Configure LTO during development

WARNING: In most cases full LTO is recommended for production builds. This should only be modified when the trade-offs are fully understood.

Building with link-time optimization (LTO) may take a very long time that brings little benefit during development. You may disable LTO to shorten the build time for development purposes.

Confirming the value of LTO

The default value for LTO is set per branch (i.e. mainline's default might differ from the android14-5.15 one, etc).

You may examine the defconfig of a kernel_build to see the default LTO setting. For GKI, this is gki_defconfig in


Option 1: One-time build without LTO

For example:

$ tools/bazel build --lto=none //private/path/to/sources:tuna_dist

The --lto option is applied to the build, not the copy_to_dist_dir step. Hence, put it before the -- delimiter when running a *_dist target. For example:

$ tools/bazel run --lto=none //private/path/to/sources:tuna_dist -- --dist_dir=out/dist

Option 2: Disable LTO for this workspace

You only need to do this once per workspace.

# Do this at workspace root next to the file WORKSPACE
$ test -f WORKSPACE && echo 'build --lto=none' >> user.bazelrc
# Future builds in this workspace always disables LTO.
$ tools/bazel build //private/path/to/sources:tuna_dist

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