAC address in bitmap:ip,mac and hash:ip,mac sets
	netfilter: ipset: Fix rename concurrency with listing
	rxrpc: Fix potential deadlock
	rxrpc: Fix the lack of notification when sendmsg() fails on a DATA packet
	isdn: hfcsusb: Fix mISDN driver crash caused by transfer buffer on the stack
	net: phy: phy_led_triggers: Fix a possible null-pointer dereference in phy_led_trigger_change_speed()
	perf bench numa: Fix cpu0 binding
	can: sja1000: force the string buffer NULL-terminated
	can: peak_usb: force the string buffer NULL-terminated
	net/ethernet/qlogic/qed: force the string buffer NULL-terminated
	NFSv4: Fix a potential sleep while atomic in nfs4_do_reclaim()
	NFS: Fix regression whereby fscache errors are appearing on 'nofsc' mounts
	HID: quirks: Set the INCREMENT_USAGE_ON_DUPLICATE quirk on Saitek X52
	HID: input: fix a4tech horizontal wheel custom usage
	drm/rockchip: Suspend DP late
	SMB3: Fix potential memory leak when processing compound chain
	SMB3: Kernel oops mounting a encryptData share with CONFIG_DEBUG_VIRTUAL
	s390: put _stext and _etext into .text section
	net: cxgb3_main: Fix a resource leak in a error path in 'init_one()'
	net: stmmac: Fix issues when number of Queues >= 4
	net: stmmac: tc: Do not return a fragment entry
	net: hisilicon: make hip04_tx_reclaim non-reentrant
	net: hisilicon: fix hip04-xmit never return TX_BUSY
	net: hisilicon: Fix dma_map_single failed on arm64
	libata: have ata_scsi_rw_xlat() fail invalid passthrough requests
	libata: add SG safety checks in SFF pio transfers
	x86/lib/cpu: Address missing prototypes warning
	drm/vmwgfx: fix memory leak when too many retries have occurred
	block, bfq: handle NULL return value by bfq_init_rq()
	perf ftrace: Fix failure to set cpumask when only one cpu is present
	perf cpumap: Fix writing to illegal memory in handling cpumap mask
	perf pmu-events: Fix missing "cpu_clk_unhalted.core" event
	KVM: arm64: Don't write junk to sysregs on reset
	KVM: arm: Don't write junk to CP15 registers on reset
	selftests: kvm: Adding config fragments
	HID: wacom: correct misreported EKR ring values
	HID: wacom: Correct distance scale for 2nd-gen Intuos devices
	Revert "dm bufio: fix deadlock with loop device"
	clk: socfpga: stratix10: fix rate caclulationg for cnt_clks
	ceph: clear page dirty before invalidate page
	ceph: don't try fill file_lock on unsuccessful GETFILELOCK reply
	libceph: fix PG split vs OSD (re)connect race
	drm/nouveau: Don't retry infinitely when receiving no data on i2c over AUX
	gpiolib: never report open-drain/source lines as 'input' to user-space
	Drivers: hv: vmbus: Fix virt_to_hvpfn() for X86_PAE
	userfaultfd_release: always remove uffd flags and clear vm_userfaultfd_ctx
	x86/retpoline: Don't clobber RFLAGS during CALL_NOSPEC on i386
	x86/apic: Handle missing global clockevent gracefully
	x86/CPU/AMD: Clear RDRAND CPUID bit on AMD family 15h/16h
	x86/boot: Save fields explicitly, zero out everything else
	x86/boot: Fix boot regression caused by bootparam sanitizing
	dm kcopyd: always complete failed jobs
	dm btree: fix order of block initialization in btree_split_beneath
	dm integrity: fix a crash due to BUG_ON in __journal_read_write()
	dm raid: add missing cleanup in raid_ctr()
	dm space map metadata: fix missing store of apply_bops() return value
	dm table: fix invalid memory accesses with too high sector number
	dm zoned: improve error handling in reclaim
	dm zoned: improve error handling in i/o map code
	dm zoned: properly handle backing device failure
	genirq: Properly pair kobject_del() with kobject_add()
	mm, page_owner: handle THP splits correctly
	mm/zsmalloc.c: migration can leave pages in ZS_EMPTY indefinitely
	mm/zsmalloc.c: fix race condition in zs_destroy_pool
	xfs: fix missing ILOCK unlock when xfs_setattr_nonsize fails due to EDQUOT
	xfs: don't trip over uninitialized buffer on extent read of corrupted inode
	xfs: Move fs/xfs/xfs_attr.h to fs/xfs/libxfs/xfs_attr.h
	xfs: Add helper function xfs_attr_try_sf_addname
	xfs: Add attibute set and helper functions
	xfs: Add attibute remove and helper functions
	xfs: always rejoin held resources during defer roll
	dm zoned: fix potential NULL dereference in dmz_do_reclaim()
	powerpc: Allow flush_(inval_)dcache_range to work across ranges >4GB
	rxrpc: Fix local endpoint refcounting
	rxrpc: Fix read-after-free in rxrpc_queue_local()
	rxrpc: Fix local endpoint replacement
	rxrpc: Fix local refcounting
	Linux 4.19.69

Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
Change-Id: Ic770579119dde8698a72baed46b3477272e6d9bc