Require new bootloader (JL1):
	S5PC11X : BOOTLOADER : JL1 Bootloader Release

	1. Apply MPL for bug fix on LP3974 pmic (boot continue instead of
		power-off charging)
	2. Change UVLO voltage from 2.7V to 2.5V to avoid voltage drop H/W reset
	3. Modify topoff charging ratio to 20% on max8998 pmic
	4. Change charging stop temperature to 50, recover at 42
	5. Support TFT LCD
	6. Update board revision check routine to support TFT LCD and PMIC
	7. Support deskdock for power off charging
	8. Timer Bug fix (Overflow : Affected on long time test)
	9. Support oem state commnad line (oem_state=unlock or locked)

Change-Id: If5f7838122d7befe437ee62ee074435317260527
diff --git a/board-info.txt b/board-info.txt
index d59050a..f1af6be 100644
--- a/board-info.txt
+++ b/board-info.txt
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
 require board=herring
-require version-bootloader=I9020XXJK1
+require version-bootloader=I9020XXJL1
 require version-baseband=I9020XXJK8