Update prebuilt kernel:

a9580be OMAPFB display: Fix compiler error when ION_OMAP is not defined
d5ea290 Merge branch 'linux-omap-3.0' into android-omap-3.0
38b997c Merge branch 'android-3.0' into android-omap-3.0
a0312e9 rpmsg: serialize transmissions and add proper barriers
9f471e4 Merge branch 'linux-omap-3.0' into android-omap-3.0
b3b52ae gpu: pvr: Update to DDK 1.8@279068
c8a257c gpu: pvr: Update to DDK 1.8@278427
ccea4de gpu: pvr: Update to DDK 1.8@277528
c4b6650 netfilter: xt_qtaguid: fix dev_stats for missing NETDEV_UNREGISTER
2b9504f Merge branch 'linux-omap-3.0' into android-omap-3.0
138d34d tty: serial: omap-serial: fix irq handling
5f15397 Merge branch 'linux-omap-3.0' into android-omap-3.0
9615eba OMAP:DSSCOMP: Use 1 giant tiler slot instead of 4 small ones
5f2097a Merge branch 'android-3.0' into android-omap-3.0
9d5170f Merge branch 'linux-omap-3.0' into android-omap-3.0
0ae95b4 OMAP4: PM: Throttle CPU with delay of 10 sec
cce2c80 OMAP4: TEMP Sensor: Update T_hot and T_cold threshold
b7fc0be misc: omap_temp_sensor: fix context loss API
b44e592 fuse: Freeze client on suspend when request sent to userspace
33151b3 Merge branch 'linux-omap-3.0' into android-omap-3.0
bc3cadf OMAP: OMAPFB: Enable disabled displays on FB_UNBLANK
785d8b9 OMAP: HDMI: Enable HPD for Android
c79d1ea OMAP4:DSS2:HDMI: Clean-up set_timings logic
b1eb303 OMAP4: HDMI: Enable HDMI_VREF for HDMI
c25990e OMAP4: HDMI: Add debug fs support for HDMI
2aafc65 OMAP4: DSS: HDMI: Add PLL for HDMI to allow scaling
19c682a OMAP4: HDMI: Add FRAMEDONETV interrupt handling
50109bd OMAP: DSS2: HDMI: Keep field HDMI_TXPHY_POWER_CTRL.LDOVOLTAGE at default value
ac85afd OMAP: DSS2: Don't disable HDMI panel on SYNC_LOST_DIGIT
cdbfab7 OMAP: DSS2: HDMI: Don't wait on EVSYNC_ODD interrupts for HDMI
1a7da3b OMAP: DSS2: HDMI: Disable TV Manager after setting Enable bit in HDMI_WP_VIDEO_CFG
05a92c0 OMAP: DSS2: HDMI: Use runtime count in hdmi_runtime_get() and hdmi_runtime_put()
a38f41f OMAP4:DSS2:HDMI:Add support for deep color mode for HDMI in DSS
baf3b36 HDMI:Add support for deep color mode in TI HDMI IP library
1e64d74 OMAP4:DSS:Rename hdmi_omap4_panel.c to hdmi_panel.c
45caa16 HDMI:Move HDMI IP Library from OMAP DSS to common Video directory for IP present in TI OMAP4, TI81xx, TI38xx Processor
08ca375 OMAP4:DSS:HDMI:Patch to rename the functions in HDMI IP library to IP specific name
6fc4894 OMAP4:DSS2:HDMI:Patch to split the HDMI driver to DSS and IP specific portion.
a043616 OMAP4:DSS:HDMI:Move the common header file definition to Include/video
8acf4f8 OMAP4:DSS:HDMI:Patch to use specific HDMI timings structure instead of OMAP DSS timings
2343e0c OMAP4:DSS:HDMI:Patch to move the EDID portion from the HDMI IP header
debfb82 OMAP4:DSS:HDMI:HDMI clean up to pass base_address dynamically to IP dependant functions of HDMI
1ba1538 OMAP:OMAPLFB/DSSCOMP: Dump dsscomp state when dumping SGX debug info
22c4050 OMAP:DSSCOMP: Added debugfs support
a4e584f OMAP:DSS2: Add manager function to dump callback state
8b47fcc OMAP:OMAPLFB: Use TILER 2D buffer for swap chain
ad4e55c OMAP:DSSCOMP: Gracefully fail if running out of tiler slots.
577b782 OMAP:OMAPLFB/OMAPDSS: Added support for cloning
e6f5372 Merge branch 'linux-omap-3.0' into android-omap-3.0
c461439 omap: serial: fix context loss data type and API
8da1f3b OMAP4: PM: Print wakeup pad conf sources
480373e omap: serial: fix DEBUG_LL
5cb5fb6 ext4: fix nomblk_io_submit option so it correctly converts uninit blocks
d91436f Merge branch 'android-3.0' into android-omap-3.0
7659449 ARM: add option to flush console before reboot
cd1313b42 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Update to
57b369e Merge branch 'linux-omap-3.0' into android-omap-3.0
c01d5f2 Merge branch 'android-3.0' into android-omap-3.0
b207fa8 OMAP: EMIF: diable and clear irqs on shutdown and boot
2b3506d OMAP4-SGX: Revise SGX driver DVFS interactions
5a23372 Merge branch 'linux-omap-audio-3.0' into linux-omap-3.0
5e565ff ASoC: ABE DSP: Restore context before seting ABE processing point
15f9b52 ASoC: core: Cancel any pending resume before suspending
ee242fa OMAP4: Serial: Add serial_omap_wake_peer function.
d230484 Revert "OMAP4: Serial: Add serial_omap_wake_peer function."
052f2e1 tiler: fix a use-after free error

Change-Id: I46c3f5c1c7c431289106087a97fad0c530a94967
Signed-off-by: Mike Lockwood <lockwood@android.com>
1 file changed