We should not auto convert multiple SMS to MMS messages

Bug 2216705, 6370065

Let the user send unlimited (well, 2000 char) messages and they'll
automatically be broken up and sent/recvd as multiparts. This bug fixes
the maguro overlay.

Change-Id: I9c1b96af31785afedf0625486f15d63a7cbfb9d0
diff --git a/overlay/packages/apps/Mms/res/xml/mms_config.xml b/overlay/packages/apps/Mms/res/xml/mms_config.xml
index 3f7a8bc..429775e 100644
--- a/overlay/packages/apps/Mms/res/xml/mms_config.xml
+++ b/overlay/packages/apps/Mms/res/xml/mms_config.xml
@@ -57,15 +57,6 @@
          to indicate no limit. -->
     <int name="recipientLimit">-1</int>
-    <!-- Maximum number of SMS message segments in a long text message before converting
-         the SMS message to an MMS message. -->
-    <int name="smsToMmsTextThreshold">4</int>
-    <!-- If true, The text message over 160 characters will be sent in multi part.
-         If false, The text message over 160 characters will be sent
-         via multi media message. -->
-    <bool name="enableMultipartSMS">false</bool>
     <!-- If true, The mms support slide duration.
          If false, The mms does not support slide duration and we have to
          set duration value. -->