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** Copyright 2008, The Android Open Source Project
** Copyright 2010, Samsung Electronics Co. LTD
** Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
** you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
** You may obtain a copy of the License at
** Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
** distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
** See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
** limitations under the License.
#include "SecCamera.h"
#include <utils/threads.h>
#include <utils/RefBase.h>
#include <binder/MemoryBase.h>
#include <binder/MemoryHeapBase.h>
#include <hardware/camera.h>
#include <hardware/gralloc.h>
#include <camera/CameraParameters.h>
namespace android {
class CameraHardwareSec : public virtual RefBase {
virtual void setCallbacks(camera_notify_callback notify_cb,
camera_data_callback data_cb,
camera_data_timestamp_callback data_cb_timestamp,
camera_request_memory get_memory,
void *user);
virtual void enableMsgType(int32_t msgType);
virtual void disableMsgType(int32_t msgType);
virtual bool msgTypeEnabled(int32_t msgType);
virtual status_t startPreview();
virtual void stopPreview();
virtual bool previewEnabled();
virtual status_t startRecording();
virtual void stopRecording();
virtual bool recordingEnabled();
virtual void releaseRecordingFrame(const void *opaque);
virtual status_t autoFocus();
virtual status_t cancelAutoFocus();
virtual status_t takePicture();
virtual status_t cancelPicture();
virtual status_t dump(int fd) const;
virtual status_t setParameters(const CameraParameters& params);
virtual CameraParameters getParameters() const;
virtual status_t sendCommand(int32_t command, int32_t arg1, int32_t arg2);
virtual status_t setPreviewWindow(preview_stream_ops *w);
virtual status_t storeMetaDataInBuffers(bool enable);
virtual void release();
inline int getCameraId() const;
CameraHardwareSec(int cameraId, camera_device_t *dev);
virtual ~CameraHardwareSec();
status_t startPreviewInternal();
void stopPreviewInternal();
static const int kBufferCount = MAX_BUFFERS;
static const int kBufferCountForRecord = MAX_BUFFERS;
class PreviewThread : public Thread {
CameraHardwareSec *mHardware;
PreviewThread(CameraHardwareSec *hw):
mHardware(hw) { }
virtual void onFirstRef() {
run("CameraPreviewThread", PRIORITY_URGENT_DISPLAY);
virtual bool threadLoop() {
return false;
class PictureThread : public Thread {
CameraHardwareSec *mHardware;
PictureThread(CameraHardwareSec *hw):
mHardware(hw) { }
virtual bool threadLoop() {
return false;
class AutoFocusThread : public Thread {
CameraHardwareSec *mHardware;
AutoFocusThread(CameraHardwareSec *hw): Thread(false), mHardware(hw) { }
virtual void onFirstRef() {
run("CameraAutoFocusThread", PRIORITY_DEFAULT);
virtual bool threadLoop() {
return true;
void initDefaultParameters(int cameraId);
void initHeapLocked();
sp<PreviewThread> mPreviewThread;
int previewThread();
int previewThreadWrapper();
sp<AutoFocusThread> mAutoFocusThread;
int autoFocusThread();
sp<PictureThread> mPictureThread;
int pictureThread();
bool mCaptureInProgress;
int save_jpeg(unsigned char *real_jpeg, int jpeg_size);
void save_postview(const char *fname, uint8_t *buf,
uint32_t size);
int decodeInterleaveData(unsigned char *pInterleaveData,
int interleaveDataSize,
int yuvWidth,
int yuvHeight,
int *pJpegSize,
void *pJpegData,
void *pYuvData);
bool YUY2toNV21(void *srcBuf, void *dstBuf, uint32_t srcWidth, uint32_t srcHeight);
bool scaleDownYuv422(char *srcBuf, uint32_t srcWidth,
uint32_t srcHight, char *dstBuf,
uint32_t dstWidth, uint32_t dstHight);
bool CheckVideoStartMarker(unsigned char *pBuf);
bool CheckEOIMarker(unsigned char *pBuf);
bool FindEOIMarkerInJPEG(unsigned char *pBuf,
int dwBufSize, int *pnJPEGsize);
bool SplitFrame(unsigned char *pFrame, int dwSize,
int dwJPEGLineLength, int dwVideoLineLength,
int dwVideoHeight, void *pJPEG,
int *pdwJPEGSize, void *pVideo,
int *pdwVideoSize);
void setSkipFrame(int frame);
bool isSupportedPreviewSize(const int width,
const int height) const;
bool isSupportedParameter(const char * const parm,
const char * const supported_parm) const;
status_t waitCaptureCompletion();
/* used by auto focus thread to block until it's told to run */
mutable Mutex mFocusLock;
mutable Condition mFocusCondition;
bool mExitAutoFocusThread;
/* used by preview thread to block until it's told to run */
mutable Mutex mPreviewLock;
mutable Condition mPreviewCondition;
mutable Condition mPreviewStoppedCondition;
bool mPreviewRunning;
bool mPreviewStartDeferred;
bool mExitPreviewThread;
preview_stream_ops *mPreviewWindow;
/* used to guard mCaptureInProgress */
mutable Mutex mCaptureLock;
mutable Condition mCaptureCondition;
CameraParameters mParameters;
CameraParameters mInternalParameters;
camera_memory_t *mPreviewHeap;
camera_memory_t *mRawHeap;
camera_memory_t *mRecordHeap;
SecCamera *mSecCamera;
const __u8 *mCameraSensorName;
mutable Mutex mSkipFrameLock;
int mSkipFrame;
camera_notify_callback mNotifyCb;
camera_data_callback mDataCb;
camera_data_timestamp_callback mDataCbTimestamp;
camera_request_memory mGetMemoryCb;
void *mCallbackCookie;
int32_t mMsgEnabled;
bool mRecordRunning;
mutable Mutex mRecordLock;
int mPostViewWidth;
int mPostViewHeight;
int mPostViewSize;
Vector<Size> mSupportedPreviewSizes;
camera_device_t *mHalDevice;
static gralloc_module_t const* mGrallocHal;
}; // namespace android