Update kernel: more TFT support, regulator, earjack

dda7fd2 ARM: herring: sound: board file to support 3-buttons earjack
57246c4 S5PC11X: SOUND: support 3-buttons earjack
5cc36e9 ASOC: added input source for voice communication.
3aae9af S5PC11X: LCD: Change to support for SONY/HYDIS/HITACHI TFT LCD
f7dc358 ARM: LCD: Add new platform data for support new TFT LCD
a5f5537 S5PC11X: USB: Add core reset condition on RESET request
ff0c53c S5PC11X : FIMC apply v4l2 standard for asynchronous dequeue/queue
7b344b6 5PC11X: BATTERY: seperate ADC table for OLED and TFT
c5a7157 5PC11X: CPUFREQ: set dvfs voltage platdata
bfbe3ff S5PC11X : CPUFREQ : add platform data interface to dvfs
e4ef6b0 arm: herring: turn off spinlock and mutex debugging
3725d89 ARM: herring: board changes for max8998 DVS mode
0de9276 max8998: Read RAMP and ENRAMP fields once at boot.
15d5e76 regulator: max8998: use DVS mode for BUCK1, BUCK2
2c62f28 ARM: s5pv210: cpufreq: Adjust udelay prior to voltage scaling down

Change-Id: I461bb4ea1d102c0d5c09cc25ece086e2b6a0e816
diff --git a/bcm4329.ko b/bcm4329.ko
index c772148..3b22001 100644
--- a/bcm4329.ko
+++ b/bcm4329.ko
Binary files differ
diff --git a/kernel b/kernel
index a84aa9b..1923fbc 100644
--- a/kernel
+++ b/kernel
Binary files differ