Update kernel: TFT, gamma, graphics DDK

57c6693 gpu: pvr: Update DDK version number to
50f8da5 S5PC11X: LCD: Turn off the LCD Power(LDO7,17) during sleep status
0aaf0db ARM: herring: lcd: Change unused OLED_ID GPIO PIN as INPUT/PULLDOWN for TFT LCD power consumption
865d7c1 ARM: herring: Change TFT h/w revision
e761689 ARM: herring: panel: Correct color temperature.
9132519 ARM: herring: panel: Update gamma table
0a5f362 ARM: herring: panel: Add support for reading mtp data
beae200 s3cfb_tl2796: Add debug function to read current gamma correction registers
d4316cd s3cfb_tl2796: Add support for reading mtp gamma register offsets
b0bb922 ARM: herring: panel: Adjust pentile gamma table
6c0d337 S5PC11X: CAMERA: change EXIF information in Front camera
509a6b4 S5PC11X: CAMERA: change EXIF information in back camera
76e767a samsung_modemctl: downref mmio sem request count on failure
ac515c2 ARM: herring: increase touchkey power on delay
b9fb7ef media: s5k4ecgx: preserve torch mode after focus/capture
42e7178 S5PC11X: CAMERA: update camera settings to version 1.39
8e9cc02 input: touchkey: Add support for TFT touchkey LED backlight
ab842fcc ARM: herring: Add touchkey zones to the board file
0359232 input:touchkey:Conditionalizing init code based on board
826b0d3 S5PC11x: LCD: Add new CONFIG to support TFT LCD
06b8588 S5PC11X: LCD: Add new lcd platform data for support TFT LCD
bfc7cbd S5PC11X: LCD: Add new lcd driver to support the TFT LCD

Change-Id: I243eeb121755a7c7b48f4e2915b97cdf10c7397e
diff --git a/bcm4329.ko b/bcm4329.ko
index 1f38ab7..10a4297 100644
--- a/bcm4329.ko
+++ b/bcm4329.ko
Binary files differ
diff --git a/kernel b/kernel
index d0c2e76..80d3729 100644
--- a/kernel
+++ b/kernel
Binary files differ