Initial code for the common-modules/virtual-devices project

This is taken from the ToT android12-5.4 branches of
a5d215d Enable CONFIG_USB_PULSE8_CEC
4e29067 Don't build the kernel image during the modules build step

To build, first make sure this is in a repo with common/ kernel and
build/ scripts.

To build Cuttlefish kernel modules:

BUILD_CONFIG=common-modules/virtual-device/build.config.cuttlefish.x86_64 build/

To build Goldfish kernel modules:

BUILD_CONFIG=common-modules/virtual-device/build.config.goldfish.x86_64 build/

The Goldfish config now includes the same virtio-gpu module used in

Bug: 162770284
Bug: 163806467
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Signed-off-by: Lingfeng Yang <>
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