tuna: update touch firmware to vers 0x65/0x45

0x65 is for rev3.2 touch panels, and 0x45 is for rev3.1

To resolve multi-touch issue,
   1. Added debounce algorithm on switching mode at noisy environment.
   2. Added hysteresis on rejecting events at noisy state, to prevent
      frequent drop of events and to improve usability.

Change-Id: I62791274bb5e59ef2cf3300977da205c9914aaee
diff --git a/mms144_ts_rev31.fw b/mms144_ts_rev31.fw
index 367709f..a5c7c78 100644
--- a/mms144_ts_rev31.fw
+++ b/mms144_ts_rev31.fw
Binary files differ
diff --git a/mms144_ts_rev32.fw b/mms144_ts_rev32.fw
index a4b5310..80acfd1 100644
--- a/mms144_ts_rev32.fw
+++ b/mms144_ts_rev32.fw
Binary files differ