New radio JL2:
	S5PC11X: radio: update radio image ver.I9020XXJL2

	[ Problem ]
	 - When we power on Crespo with SKT 3G USIM inserted.
	   Crespo does not recognize USIM and causing infinite sim reset process.

	[ SW Modification ]
	 - We enabled major sim toolkit command like Send SMS, display text, refresh etc.
	   at Terminal Profile which notifing Mobile capability to SIM.

	[ Reason ]
	 - Basically, STK USIM is not following 3GPP 31.101 standard.
	 - When STK USIM receive Terminal Profile which basic sim toolkit command disabled from Mobile,
	   It is not returning any status word 1,2 whcih have the result of current command processed.
	   Because mobile didn't received any sw1, sw2 from SIM, It is trying to recover this invalid situation causing
	   Cold reset to SIM. after that same Terminal Profile fall down to SIM and no sw1, sw2 again.
	   this is repeated.

	 - UE return HPLMN too fast when UE camp on VPLMN. According to Spec, UE have to wait for HPLMN Search time.

	[ Reason ]
	 - When UE camp on VPLMN and there is HPLMN history in Stored list of UE,
	   UE start the searching for returning HPLMN every 100 secs regardless HPLMN Search timer according to Spec.

	[ SW Modification ]
	 - Special FEATURE is not declared at this version. So UE start the searching when UE camp on VPLMN.
	   So I declare this FEAUTE so that UE will start the searching when UE satisfy some condition.

	[ Problem ]
	 - When we make voice call with TIM or WIND SIM card inserted in Italy,
	   double ringback tones were heard in Crespo.

	[ Reason ]
	 - Basically, TIM network have ringback tone problem.
	 - When call is connecting, TIM network send the signal message that ringback tone should be ringing in phone side.
	   But, TIM network also make a ringback tone even if sending that message.
	   Therefore ringback tone is ringing in both side.

	[ SW Modification ]
	 - In problem case, we change rx volume value to zero for the user didn't hear the ringback tone from TIM network.
	   So the user can hear the ringback tone from only phone.

	[ Problem ]
	 - EONS and ONS function is not working normally..

	[ Reason ]
	 - When LAC is only changed, NET REG NOTI msg is not happened. So AP side does not know current available LAC value.

	[ SW Modification ]
	 - Make that NET REG NOTI msg is happen when LAC is only changed. NET REG NOTI msg inform current LAC value to AP side.

	[ Problem ]
	 - RRC connections setup procedure fails

	[ Reason ]
	 - The sequence of processing of DL-CCCH messages is wrong in current Rel-6 UMTS RRC implementation.
	   So after UE receives a Rel-7 RRC impementation, UE does not handle UMTS RRC message appropriately.

	[ SW Modification ]
	 - If the UE receives an RRC message on the DCCH, or addressed to the UE on the CCCH, then only UE should perform
	   procedure specific error handling."
	   Essentially this proposal is to implement a check in order to find whether the CCCH message
	   is for the UE or not is put before message version check.

	[ Problem ]
	 - After Boot on, Camp on time is too late

	[ Reason ]
	 - The UE tried to attach before SIM initialization.
	   in this case, the UE can not have NETPAR information(RAT and Frequency information.)
	   Because the UE don't have reference value it takes long time to attach the N/W.

	[ SW Modification ]
	 - Attaching before SIM init, the UE can read NETPAR from NV.

	[ SW Modification ]
	 -  Change SVN value to '3' for MR version (Crespo TMO)

	[ SW Modification ]
	 - When Fastboot mode, Change version of the radio to I9020XXJL2

Change-Id: I7c517bb1bdc7bd11278ea4e11ca8ed384f4844fa
diff --git a/board-info.txt b/board-info.txt
index 08654dc..b403d3d 100644
--- a/board-info.txt
+++ b/board-info.txt
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
 require board=herring
 require version-bootloader=I9020XXJL2
-require version-baseband=I9020XXJK8
+require version-baseband=I9020XXJL2